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Our Progeny

Summary: Set 5 years in the future. Naruto comes across a young boy while on a mission and takes him in. Who is this boy and what does he have to do with Naruto and Sasuke?


Yahiko heard Naruto's warning and started to turn, but it was too late. Naruto yelled inarticulately in anguish and all Yahiko caught was the flash of a kunai. Blood splattered the ground… and time seemed to stop.


Yahiko slowly opened his eyes after the burst of pain he was expecting failed to come. After piecing together what happened, tears formed in his eyes and the burning feeling seemed to increase. 'Sune was impaled on the third Rain Nin's kunai. Link had thrown himself in front of Yahiko in order to protect him and at the last second, 'Sune must have summoned up enough strength to save her kit.

Naruto flew towards Yahiko and ripped his hand straight through the enemy shinobi's back. The other two shinobi fled in terror and when Naruto looked up his eyes were cold: he had never been this furious in his entire life.

'Those nin will pay for what they did,' he thought.

The blonde shinobi bit his thumb, performed a quick series of hand seals, firmly planted his hand on the ground and a four foot orange frog appeared under him in a burst of chakra and smoke.

"What are your orders boss?" the frog asked.

"Find them Gamakichi (1)," he ordered, "engage them but don't kill them. I want them alive."

Gamakichi nodded and swiftly jumped away to pursue the enemy shinobi.

Naruto then turned to Yahiko to make sure he was alright.

"Oh god Yahiko, I thought that you were dead," Naruto exclaimed. "Are you OK?"

Yahiko looked fine but he didn't answer. He was holding Link, who hadn't been able to escape injury. There was a deep gash in the kit's chest and there was pink foam in the young fox's mouth. His lung had been pierced.

"Is he gonna be OK?" Yahiko asked quietly.

Naruto could only shake his head.

"He's… he's dying isn't he?"

"I think so," Naruto said, "There isn't anything we can do."

Yahiko looked down at Link sadly. His eyes still burnt from the smoke, but there were no tears.

Link opened his eyes and looked up into Yahiko's face. The fox knew that he was dying, and he let out a soft whine.

"It's OK little guy," Yahiko whispered, "I'm here. You'll be fine."

Naruto looked on silently. He was about to offer some consoling words when his sight went red and he saw a solution.

"I can save him son," he said slowly, "but I'm going to need your help."

Yahiko looked up with hope and a bit of fear in his eyes as a pure red chakra suddenly emitted from Naruto's body and enveloped all three of them. Naruto took a kunai, cut his wrist and let his blood spiral out towards Link. The blood glowed with red chakra as it flowed into Link's wound and Naruto handed the kunai to Yahiko and spoke again.

"Cut a line across your palm and seal the wound. Once it is sealed, you will be bonded. He will draw strength from you and you from him."

Without any hesitation Yahiko slashed his right palm and pressed in on top of Link's already healing wound. There was a flash of chakra and Yahiko felt an immense amount of energy surge through his body. His eyes seemed to focus but his gaze was on Link. The kit's eyes were closed but he looked very relaxed.

The last thing Yahiko heard before he passed out was a faint "Thank you."

When Naruto gained back control over his body he deactivated the chakra supporting them all and quickly caught Yahiko and Link before they fell to the ground.

'What the hell just happened?' he wondered, 'I didn't know I could do that.'

Naruto ran home and summoned a frog to fetch Tsunade. He wanted to make sure Yahiko and Link were alright and he only wanted one person to check on them.

When Tsunade arrived she examined them and explained their condition to Naruto.

"They'll be fine. Yahiko has chakra exhaustion and I think the fox is in a similar condition. They'll be all right after a day of rest."

"Good," Naruto said. "What about those Rain Nin?"

"Gamakichi was able to delay them until the ANBU could capture them. It seems like a villager hired them to kill that fox family."

"Baa-chan," Naruto warned, "I won't be held responsible for the fates of anyone that tries to hurt Link in the future. He's a member of my family now, and I won't stand for it."

"I know brat. I've already sent a message to the Rain Village explaining that the mission is cancelled, and I'm going to have it announced that any action against you or any of your family will be severely punished."

Tsunade left Naruto in the room with Yahiko. Link was lying at Yahiko's feet, and an IV was attached to both of the patients. The blonde watched over them for hours making sure they were alright until finally, in the dead of the night Naruto drifted into a restless dream-filled sleep.


He's at the glade again. Everything is burning and Yahiko is in the same position as before. The kunai flashes but this time there is no one to save him. Yahiko's screams are added to his, and suddenly everything blurs.


