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"What are you doing here? In Hogwarts?" His voice was low and barely audible. The moon now glowed as the clouds

parted. He didn't move an inch. He couldn't bear to be near her anymore.

She half-smiled and tilted her head to one side. Her eyes were glowing and misty. She had been crying. "I didn't want to walk

down a path I knew I would regret." She stated.

"And what may that be?" They were playing now. Searching each others minds for the answers they wanted.

"To regret a life without you in it."

"What about Andrew? Don't you want to experience life with those other men?"

"I had my fun. No matter what I did, I always came back to you in the end, didn't I?"

He had his answer. He was satisfied. They embraced. This time, they made LOVE. All the tenderness he wanted to show her

was displayed in many ways in the Astronomy Tower that night.

She thought pulling back her hair would succeed in making her look older than her years. But, it had only served to accentuate

her features. Her cheeks were a glowing pink and there was a bounce in her step.

"I would prefer that each and every one of you here learn how to deal with the boggart." Ginny Weasley's voice projected

throughout the classroom. She smiled slightly. "David Mackenzie, I see you have a pack of Canary Creams. That was a wise

choice you made in buying that." The guilty student blushed. "However, as the sister of both the owners' of the Weasley

Wizarding Wheezes, you have been warned to put it away right now or I can think of worse jokes to play on you." Professor

Snape hovered near the door to the classroom, listening to her lilting voice and smiled. His eyes caught hers and a knowing

look was exchanged.

All was well between them. The ship had finally reached its harbour. It had come home.

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