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Chapter 1:

Darkness. No light. No movement, not even with my own body. I cant control it. Control, how i hate that word! It is what i lack and what i dont want. No more control, no more me. I am but a rock, nothing else. I did it, for them, for the world. But mostly, for him.

His name was Beastboy. He sent shivers up my spine. He taught me the most valuable lesson ive ever learned. He did not mind my lack of control. He liked me for who i was not what i was capable of. He was my friend. My best friend.

Friends. They all were. Robin, Starfire, Cyborg, even Raven. All of them. And now, they hate me. Yes, they did bring flowers, and they are searching for a cure, but i dont need it. I dont deserve it. I deserve nothing.

So now, i am nothing. I can use my senses but i cannot move. My body is not controled by anyone anymore. Not even me.

It is good though, because i would just screw it up again. Being cursed with such great powers, its hard. I was confused, yet i knew. So i can only blame myself for what i did. And Slade.

I killed him, he was evil. He was my control, yet my Hell as well. The things he did to me, i couldnt begin to describe. He was proud of me and told me how to live. But he wanted evil. I knew he was only using me but still i went on. Why?

Even I dont know that.

Closing Notes: Alright, i know its short. But im also putting up like three chapters today so yeah, deal. I just thought it was a great place to end! Hehe, anyways...

Next Chapter: Short, Beastboy comes to see Terra. Did i tell you how much im in love with Beastboy?