Yugi's mouth dropped open at the sight, they were standing next to a beautiful cabin, white snow was every where glittering in the sunlight the cabin itself extended out over the edge to show a spectacular view of the valley below. Yami picked his little bride up carrying him towards the house,

"I love it Yami," he said wrapping his arms around his neck and kissing him as Yami walked into the house. The older vampire set Yugi down on his feet once they were inside, still kissing him, they separated and Yami pulled Yugi into him wrapping his arms around his waist.

"Now what?" Yugi asked him curiously, looking around the wide open living room that also containded an open kitchen and dining room all connected into one room.

"Come on look at the view," he said grabbing a pair of robes off the couch and leading the little one to the glass door to the patio.

"Oh my gods," Yugi whispered as Yami stood behind him holding his shoulders.

"This-this is amazing," Yugi said looking out over the snow covered valley, the trees sparkled a light orange in the setting sunlight and cast blue shadows across the surface of a frozen lake; the mountains ahead of him were also snow covered it was literally nature at its most beautiful.

"It's the best view possible, just for you my love," Yami whispered to him resting his head on Yugi's shoulder, brushing his tongue over the area where his earrings were still clipped; Yugi hissed lightly pulling his head away a bit.

"Yami,don't," he moaned shutting his eyes.

"Oh my baby, would it feel better if we took those off?" Yami asked bringing his hands up to the golden earrings and undoing the clip, the skin below the metal was red from the prolonged pressure; Yami gently suckled on the sore ear, making Yugi sigh and lean back towards him, giving Yami access to the other earing. Once he had it unclipped he switched sides and gave that one the same treatment, Yugi simply moaned in comfort.

"Feels better, right?" Yami asked wrapping his arms around the little ones shoulders.

"Yes," Yugi replied leaning back into Yami,

"Why don't we get out of the cold love," Yami said pulling him back.

"That's a nice idea," Yugi replied letting Yami pull him into the cabin again, shutting the door behind them; it was almost dark inside the house by now. Yami sat Yugi down at the bar table in the kitchen area and poured him out a glass of true blood wine, leaving him there.

"I shall return my love," he whispered as Yugi sipped the wine slowly. Yami disappeared up the stairs and when he returned he carried a strong scent of lavender and wore absolutely no clothes other than his kilt, as he came closer Yugi couldn't help but look up at him as the scent hit his nose,

"Ready love?" Yami asked wrapping his arms around his little husband's waist.

"What are you doing?" Yugi asked totally aware of what Yami was trying to do.

"Come with me," Yami said seductively pulling Yugi off the stool. He led him up the stairs to the loft where their bed was, Yugi was hit by the scents of leather, lavender and the exotic scent of the desert, there were pillar candles lit on both the side tables and strangely on Yami's side there was a small bucket of ice. The older vampire turned Yugi around,

"The night is ours, Yugi," Yami purred pushing his hips into Yugi's waist as he slowly moved forward, kissing him deeply until Yugi's calves hit the edge and they both fell onto the bed, and that was it, both of the vampires went wild.

------------------ / Caution: lemon \ ----------------------------

Yami's lips claimed the little one's soft pink ones, pushing his tongue through to taste the inside, brushing the other's tongue which sprang to life, wrapping around the other's, making Yami taste the wine that had slid over the muscle earlier. They both moaned, pressing into each other's body, as Yami was forced to withdraw for air, both panting heavily. Yami leaned in and nipped the little vampire's neck, making Yugi moan lightly gasping as Yami continued his nips and licks along the soft flesh until he hit the metal of the collar, and Yami stopped making Yugi open his eyes as Yami sat back putting more pressure on his hips.

"How to do this?" Yami mused making Yugi wait.

