Sorry I've been awol for a while. I'd like to say I was busy enjoying the summer on a beach with a handsome fellow. The reality is I'm spending my summer at school and work with old, married men. I'll just have to write about where I'd really want to be… on a beach with Sark.

Ch.13 Paradise

She had just drifted to sleep when the sound of metal creaking awoke her. She immediately opens her eyes only to squint them in pain when she realizes that they were still sore. She had awoken many times like this, unable to see but finding it was only then that she saw things clearly. For some people crying is a sign of weakness but for her it was source of strength. It was a chance for her to let go of all the emotional baggage even though it wasn't entirely.

Regardless, she still hoped that Sark wouldn't notice –him being one of those people who viewed crying as a weakness. As she is about to stand up, she notices that there is a jacket on her. When she looks for the owner, she sees him staring towards the wreckage.

She follows his gaze towards the plane as the sound of metal moving grows louder. As she turns to get her gun, she notices Sark is already walking towards the plane.

She quickly gets up realizing her entire body is aching. Placing her hand behind her neck, she tries to massage the soreness away. In doing so, she drops the jacket to the ground but quickly puts it on, the cold air causing her entire body to shiver. Without hesitation, she reaches for her gun and follows behind him.

Through the corner of his eye, he sees her a few feet behind him. Waving his hand, he warns her to stand back when he notices something dark moving between the sheets of metal. Thinking of nothing better, he fires causing it to move hysterically.

The first thought that comes to her mind is, "Bears."

She is taken off guard when she sees a hairy boar running towards them. It's dark eyes reflecting fear rather than fury.

He falls to the side as he tries to avoid being rammed by its deadly tusks. From his sitting position, he starts firing as it runs towards the trees. The sound awaking the entire island as birds fly frantically from their nests.

They wait until the bushes stay still before retracting their weapons. She watches as Sark gets up wiping the sand from his clothes.

Pointing his gun towards the trees, "Monsters, bears, and pigs. What's next? Flying monkeys?"

In a cold tone, she replies, "We need to burn the bodies."

"What we need to do is get off this god-forsaken place."

Folding her arms both in defiance and to stay warm, "And how do you plan on doing that? When we have nothing to use… no one to find us."

As he returns his gun to his side, he tells her, "I'm afraid your dependence on your trinkets has inhibited you from surviving in the real world."

Rolling her eyes," This is from someone who can't even build a fire."

"Ah Agent Bristow. You underestimate me. You will soon come to learn that I am capable of many things," giving her a devious smile.

Wanting to wipe that smile off his face, she bites back, "The only thing you're capable of is whatever your master tells you."

It worked. His eyes quickly frost over when he warns her, "Careful now. I can be a good friend and even worse enemy."

Satisfied she put him back in his place, she retorts, "Lucky for you, I'm not looking for a friend."

Placing his hand over his heart, "As much as it pains me that you won't be inviting me to your house for tea any time soon, I'm the only one here and you need me."

Laughing at the thought, "I don't need anybody… especially you."

She watches as he turns around and bends down. Surprised by his action, she thinks, "Is he mooning me?"

Before she can catch herself checking him out, he gets up and walks towards her holding two stones. Holding them out to her, he replies, "When you're done promoting the need for feminism, I suggest you start building a fire for our little barbeque."

Looking at the stones in her hand, "What are you going to do then?"

He bends down again in front of her and starts rolling up his pants, "I'm going to fetch breakfast."

Striking the rocks behind him, she tells him, "I always love a good barbeque."

Raising his eyebrow, he smiles realizing what she tried to do. Smiling mostly because he knew she would set him on fire in an instant.

Walking in opposite directions, she walks towards the wreckage while he walks into the sea. From a distance, she scans the perimeter around the plane to ensure that there aren't any more critters lurking around. When she is certain that there aren't anymore things that are salvageable, she takes a piece of cloth and sets it on fire.

She watches as the fire consumes the rest of the wreckage, the wind causing the fire to get stronger very quickly. At the same time, she wraps the jacket around her burying her face in it. She inhales, taking in his scent. The aroma of rosewood, crisp jasmine, and sandalwood sending her back to a time, a place, a moment long ago.

She slowly opens her eyes to see the sun rising and the dark blanket of stars being chased away by the vibrant pinks and violets of a new day.

Her thoughts are broken when she hears him calling her, "Sydney, come here."

She turns to sees him waving for her to join him. Nodding her head, she walks towards him as he is sitting down looking towards the horizon.

When she reaches him, he pulls her into his lap and places his arms around her. She smiles and leans her head against his chest, inhaling his scent.

He kisses the top of her head and whispers, "I love you Sydney."

He didn't say that often but it meant the world to her whenever he did. Her eyes glisten, when she tells him, "I love you."

Returning his gaze towards the sunrise, he asks, "Do you like this place sweetheart?"

She looks up at him, "It's beautiful here."

He smiles but his eyes are sad when he says, "It is isn't it?"

His smile fades when he continues, "Your mommy is in a place just like this."

She asks, "Mommy's in paradise?"

Fighting back tears, he tells her, "Yes she is."

Like any other seven year old, she innocently replies, "Well, we're in paradise. Why can't she be with us?"

"Because…" his voice breaking when he tries to tell her, "Because it's not our time sweetheart."

Her eyes immediately well up as all the emotions rip through her body and she starts crying, "But I miss her."

Tears start streaming down his face too, "Oh I know you do." He kisses the top of her head saying, "I miss her too."

He continues to rock her, "I'm sorry I let you down." Her body starts to shake from her sobs so that she cannot really her him say, "My job is to protect. But I couldn't even protect the woman I love."

He holds her closer, "I will never let anything happen to you."

She shakes her head, "Daddy promise you'll never leave me."


She looks at him and starts tracing a cross over his heart.

He kisses the top of her head again, "With all my heart."

She gives him a kiss on the cheek and closes her eyes as a tear drops.

She quickly wipes it away and opens them to see Sark smashing a fish against a rock. Its body twitching until he gives it a final blow and its body goes limp.

He holds it by the tail and looks up at her, "Breakfast anyone?"

She yawns in an attempt to mask the tears as one from sleep. Sleepily she replies, "I don't do breakfast."

Retracting the fish, he places it on a banana leaf and starts wrapping it. "You say that now. But just wait."

Taking the green package, he places it over the fire. Wiping his hands, he continues, "I'm known for making a rather unforgettable breakfast"

She scoffs at him but she couldn't deny the fact that she hadn't eaten for nearly a day.

She watches him take his knife and start scraping the sides of a stick when she tells him, "It smells like you."

"Fish?" he asks, confused by her out-of-the blue statement.

Holding up the collar, "Your jacket."

He looks at her curiously, "And?"

Trying to be as subtle as she can, she asks, "What do you wear?"

Taking another stick, he continues the same method of smoothing the sides. "Why the sudden curiosity in my preference of cologne?"

Shrugging her shoulders, "No reason."

"Are you planning on buying a bottle for Agent Vaughn? I know his wife would have loved it," a smirk instantly appearing at the statement.

She gets up to leave. "This is why I hate talking to you."

Holding the two sticks like chop sticks, he tells her, "If one asks the question, they should be prepared to hear the answer."

"Well, I don't listen to bullshit," as she turns to walk away.

"Agent Bristow, you really should acquire a better sense of humor."

Walking away, she mockingly replies, "Ha. Ha."

He calls out to her, "Well, don't you want to know the name of it?"

In a cold tone, she replies, "Not anymore."

He uses the chopsticks to check his meal when he tells her, "It's something your mother bought me."

She stops and waits for him to continue.

"Something called le Paradis."