Ah yes. This story idea hit me a couple of weeks ago so I decided to do it. I'm proud of it and I'd like to think it's worth your time, so please, pull up a relaxing chair, get that warm cup of coffee in your hand, and try out this first chapter

Just so you know-

Angels: Malik, Ryou, Yami- live in Heaven; watch over/protect earth

Demons: Bakura, Marik, Kaiba- reside in Hell; generally aim to make people's lives bad

Humans: Jounouchi, Yugi- live on earth

I may have confused you by who I put where, but it all fits in somehow. I didn't want to do the traditional Yami/Hikari pairings or Yamis-Hell, Hikaris-Heaven. There will be four different couples but I won't put Jou/Yugi together so just be surprised. This fic is Bakura/Malik-centric, but it also focuses a great deal on the other 3 as well.

Summary: "For one day I'll pretend to be a human... No more; no less."... It sounded like a good idea at first, but when Malik, an angel, meets Bakura, a demon, without knowing his true identity... all hell just might break loose. 4 diff. pairings Yaoi

Trouble in Paradise

Chapter 1: For Heaven's Sake

"Wait a second," Malik said, brows furrowing. Jumping up and rushing to the other side he thrust the door open. "Who in heaven's name are you?"

"Calm down. My name is Bakura, and," he flashed a small smirk, "I can explain."

Confused? Well, that's to be expected. You see, how two opposite beings from two entirely different places could come together and meet in the one place they're otherwise forbidden to go is quite baffling. Let's begin where this whole mess started...


Malik soared quietly through the clear sky; nothing but the wind accompanied him. The vast blue was his guide and below, all that he passed by was a mere blur of colors meshed together and forgotten.

Seeing his destination up ahead, he landed swiftly, his elegant feathery white wings disappearing as if they were never there.

The large coliseum-type structure he entered was fashioned by pure white marble, and dazzling crystal pillars spiraled up as far as the eye could see. Through the center of the place, a small stream flowed and beautiful birds with cream-colored feathers slept there or picked quietly at their feathers.

Malik himself seemed 'made' for the setting. His flaxen hair spilled over his shoulders bouncing onto his back, and his gorgeous lilac eyes were enough to get anyone's attention. Even the subtle brown tint to his skin made him majestic somehow, like something from a regal era. His attire was a lavish white, floor-length robe with an equally long mauve vest that all tied together with silver cord. His feet remained bare.

If only his looks corresponded with his attitude. Malik had this habit of saying the wrong thing at the wrong time, and he was always a hair's breath from getting into some kind of trouble. Maybe it all rolled into the fact that he didn't want to be here.

Yes, he was an angel who wished for something more. And yet, everyone told him that heaven was all there was.

"Ah, so you've come."

Malik looked toward the voice, a small smile coming to his lips. "Yep, and I'm actually on time."

Ryou elevated a brow. "Actually you're quite late, but that's all right. I just had a few questions."

Ryou was something to look at as well. With his long, ivory hair and deep brown eyes, he was the "pretty" one and was often the object of many people's affection. Plus, he had an amazing voice that could captivate even the darkest of hearts. His attire was similar to Malik's with few alterations.

"Why weren't you at the meeting yesterday?"

Malik scratched his head. "Oh... well, I got distracted with my work so I couldn't make it."

"Distracted with your work," Ryou repeated. "Ok... And, why weren't you at the choir assembly either?"

"I really couldn't make it, besides, I hate singing. I don't know how you can stand it."

Ryou smiled. "Singing is wonderful. I don't see why you're so against it. One more question... why weren't you doing your job either? You claim to be distracted by it, yet you're never doing it when you're supposed to."

"Oh come on, Ryou," Malik said, sighing. "I've been reduced to nothing but a third-class guardian angel. There are thousands of other people who could do my job. One less angel isn't going to make a difference."

Malik had a simple yet arduous job. He had to watch over the people of earth and make sure no one was straying off the right path or being influenced by dark forces. Yes, those forces had a name, but every angel was hesitant to use it.