"Yami come on!" Yugi cried pushing his hips up into the older vampire's. Yami pushed back down on him with a small growl, as he laid back down on him, he reached behind Yugi undoing the collar and slipping it off, letting it just slide to the floor as he continued kissing down his neck. He worked his fingers under the silk belt and pushed up his shirt. Yugi continued to hiss and moan as Yami licked a trail to one nipple biting gently then soothing away the pain with his tongue, Yugi arched his back breathing hard as Yami worked the other nipple with his fingers. Yami just finally pulled the little one's shirt completely off and kissed him senseless again as he ground his hips into Yugi's.

"Yami, need you," Yugi grunted out trying to keep from loosing it, somehow just the scent of the room was arousing him Yami was only making it worse;

"Patience koi," Yami purred rolling Yugi over so that he was on his stomach. He lightly brushed his fingers along his bare back noticing the muscles tense when he hit the scar on his shoulder.

"Tsk,tsk,tsk, sooo tense you really should relax, koi," Yami said taking a bottle of lavender scented lotion and squeezing out a good amount onto his hand; he began to massage Yugi's back rubbing the fragrance into his koi's skin. Yami smirked as he withdrew one hand and reached under the little one's kilt, he reached between his husbands legs and grabbed the throbbing erection growing there; Yugi groaned loudly as Yami pulled on him through his underwear.

"Yami!" Yugi gasped out rolling his hips into Yami's hand.

"Yes?" Yugi turned his head making his eyes go as wide as possible trying to see Yami he was panting hard.

"Take me pharaoh," he cried trying to thrust his hips into Yami's hand. But the older vampire didn't give in to his pleas, not yet; he pulled the kilt off of Yugi along with his underwear leaving the little vampire bare and releasing his straining erection, Yugi let out a small mewling noise as cold air hit the hot overly sensitive flesh. Yami finally made known why there was ice present as he carefully leaned over grabbing one ice cube he held it over the little one's back for a moment letting the freezing cold water hit his back before pressing the cube into the heated skin with his palm, Yugi's head shot up with a large gasp.

"gods!" Yugi screamed as Yami slid the ice slowly along his spine, letting it go and slide back into the deepest curve of Yugi's back to melt. He grabbed another couple Cubes and moved down between the little one's legs, where his member pressed against the sheets, he gently pressed an ice cube to the tip trying not to shock him too hard with the cold. Yugi still brought in a sharp gasp, spreading his legs a bit wider as he lifted his hips, trying to move away from the ice slightly, but Yami only pressed it back into him smirking triumphantly as Yugi mewled desperately. He slid the cube up along the bottom of the shaft, leaving Yugi writhing below him, the small vampire let out a strangled cry when Yami ran the ice over his balls leaving it there to melt and cover his member in cold water. Yami grabbed another ice cube and went back to teasing the little vampire, who had his hands fisted into the sheets, his mouth hanging open. The older lover went back up Yugi's body to claim his lips again slightly calming the fidgeting vampire as his hand went lower again; with the ice in hand he slowly ran it over his tightened entrance, making him gasp hard into the kiss, his eyes widening as his eyebrows creased, looking worried. Yami ran the ice through his fingers for a moment getting the piece smaller before he pressed it there again, this time letting the tiny cold piece slide inside, but the little one below him panicked as the tiny chunk of ice lodged itself inside of him.

----- / lemon pause (shall pick up in a moment) ------------------

"Yami, Yami! cold, damn, stop, cold!" Yugi cried pulling away from his lover, coughing, breathing hard, his eyes wide, the little one was overtaxing his pacemaker. Yami knew to stop then and there, for one thing Yugi never swore unless he really meant it and the little one was practically crying for his pills. Yami dug them out of the drawer and fed them to him, holding him very close to his body until his nervous shivering stopped.

"Sh,sh,sh, I'm sorry Yugi I went a little too far, I'm sorry," he purred stroking his hair and back, brushing a bit of water off.

"Please...gods... Don't do that... Again," Yugi panted, gripping Yami's upper arms tightly as he bowed his head intoYami's chest. Yami noticed all Yugi was wearing was the wings and crown still on his head, the same went for him too; Yami removed one of his hands and slid off his crown as a sign of submission.

