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Finally. She could see the castle towers looming ahead and she sank back into her seat. She had chosen to arrive by a

muggle invention, the car. One she had used to her best advantage while staying in London. It was a mini Ford coupe and as

usual, she had allowed her father tinkle with the mechanisms and it could fly. She stepped on the gas and the clouds slowly

parted. She made a slow descend, making sure to avoid the Whooping Willow. She smiled to herself as she remembered her

brother, Ron's exaggerated version of his own descend on the tree while he was in his second year. She could remember it

well. She had been extremely exhilarated to get her Hogwarts letter of acceptance that year. She could also remember the

stab of disappointment she had felt when she scanned the Great Hall for her brother's freckled face and the bespectacled

boy, Harry Potter. The boy she had crushed on for most of her first and second year.

They were now good friends and Hermione just had her first baby. A beautiful baby girl by the name Divine Rosenta Potter.

The Potters were elated by the arrival of young Divine.

Ginny sighed as she felt the tyres touch the ground softly. She had come home. To another year at Hogwarts. She was the

teacher of Defence Against the Dark Arts. A position which had been offered to her when she had just completed her Auror

training. Ginny proved to be an expert in defence. She could make up a perfect bat-boogey hex while she was younger but

no one had ever expected her to come in first in the International Competition of Defence in her seventh year. It was

probably due to Harry's and Hermione's effort in starting Dumbledore's Army. Those who had participated benefited

greatly. And this was obvious in Ginny's case.

However, it was not the prestigious name of the school or her fame which made her accept this position. It was a question of

who? And she didn't know what his reaction was going to be. She had requested that her identity be kept undisclosed until

she arrived at the school.

She was going to have a ball of a time this year. She knew it.

With that in mind, she lifted her bags out of the luggage compartment. And with a purposeful air, made her way up the stairs

leading to the Great Hall.

"Ah...Just in time. Let us welcome our new Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher, Professor Ginny Weasley."

Dumbledore's voice boomed out from the front of the Great Hall. Claps sounded as Ginny made her way to the teachers'

table. She grinned sheepishly as she peered at the Gryffindor table. The new comers looked terrified, like herself on her first

day. The sky above reflected a full moon and a blanket of stars.

The professors were still the same as she had left them. Professor Sprout looked the same in her yellow hat sitting atop her

ruffled grey hair. Her eyes twinkled as she shook Ginny's hand. "Glad to be back as one of us eh, dearie?" She winked. The

tiny potions professor's beard seemed to have grown a few inches longer and he was glad to see one of his favorite students

return to school. Hagrid peered over his bushy beard and gave her a thumbs up sign. "Drop in my hut la'er fur a cuppa?" She

grinned at him and nodded. Professor Trelawney and Professor Firenze were teaching Divination on alternate days and this

suited all the students to perfection. She had heard that several girls in the fifth year were infatuated by Firenze and had to be

repeatedly chased out from his classroom after it had been adjourn. This was believable as Firenze had white blond hair and

his whole body was a gleaming white, resembling a unicorn's. She shook both professors' hands while smiling at Professor

Dumbledore and Professor McGonagall, who was seated besides him. "Harry sends his regards, Professor. He said that he'll

be sending an owl once he gets his family settled down." They exchanged a smile before Ginny made her way to the end of

the table. A sullen looking Professor Snape was sitting by himself, and not making conversation with any of the other


"Professor Snape. I hope to be under your guidance while I'm here. I look forward to learning the ropes from you," She

smiled nervously and twitched her hands. He looked up, a frown ceasing his forehead. "Don't bother. You managed to make

it in here by yourself, didn't you?" His cold voice sounded bitter. Her blood started to boil. This was one of the setbacks of

being a redhead. They got angry rather easily. Before she could retort, Professor Dumbledore intervened. "Now, now,

Professor Snape. You will scare off my newest employee if you carry on talking in this manner." The frown on his forehead

deepened. "In fact," Professor Dumbledore carried on happily, oblivious to the increasing tension. "I have to insist that you

be Ginny Weasley's mentor. I was going to appoint Professor McGonagall but unfortunately, her health has not been in top

form. I leave this task to you then, Professor." He turned back and stood up to address the students before any protests

could be made. They looked at each other in bewilderment. I cannot believe this, she thought indignantly. Her head suddenly

started to throb unpleasantly. This is not a good sign, she thought miserably.

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