The scene appears again. This time Naruto is closer and there is a chance that he might save his son. The kunai flashes again but everything Naruto does is in slow motion. Just like before, he's too late and Yahiko dies.


It's similar to the first dream this time. He's at the proper distance and he's moving at the proper speed. Everything happens just like he remembers it but he still screams in anguish when the kunai flashes. He blinks and sees 'Sune and Link dive forward to protect his son. The rest is a fast forward blur up until the final stages of the bond. After it is completed, Yahiko raises his head to lock eyes with his dad. The red eyes are a brilliant contrast to the whites and grays of the dream and once more, everything



Naruto woke up in a cold sweat. He franticly scanned the room searching for Yahiko until he saw him safe and sound curled up protectively around Link. After breathing a sigh of relief, he tried to remember the nightmare.

Most of the dream was fading but he remembered that it had to do with the fight in the woods. After a few moments, there was only one shocking image left in his mind.

Yahiko's dark red Sharingan eyes staring back at him after the bonding.

'Was it a dream?' Naruto wondered, 'Did I see the Sharingan? Is Yahiko really an Uchiha?'

There would be no more sleep for Naruto that night. His mind was filled with questions and speculations on Yahiko and occasionally, Sasuke.


Yahiko was pulled from sleep by a cold nose.

"Leave me alone Link," he said, "I'm still tired."

He turned around, pulled the covers over his head and tried to go back to sleep.


"Hm? Who said that?" Yahiko asked.

The boy pulled the cover off of his eyes and scanned the room.


Yahiko looked down the bed and locked eyes with the small fox.



"Does this work both ways?"



Yahiko decided to try something.

"Does it work both ways?"


"Well OK. Let's get some food then."

Naruto was nursing a large mug of coffee in the kitchen when they arrived downstairs.

"What exactly happened last night Dad?" Yahiko asked after he joined his dad.

"To you and Link?" Naruto replied, "I'm not sure, all I know is that some instinct took over and a power of Kyuubi manifested itself. I think that the bond you share will make you just as close as Kiba and Akamaru. There may be other side effects but I'm not sure what they could be."

"Well, Link and I can talk to each other now. I can hear his thoughts and he can hear mine."

"You talk to each other? What did he say?"

"Well, he doesn't really doesn't speak in sentences, but I get ideas and words from him. He woke me up and said he was hungry."

"There's some steak in the fridge, you can give him that. What do you want for breakfast? I haven't eaten yet either."

"Cereal is fine Dad, is the milk still good?"

Naruto shrugged while Yahiko went to check. The boy poured himself some cereal and prepared the steak for Link. Naruto then got his own cereal and they sat down to eat. After a few minutes of catching worried glances from his father, Yahiko decided to say something.

"What's wrong?" he asked. "Are you mad at me?"

"I'm not mad at all." Naruto exclaimed.

He gave Yahiko a smile so the boy knew he meant it but the blonde's mood sobered as he looked down and played with his cereal.

"But… I almost lost you. Do you know that you almost died? Tsunade said that you would be fine, just tired for a while because you used up almost all of your chakra but I need to know. Are you OK?"

"I'm okay, just a little tired I guess," Yahiko said. "I think I can resume training tomorrow."

"Well, I have to do a few errands but I want Hinata to give you a checkup later. Make sure you and Link get enough rest today, alright?"

After that, Naruto put on his jounin uniform and left. Thirty seconds later, Naruto burst through the door again.

"Forgot something," he stated.

Yahiko nodded absently and got up.

"What did you forget?" he asked.

Naruto responded by pulling Yahiko into a hug and ruffling his hair.

"I love you son," he said while smiling down at the small boy.

Yahiko barely had time to say "I love you too" before Naruto disappeared once again.


The only important event to occur over the next few days was Yahiko's physical. Hinata, like most of the rookie nine had changed: Her training under Tsunade and with Neji had given her confidence and she had even worked up the courage to ask Naruto out a few years ago. Naruto was surprised but he had accepted and took Hinata out to eat and watch a play.

It went well but after the date, Hinata and Naruto realized that although they cared for each other, they loved each other like a brother and sister. Hinata moved on and Kiba moved in. Things were going well, and Naruto expected Kiba to propose any day now. In fact, if that ring on Hinata's finger was any indication then he already had.

"Naruto-kun," she stated after she had examined Yahiko (and after the boy's insistence, Link as well), "Yahiko has a few peculiar chakra characteristics. It seems that his chakra is very similar to Link's. In fact, it's as if they were the same person. Their chakra coils are almost identical."