Ryou tapped his chin. "That's not what this is really about, is it?"

It seemed to be more of a statement than a question.

Malik blinked. "What do you mean?"

"You're still not happy here."

Malik avoided his gaze. "It's not really that... it's just that... isn't there more to life for us?"

Sighing, Ryou said "No. We're not alive to begin with. Why must you always ask so many unanswerable questions?" A smile accompanied his inquiry. "Everyone else is happy here... but you."

"I just want something more..."

"But without you here, it'd be easier for... demons-" they both seemed to cringe at the word, "-to claim more human souls. And you're my very best friend. What would I do without you?"

"You could sing without worrying what I'm doing. Besides, you're the soloist and director of the Choir of Angels. Stress isn't good for the job."

"Not only am I that, but I'm also the Keeper of Secrets. Trust me, you don't want to continue this conversation."

The Keeper of Secrets was a reputable occupation, and given to one capable of the highest level of trust. In return, Ryou knew everything about the lives angels once lived while on earth but was forbidden to tell anyone. You see, once a human becomes an angel, they forget the life they lived on earth. The same goes even for demons.

"But I'm sure it wouldn't cause a problem," Malik insisted. "Come on, you know how careful I am."

Ryou shook his head. "You get into trouble more than any angel I know." Suddenly his eyes widened. "Oh my dear god... you're actually considering this... Malik, it's forbidden for angels to leave Heaven! It's our eternal home. There are few exceptions regarding this Law. Yami would be furious. You know how he is about the laws..."

"I know, I know. The exceptions of leaving Heaven are only by passage of the Ange Tutélaire, or if an angel becomes a Fallen. But come on, Ryou, I just want to know what it's like to walk among the living once more. I did once, but I know longer remember those days... Or you could tell me about the life I lived on earth...?"

"Absolutely not," Ryou said. "Can't you just forget about that place? Heaven's sake, Malik... Heaven is all there is."

Malik sighed sadly. "I can't." He faced his friend with a sad smile. "And you know that. Please Ryou," he took his friends hands into his own, "For one day I'll pretend to be a human... No more; no less. No one will know but you... Please."

Ryou's brow creased as he stared at his friend for a moment. "One day..." he smiled, "I cannot believe I'm about to say this... Fine, you can, but only one day. I wouldn't want you getting too fond of the place."

Malik bit his lip and embraced Ryou tightly. "What are the odds of that happening? Thank you so much!"

Ryou pulled back, a grave expression on his face. "But be careful. Remember, sometime... demons... like to go to earth to sway humans and turn them bad. Make sure you don't run into them. The disadvantage of leaving Heaven is you can't tell them apart from normal humans."

Malik grinned. "I'll be fine. Don't worry about me."

"Just hurry up," Ryou said, ushering him away. "Go make the portal and I'll distract anyone who suspects anything."

Malik nodded and leapt into the air, his silverish wings spanning out from his back. "Bye Ryou."

"Where is he off to?" a deep voice asked.

Ryou spun around, his bangs sweeping his face. "Yami... Oh, he's just going to check on something for me."

"I see."

Yami demonstrated a higher level of elegance, but his beauty was more refined. His burning scarlet eyes caused some to wince and others to melt; it all depended on whom he was around. The crimson and black hair that covered his head shot straight up, disregarding the golden bangs that framed his face. Those who fell for him always ended up heart-broken, for Yami had given up on love. In truth he didn't have time for it. He was the one who painstakingly created the laws of Heaven and all their quirks. It wasn't an easy job.

"Make sure to remind him to do his job, Ryou," he said. "He'll listen to you."

It was true what Ryou had said. Sometimes demons did disguise themselves and go to earth, but it was a rare occasion. Most liked to remain in the sanctity that Hell provided and perform their duties there. Nowadays, it was often thought ludicrous to waste the time and energy it took to go to earth.

