Yugi awoke from yet another dream, no, another nightmare, he was drenched in a cold sweat he held his head trying to keep the room from spinning before he stood and ran to the bathroom spilling what little contents he had in his stomach into the toilet. After Yugi finished he stood looking at himself in his slightly cracked mirror, there were dark circles under his eyes and he had a slightly bloody nose he had become extremely pale and his tri-colored hair had dulled slightly. Yugi sighed all of this had been brought on by those nightmares, the bags from lack of sleep for about five days, the bloody nose from being tired and careless enough to run into his father on his way down the hallway, and everything else was just a little worse than what was normal to him.

"What is wrong with me?" he said quietly; raking a hand through his hair twigging as his arm rotated upwards; remembering the nightmare a white room covered in blood with a black figure standing there staring at him with red eyes, resisting throwing up again, not that he could.

'I'll tell you what's wrong you aren't getting food and sleep dunce,' a little voice in the back of his head said as he walked back to his small bedroom; better said, a closet with a cot and small beat up set of drawers. On his way, though, something caught his eye in the living room window as the streetlight flickered on and off, a set of red eyes that seemed to hypnotize, but as soon as he saw them they were gone Yugi shook his head again

'Must have been the lights' he though before closing the door to his closet and sitting on the bed he almost immediately was asleep.


A dark figure sat outside watching the small boy with interest as the little one closed the door on what he guessed was his sleeping chamber, he wanted to get to know this little one the on that looked so much like him, but he held himself still, he would wait.

"Why do you insist on watching him, Yami?" another said appearing next to the shorter male who was staring intently into the house

"He interests me Seto, I've never seen anyone like him, he looks so innocent," Yami replied pressing his nose against the glass slightly

"And so sweet," he added Seto snorted trying to hold back a laugh

"You sound like a love struck fledgling, you know that?" Yami turned around to face the taller

"That's not true and you know it," he hissed revealing elongated fangs

"Not from what I just heard," Seto said still chuckling

"Watch it Seto or you may find your bed on fire with you still in it," Yami threatened

"I know you wouldn't do that," Seto said grinning showing an identical pair of canines

"Now come on I need to get something to eat before the sun comes up, unlike you I hate to wear contacts," he said crouching and springing into the inky night sky. Yami gave the door, behind which rested his look-a-like, one last glance before following his partner.


Yugi awoke again in the morning for once in almost a week feeling like he'd slept longer than a few minutes, slid on a pair of old house slippers he had stolen from his fathers room along with an oversized robe also his dad's; after his dad had given him the bloody nose he'd heard him say he'd be gone for the weekend Yugi seriously doubted it but had decided to take advantage of the opportunity.

Yugi got up and opened the door glancing around nervously before shuffling out into the kitchen but not before looking at the window where he'd seen those eyes the night before but upon finding nothing but dark clouds signifying rain. He finally ate his fill which wasn't much before sitting down on the couch and nursing his wounds; as he bandaged up a couple of scratches he heard a loud thump upstairs he ignored it though since it was thundering and pouring rain outside. As he made his way up his arm he noticed again that it wouldn't move right he inspected it to find it dislocated

'Aw man this is going to hurt,' Yugi thought as he moved his hand over his arm he finally took a deep breath and pulled his arm into place. Even though he was familiar with pain he still screamed out, it hurt like hell, anyone on the street would have heard him; right after he screamed Yugi heard another thump like some one falling on the floor. Yugi was curious this time he got up and started to creep up the stairs once at the top he heard a moan from behind the door to what used to be his old bedroom. Yugi opened the door cautiously and gasped at what he saw, there was a hole in the ceiling and a man wearing all black leather was sprawled out on the floor moaning pitifully

"My God!" Yugi squeaked as he rushed to the man's side not once thinking what he was doing here in the first place.

Yami opened his eyes to find the look-a-like of his dreams bent over him he smiled he must have been dreaming again

"Are you okay?" the boy asked him Yami blinked and nodded sitting up as his back crackled a little from his fall through the ceiling he looked at the little one

"What's your name?" Yami asked blinking a little more to make sure he wasn't dreaming

"Y-Yugi." Yugi replied timidly looking at this new stranger to see if he had anything wrong with him,

"Yugi, huh? That's a nice name my name is Yami," Yami said finally getting his wish to be closer to Yugi. He hugged the little boy

"Thank you, Yugi."

Yugi suddenly gasped as Yami hugged him before going into a fit of coughing against his shoulder quickly getting worse until he had coughed hard enough to where his throat became raw enough to bleed, he coughed up a tiny bit of blood onto Yami's shoulder. Yugi quickly realized what he had done and pulled away from Yami huddling away from him holding his throat lightly; Yami surprised by the sudden action removed his leather jacket to look at the small bloody spot resisting the urge to try to drink it he put the jacket down

"It's okay there's no need to fear me" he said gently, his heart going out to the poor child cowering in front of him. Yugi looked at the stained jacket then to Yami

"y-you aren't m-mad at me?" he asked coming closer

"Of course not, I will never do anything to hurt you," he said

"come here let me see you," Yami said concerned by the way Yugi seemed to look like he was gagging on something Yugi looked weakly at him shuffling a little closer to Yami.

"Please open your mouth," he order firmly yet gently Yugi did so for him Yami was surprised to see that what Yugi had been doing was swallowing the blood that was still threatening to come up his throat; causing himself pain for the sake of not grossing Yami out little did he know that Yami was having to resist encouraging the blood to come he shut Yugi's mouth only to see tears in his eyes. Yugi slowly wrapped his arms around Yami's chest finally letting his tears go and crying to a human being for once; Yami lightly stroked Yugi's back feeling sorry for the little one, he could heal his throat but Yugi needed to be asleep for him to do so.

Yami quietly whispered an apology as he opened his mouth to reveal his elongated canines before Yugi had time to ask what he meant he felt the fangs pierce into his neck; Yami was being as gentle as a vampire possibly could be, as he drank the sweet addictive blood having to remind himself only to take enough to make him drowsy. Yugi on the other hand started to panic when he felt those fangs slide into his skin but Yami held him still in a strong grip Yugi stayed still until he slowly started to become weaker he was scaring himself with the thought that maybe Yami was going to kill him when he remembered that Yami said he would never hurt him and so he just leaned into Yami's grip as sleep started to take over.

Yami slowly removed his fangs from the boy's neck licking the small marks left behind to close them Yugi wobbled a little bit his eyes half-lidded before he fell forward into Yami's safe hands fast asleep.


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