"Well," Naruto explained, "they bonded in a weird ceremony that had to do with Kyuubi. I don't know what it did but their chakras mixed and I healed Link with my blood."

"There's another thing… do you know who Yahiko's parents are?"

"No, is something wrong?"

"It's nothing serious, just that I took a blood sample, and he has an advanced bloodline. I've never seen it before (2), so I can't identify it. Has he manifested any special powers?"

"No, he hasn't," Naruto cautiously replied, "I have my own suspicions but I don't want to say anything. Thank you Hinata-chan."

Hinata went home and Naruto was left with his thoughts about Yahiko.

'Was he really Itachi's son or someone else's? Could it be Sasuke?'

'Do I really want to know?'

He shook his head and pushed those thoughts out of his mind.

"Come on son, let's go get some ramen."


Naruto spent the next few months training, teaching Yahiko, completing missions, and occasionally looking for Sasuke. He refused to think about the conversation with Hinata and so far, Yahiko hadn't manifested the Sharingan even with the extra training Kiba and Akamaru gave him in order to learn how to fight with Link.

The months blurred, and all of a sudden it was May again.


'It's been more than a year since Yahiko has been in my life,' Naruto thought, 'and I can't imagine life without him. His birthday is coming up as well and I want to make it a memorable one. I forgot last year but this year I'll make it up to him. I don't think Yahiko's ever had a birthday party.'

The first part of Naruto's plan got Yahiko out of the house. He convinced Konohamaru to take a level D mission and let Yahiko and Link tag along. Next, he set everything up himself and waited for the guests. When everyone had arrived, Naruto went to pick Yahiko up and bring him home.

Living with Naruto the past year had caused the boy's personality to change a bit and he was less introverted and timid. Link had changed a lot as well. The small fox could speak in full sentences now, and Naruto was able to hear his son's best friend when he "thought" directly at him. It didn't work with anyone else but Naruto guessed it was a latent power of the Kyuubi and a manifestation of the bond.

"Dad, my first mission was awesome!!" Yahiko stated as soon as Naruto met him outside the Hokage Tower. "It was just like one you had to do when you were a genin! We had to find the cat of the Fire Lady named Tiger II. Link was able find him really fast but when we caught the cat, he went crazy. Uncle Konohamaru got all scratched up. I tried to help, but I got scratched on the face, see?"

Yahiko pointed to a band aid on his cheek.

"Link got really mad when I got hurt. He growled at Tiger II, and the cat didn't give us any problems the rest of the mission."

"That fur ball hurt Yahiko," Link elaborated with a growl "I told him that I'd bite off his tail if he touched another hair on my brother's head."

"OK, let's go home," Naruto said with a chuckle, "You guys can wash up and afterwards, we'll go get ramen ok?"

Yahiko sprinted as fast as he could towards the Uchiha mansion and Naruto used his full speed in order to arrive before the boy discovered his surprise party.


The surprise went over much better this time around. Yahiko was unprepared for a further celebration because Naruto had made it seem like the mission with Konohamaru was the only present he would receive.

'My birthdays have never been a big deal,' Yahiko thought as he looked at all of the food and decorations, 'I never even dreamed of a party.'

The small now seven year old boy ran to his father and gave him a huge hug.

"Happy birthday, son," Naruto said as he ruffled his hair, "Why don't we eat now? I got Ichiraku to cater for us."

After eating, Yahiko opened his presents. Most of the gifts were normal ninja gifts: kunai, senbon, smoke bombs, etc. but there were quite a few free ramen passes as well. Jiraiya gave him a frog wallet, Shikamaru gave him a Go set, and Kakashi gave him a matching set of fox pajamas and a night cap.

Naruto was the last person to give Yahiko his gift. He handed him a simple medium sized box with a brown paper wrapping. Yahiko quickly ripped it open and pulled out the item wrapped in packaging paper.

Naruto had traveled to the Grass Country in order to request a custom item for his son. It was a dark blue leather jacket that looked very similar to Naruto's old outfit. There was an orange Uzumaki spiral on the back and another on the upper sleeve. Chakra was infused in the jacket during production, and it offered as much protection as normal ANBU body armor. Naruto however, didn't tell anyone about that. He just wanted his son to have some extra protection.

Yahiko looked up at Naruto curiously after he finished examining his gift.

"I had one like it when I was a kid," Naruto explained.

Yahiko suddenly remembered the tattered orange jacket Naruto had let him wear the first time he visited Link.

'I really like this jacket,' Yahiko thought, 'it's another connection that I have with Dad.'