And yet... a demon was preparing to do just that.

"Tell me you're joking," Marik said, sitting casually in a large black throne-like chair. His face held no signs of mirth.

"I'm dead serious," was Bakura's response.

"I know you're dead... but serious? Come on, a demon hasn't left here in over centuries. And now all of a sudden you want to?"

"That is the general plan."

Bakura was the second-most feared, yet respected demon in Hell, the first-most being Marik. But, Bakura often got a bad rep. Even though he made people's lives miserable and almost never smiled, it didn't mean he was bad. And who ever said he enjoyed what he did? He just did what was expected of him, even if it was wrong.

"You have no ties that would keep you here?" Marik asked, referring to a possible partner.

Bakura raised a brow. "You know that I don't. Why do you even ask?"

"Because, for heaven's sake, or hell if you so prefer, I can't believe it."

Coupling was more prevalent in Hell than it was in Heaven, which surprised everyone when they found out that Bakura wasn't at least screwing someone. No demon could deny that he was outright sexy with his long pallid hair and dark scrutinizing chestnut eyes. Clothing his slender yet muscular build were skin-tight black pants and a long black jacket with a blood-red shirt underneath. His looks almost rivaled Kaiba's.

Something that surprised demons even more was the fact that he wasn't buddy-buddy with Marik. Sure, they weren't enemies, but they would never EVER admit to being friends... even if they were. The f-word made them want to gag. It even surprised everyone that THEY weren't dating... or at least screwing, for truthfully, it was something demons found themselves doing a lot.

Marik's attractiveness was of a more dangerous type. Usually he wore black leather pants and a skin-tight black shirt cut short to expose some of his stomach. A dark cape of some color always accompanied his garments. His sandy hair shot up uncontrollably, with long bangs that fell over his eyes. And oh Hades, were his eyes seductive. They were a strange, deep amethyst that pierced anyone's gaze and no one could deny they were beautiful. And, his deeply tanned skin contrasted so well to his hair and eyes that it was almost scandalous.

"You know," Marik continued, "I'd screw you myself if you weren't such an asshole."

Bakura leaned back into his chair. "And every day you remind me why I'm not doing you."

Ah yes... they were very close friends.

"So why exactly do you want to go to that hell-hole?" Marik asked.

Bakura turned slightly, looking at his sideways. "I can't stand it here anymore. I wanna see what it's like to live among the humans."

"They're filthy creatures. Why would you want to do that?"

"We're always toying with them. Just think about Kaiba."

Marik nodded in agreement. "He has been messing with that little mutt for some time now. If only that kid knew why his life was really as bad as it is."

"I don't know about that... I once talked to Kaiba about it and he unknowingly told me otherwise."

"I don't bloody believe it," Marik said, throwing his hands up. "I can't get a peep out of him and you get a conversation."

"Actually it was more like a sentence."

"I'd screw him."

"Where did that come from?"

"You can't deny he's the hottest demon in Hell."

Bakura cocked a brow. "Maybe if you like the quiet, mean, distrusting, screw you for his own pleasure kind of guy."

"Hell yes. No strings attached. That's the way it oughtta be. I hope you're not hoping for something more. Hell is all about lust. Don't you dare make me mention the other word." He mouthed out L-O-V-E.

Bakura blinked. "I still can't find out what made you this way."

"I still can't find out why you'd want to leave."

Bakura shrugged. "I want something more. Maybe I just want to see what it's like to be on the receiving end of our wrath."

"You're insane. Without you at least five humans are going to be saved by those stupid angels."

Both of them shuddered at the word.

"Listen," Bakura said. "I'll be back in a day, okay? Does that seem fair?"

"Fine," he said tiredly. "Are you sure you don't want to talk to Kaiba though first... to see what his thoughts on it would be?"

"No. He'd probably bore me to death with some made-up prophecy that tells of something bad coming from what I'm about to do. He does that to everyone."

"Hey, it works."