"Yugi, I'm sorry, I'll let you take me tonight, please, to make it up to you," Yami said very slowly rolling onto his back with Yugi on his chest.

"Y-Yami I don't know how..." Yugi started.

"I'll guide you love," Yami said pulling Yugi down and kissing him lightly.

"All right, promise you won't let me hurt you?" Yugi asked straddling Yami's hips and rubbing himself into Yami.

"Yes, Yugi, please begin," Yami grunted biting his lip.

----------- / Resume the Lemon -----------------

Yugi laid down on Yami.

"What do I do?" he asked never remembering how he had pleasured Yami that night three months before.

"Just let your hands move where ever they want," Yami told him aroused even further by his innocent looking husband and Yugi began to work on Yami, still slightly nervous he shut his eyes, as his hands roamed over the bare, tanned, muscular, skin; Yami let out small low moans of pleasure as Yugi hit soft, sensitive, spots. Yami reopened his eyes with a drawn out gasp as he felt a hand wrap around his arousal and pull gently. Yugi, still unsure, ran his thumb over the tip pressing down slightly on the slit, making Yami let out a deep guttural sound he'd never heard before;

"Doing great love," Yami groaned pushing his hips upwards; Yugi opened his eyes slightly as he continued to pump Yami, getting a little faster, encouraged by Yami's moans and pants, obeying when he told him to move in a certain way until he finally laid back down with him claiming his lips in another kiss.

"Love, unless you want the night to end sooner, I suggest you let go," Yami moaned trying to maintain self control by curling his fingers and toes into the blankets. Yugi let go of him, not knowing how to do the next part, Yami could only smile as the little one looked curiously at him.

"Yami, help," Yugi squeaked pitifully holding him. the older felt the tingle of emotion rush though him as Yugi clung to him insecurely; he reached over for the lotion again and gave it to Yugi.

"Three fingers," Yami said as Yugi popped the top off. The little one followed his instructions and got the idea of what Yami wanted him to do when the older one parted his legs even further for him. Yugi moved down and found Yami's slightly tight looking entrance he gently prodded it with a lotion covered finger, Yami moaned.

"Harder," he whispered fiercely pushing his head back into the pillow. Yugi did the same thing again, only applying a constant pressure until his finger slid through. Yugi, startled by the sudden strong pressure around his finger, almost pulled away, but Yami held him in place with a hand on his shoulder.

"Okay" Yami grunted out. Yugi gently began to push the one finger in and out, pressing against a hardened lump just inside that sent Yami arching his back moaning wildly.

"Y-Yami what is that?" Yugi stuttered out pushing his hips forward involuntarily as Yami's cries aroused him even further.

"G-spot... Sweetspot...Prostate," Yami panted getting closer to the real name with every jab to the now golf ball sized organ.

"More," he moaned loudly. Yugi took that as a sign to add the second finger and he carefully pressed it in, hearing Yami hiss slightly. He began to do to Yami what it felt like he did to him, moving the fingers in tiny scissoring movements, watching the older lover below him for signs to stop.

"Yugi take me," he panted his eyes rolling back as Yugi continued; he smiled slightly through the small amount of pain at the thought of Yugi being so gentle with his three thousand year old body. Yugi looked up at him, looking startled as he withdrew his fingers, Yami recognized the confusion in his eyes, he'd never taken anyone, virgin in those aspects of sex. Yami shifted his body for him, rolling over under him and getting up on his hands and knees,

"Kneel and take me," Yami told him, still panting as his member strained between his legs for release. Yugi did as he was instructed, kneeling behind him, he steadied himself by putting his hands on Yami's rear as he pressed his aching arousal into Yami's entrance, moaning loudly as the already warm flesh was taken into the even hotter body below him.

