Alias and Lost belong to the genius JJ Abrams. I'm so poor that it's not even worth the effort to sue me.

Hints of S/V but only in the beginning. This story is to satisfy my own addiction to Sark/Syd stories and the fascination with them being stranded on an island. This is my first fic, be gentle.

The day began normal as usual. Well, as normal as it could go after two years of pure chaos with a side order of another year of confusion. All this was just the regular drama of Sydney's life. She had finally gained a certain amount of control on her life when another bomb blow up the few fragments that she managed to piece together. She found out that her father had been training her since childhood to bea super spy. Not only did she feel betrayed, she felt used as if her only purpose was to save the world. For many nights now, she'd been dreaming of going away on a long vacation. She'd love to lie on the beach with her toes in the sand with Vaughn to keep her company. Things with Vaughn felt like they were going back to the way they were. Minus him shooting his wife, who tried to kill her and who she always known was bad. She just had an instinct for people's true colors, maybe because she'd been in so many disguises and still managed to be herself. She smiled as she looked at Vaughn, who was listening intently to Dixon's latest news on a new Covenant operation. Across from her, was her father. As always his stone cold expression and the occasional nod as Dixon gave more details on the mission. She looked at him and thought to herself that no matter what she'd still love him, even though she may not like him at times. He was always there when she felt alone and lost. No matter what, he'd always be there.

She was taken away from her thoughts when she heard, "Sydney, your goal is to get that disk before anyone else," said Dixon with a stern look on his face.

"Why? Don't tell me, it involves the Covenant? Or how about Rambaldi? How about my mother? Sark?" Sydney said while looking pensive in a sarcastic sort of way.

"I realize Sydney that you are not in the best of moods since you found out that…" Dixon paused realizing he shouldn't be talking about her private matters.

Well, not like it mattered since everyone seemed to find out anyway or controlled her life in some evil, conniving way. Every since she came back from finding those documents about her being in Project Christmas, she was mad at basically everyone. Her life had been manipulated from the beginning. She felt like she had no voice in her own life and she wonders what would have been had things gone differently. But, it was wrong to think like that because it kind of messes with your head. Well in her case if everything that happened in her life messed with her head, she'd be in a strait jacket - Which was looking pretty tempting right about now.

"And how did the little prick escape again? I swear both my mother and he seem to have a knack for escaping."

"Well, you're the best agent we've got left. Since Lauren's little visit, we are down ten agents and we are still trying to get things back into order." Dixon noticed Vaughn's eye twitch at the mention of her name and so did Sydney, who immediately gave him a reassuring look.

"I'm sorry. I understand. Where and when?"

"You're going to Australia. Sydney to be exact." Dixon smiled, noticing the irony. He never realized that he had never sent her there before.

He continued, "You're flight leaves tomorrow at noon. You will be traveling on behalf of Mark Milovich, a Russian diplomat with ties to the mafia. You're alias is Diane Deneve, Mark's assistant. You will acquire the disk, when the Covenant sends their contact to meet you. The extraction point is at a café near the harbor. You will exchange ten million dollars for the disk. Marshall constructed a fake account number a couple months ago. He's still recuperating so we're using what he's made so far. The money will appear in their accounts and disappear after an hour. They will be monitoring you, so it's best that you travel via commercial flights. They want to make sure not to draw any attention to themselves and doing everything as normal as possible is one way to do that."

Somewhere else around the world, Sark was listening to Irina talk about the latest Covenant Intel. Apparently, the covenant possessed a disk with information on government weapons and storage locations.

They were in one of her many mansions. This one happened to be in Belize. She was staring out her window, while Sark was seated on the leather sofa. He wore a typical Armani suit. Black of course and he didn't care that the pants were getting wrinkled as he sat with the expression that he was bored with everything. He was having a hard time with the Covenant since being caught.Lucky for him, Irina still needed him and managed to free him from that horrid fish bowl of a cell in the CIA. Irina's timing couldn't have been better. Not only was security not up to par since Lauren's little visit, her daughter wouldn't be there to interfere.

"Now Julian, we need that disk. Do anything to get it." Irina stated without looking at him. "Oh, by the way, sorry about your partner there. I heard she went and got herself killed." She said with a bemused smile.

He gave his signature smirk, "What a pity too. I was actually starting to like her. Oh well. Where and when's the extraction point?"