He put it on and from that point on he was never seen without it.

The rest of the party went well but as soon as Yahiko fell asleep, Naruto ended it and put his son to bed. After seeing everyone else off, he went to sleep as well.


He was training with Sasuke, just like they used to but… something was different. He shifted a bit of his attention away from the fight in order to search for it but he didn't notice anything that was blatantly wrong. Naruto decided that he needed a higher perspective so he jumped up to bring the fight on to the branches of the trees. He paused to scan his surroundings, and he saw it- Yahiko was sitting at the edge of the clearing watching them both. Naruto was too shocked to pay attention to anything else and was knocked back into reality when Sasuke's fist hit him in the stomach.

"What the heck just happened?" Sasuke asked after the fight ended with a kunai to Naruto's throat. "You lost your focus, dobe. Are you okay?"

There was something in Sasuke's voice that Naruto didn't recognize. Just a hint of something… different in his tone.

"I'm… fine Sasuke," Naruto answered, "but don't call me dobe, you teme."

"Why don't we stop training now?" Sasuke suggested, "We'll get some ramen and go home."

Although the mention of ramen piqued Naruto's interest, he was still a little discombobulated. While he was glad that Sasuke was back he was also still a little confused. Luckily, Yahiko provided the distraction Naruto needed.

"Ramen?" Yahiko asked as he popped in between the two older nin, "Are we gonna go now? I'm really hungry and I bet I can eat more than you can Dad. I know I can eat more ramen than you, Father."

Sasuke laughed, picked Yahiko up and gave him a noogie.

"Yeah buddy, we're going to get ramen at Ichiraku."

Yahiko's loud yell of happiness echoed through the forest but Naruto hardly registered it. He was still in shock.

'Sasuke actually laughed? But… he NEVER laughs. I've only ever seen him smile a few times, and I wasn't certain if they were smirks or real smiles. It's like we're a family. It feels… nice.'

After going through his inner dialogue Naruto ran and caught up to Sasuke and Yahiko. They went to Ichiraku and actually had a fantastic time. Sasuke, who was usually incredibly awkward with kids, got along really well with Yahiko and Yahiko really seemed to like the dark haired nin. Naruto and Sasuke still argued but there was something different about their name calling this time. Sasuke still had that weird tone in his voice and Naruto didn't feel like they were as serious about it as usual.

Finally, Yahiko's light snores signaled that it was time for them to leave. He was lying across two chairs fast asleep with Link tucked in his jacket. However, before Naruto could pick him up Sasuke beat him to it. Naruto was lost in his own thoughts and Sasuke was seriously set in his task to not wake Yahiko or Link so the walk back was quiet. When they finally arrived at the Uchiha manor, Sasuke broke the silence.

"Naruto, you look tired. You go to bed and I'll put Yahiko to sleep."

"OK," Naruto said with a yawn. Now that Sasuke mentioned it he did feel a little tired.

Sasuke walked into Yahiko's room and Naruto entered his own bedroom. After wearily stripping to his boxers, Naruto flopped on the bed and thought about the recent events.

'What happened? I feel happy but I'm so confused. When did Sasuke come back? Why does his voice sound strange? Why does Yahiko trust him? I'm just gonna sleep on it. Maybe everything will be clearer in the morning.'

Just as Naruto closed his eyes, he felt a sudden presence in his room and a weight on the bed.

"Sasuke, what are you doing?" he asked.

"I'm waking you up," Sasuke answered with a smirk.

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All he saw was white, and everything faded out…


Naruto woke up, sweaty and wrapped crazily in his blankets. His first thought was that he had a nightmare but when he realized that his boxers were really sticky his dream came back to him.

'What just happened?" he thought, "I can't believe I had a dream like that about Sasuke. Does this mean that I'm… gay?"

Naruto spent the rest of the night deep in thought about Sasuke and how he felt about him. He wasn't able to come any conclusions but he did have one recurring thought:

'I have to find Sasuke.'


Somewhere out in the wilderness, Sasuke also woke up. He too thought that he might have had a nightmare but he wasn't sweating or breathing hard. All he remembered of his dream was that he was with his family: His son was alive and he was happy. It was fading and his thoughts soon centered on Naruto and the boy under his care.

Sasuke stayed up thinking about Naruto and his son and finally came to a conclusion:

'I have to meet that boy.'


Silently and almost simultaneously, both nins began mentally preparing for a journey.


(1) Gamakichi has grown over the last few years.

(2) Hinata can use her Byakugan to examine blood samples.

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