"Yami, tight," Yugi squeaked out letting himself become draped across Yami's back as Yami lowered his head and arms into the pillow.

"Shhh, don't talk just move," Yami grunted pushing back against Yugi's erection buried inside of him, clenching down slightly to get the little one's attention. Yugi got it, as hazed over as his brain was, and began to thrust in and out of Yami, making Yami scream and moan as Yugi hit his prostate hard.

"Harder!" he commanded breathing fast as he felt his climax nearing. The smaller vampire did so, thrusting hard into the heat that surrounded him with every movement, moaning as well, as Yami began to move with him. The thought suddenly occurred to him how to get Yami to cum faster; he reached below their bodies and grabbed Yami's length, moving his smaller hand up and down the hard pulsating flesh, making Yami finally scream out the smaller vampire's name.

"Yugi!" he cried his body going rigid as he hit his climax, spurting white cum over Yugi's hand onto the sheets. The older vampire's insides constricted tightly, scaring Yugi slightly as they tried to pull him deeper into Yami's body, but the constant pressure drove him over he edge, gripping Yami's shoulders as he came violently inside of him coating his inards with cum as his body convulsed, ridding itself of its load, until Yugi went limp, the waves of pleasure bowling him over.

-------- / End Lemon --------------------------

He shut his eyes, still buried inside his husband he panted; Yami seemed to be stuck in the position on his knees at that moment, and Yugi was so comfortable he didn't want to move, but the euphoria came at a price for the little vampire as his heart began reacting to the strain, he rolled off of Yami's rear, pulling out of him as he did so. The little one threw one of his pills in his mouth, swallowing easily. Yami's rear finally came down as his knees slid out from under him and continued lying there panting, still Yugi cuddled up behind him and wrapped his arms around Yami.

"Yami?" he called trying to get his husband to roll over.

"I didn't hurt you did I?" he whispered, Yami lazily rolled over, sighing, trying get his breathing back down to normal.

"No, Yugi you didn't hurt me," he cooed snuggling and giving him a light kiss, he felt warmth sliding out between his legs though and couldn't hold back a smirk.

"Who would have guessed that little body of yours could put out that much," Yami said chuckling lightly as he gently poked Yugi low in the stomach.

"Yami," Yugi giggled lightly grabbing his hand.

"What?" Yami said innocently nuzzling his little lover

"You don't put out such small amounts either you know," Yugi replied resting his forehead against Yami's, staring deep into those blood red eyes.

"You win love," Yami replied smiling and sliding under the sheets with him.

"I love you," Yugi told him as he always did just before he went to sleep.

"I love you too, Yugi," Yami replied sighing again and holding Yugi close as he drifted off, already snoring lightly as always, and so ended the first night of their honeymoon and their first night as a married couple.

-----------------The End-------------------(or so you think)------------------------------

Meanwhile, in the depths of the shadows, two evils met and crossed the thresh hold of a power unimaginable, fangs protruding over their lips as the tormented souls grinned, crossing into the presence of power, of the great god, Set.

-----------------------------To be continued (in sequel)---------------------------------

notes: lets see ummm, the scents Yami used at the begining have a reason to them. it is a known fact (and people have done studies on this) that certain scents can arouse a man just like horomones, it's proven that lavender can relax and also arouse, leather to gay men can be a very arousing scent it you really think about what things they make out of leather, and the exotic desert well that the scent of Yami of course they'll use that. The god mentioned at the end was the Egyptian god Set he was depicted as an unknown beast that much resembled a dog with a long nose a forked tail and squared ears legends also lead me and many others to believe that this god was bisexual because at one point he tried to rape Horus, son of the then deceased Osiris. I'm sorry but I can't really explain more without taking up a few paragraphs so yeah you readers will have to find out more on that on your own there are many variations on the web. Well that was the end of Oh Those Blood Red Eyes I shall continue the story in the sequel Oh How Those Red Eyes Shine (working title tell me if you like).

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