Standing up, Bakura rested a hand on his hip. "Well, I'm going. If anyone asks where I am, make up something." From his back came two large, pitch-black wings. If one touched them, they always compared it to the way leather feels.

"Bye then. And who knows, maybe you'll find some innocent human to demoralize. Who says you can't screw on earth too?"

Bakura ran a hand over his face and lifted into the air with one thrust of his wings, soon disappearing out of Marik's sight.

"He just left for Earth, didn't he?"

Marik didn't even have to look to know who it was. "Yes he did, Kaiba. I thought you'd know."

Kaiba heaved a sigh, a small breath escaping his lips, and ran a hair through his wispy russet hair. Yes, he was the most gorgeous demon in Hell; maybe in the whole history of the underworld itself... and no one could figure out why. His looks were so simple, yet complicated. Brunette locks fell messily into his face and his eyes, dazzling sapphire, looked as though fire burned within them. He always wore a blue shirt black pants and a floor-length black jacket- nothing too subtle, yet nothing too revealing. So then, why did every single demon find themselves attracted to him?

It had to be the silence.

Kaiba was a man of few words, if any at all. He was often never in one place for too long, and rarely did one see him more than once in a day. He refused to trust anyone or become the f-word that Marik and Bakura so feared.

His job as the Teller of Prophecies interested others as well. He knew every single foretelling that would come to pass. All one had to do was ask and he would tell; yet no one seemed to care about that. Everyone only seemed to care that he was appealing and would probably be a great screw.

"I have to go now," Kaiba said succinctly, and in the blink of an eye, he was gone.

So now we come to earth, where Bakura has finally arrived, only to land on the steps leading up to... a church?

Grimacing, Bakura drew his gaze away from the accursed building and prepared to walk down the steps.

"It couldn't get any worse than this..."

Then the rain started.


Not wanting to get his clothes or hair wet, he hesitantly, VERY hesitantly, walked up the steps and into the church.

It almost hurt him to look around. There were crosses everywhere he turned and statues of people who had helped humans over the years. Looking around, he was glad to see that he was the only occupant and sat down in one of the pews to wait out the storm.

What he didn't expect was for the handle of the church doors to begin to turn.

How crazy would that be? A demon found by Hades-knows-who sitting in a church pew, clad in black. It wouldn't be good. Even though on earth he couldn't be told apart from an ordinary human, he still didn't want to be discovered.

Jumping over the back of the wooden chair, he rushed as quickly as he could into the nearest hiding place he could... which just happened to be a confessional.

Malik finally got the door opened and walked into the church, smiling, as he felt well at home. The rain hadn't gotten him too bad and he genuflected quickly then stood.

The candles that burned were wonderful and gave off a calming scent that Malik happily accepted. He was still jittery about going against the Angelic Law, but the day would probably pass by soon and all would be forgotten.

Still, it tugged heavily at his conscience and Malik couldn't deny the fact that what he was doing was wrong. Spotting a nearby confessional, he walked in and sat down.

Bakura almost cursed aloud when he noticed that someone was sitting on the other side of the screen.

"Good morning, Father," Malik said respectfully.

Bakura's eyes widened. He now realized where he was. "Oh shit."

"Excuse me?" Malik said, unsure if he had heard correctly.

"I mean, spit it out... What are your sins...?"

What the hell was he supposed to say? He was probably the antithesis of a priest.

Malik raised a brow, a suspicious look upon his face. That was most definitely not a priest on the other side of that screen.

"Wait a second," Malik said, brows furrowing. Jumping up and rushing to the other side he thrust the door open. "Who in heaven's name are you?"

"Calm down. My name is Bakura, and," he flashed a small smirk, "I can explain."


All right, the first chapter turned out great in my opinion. This chapter may be misleading as to who will end up with whom (besides Malik and Bakura). Hopefully next chapter will clear that up. This story is mostly centered around those two, but also three other eventual couples. Please review and tell me what you thought of it.