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We were back, and this time it wasnt going to go down like it had. Raven made me wear one of her green cloaks while she did some kind of face changing spell. She now had long black hair and almond shaped brown eyes. To me, she looked like a vampire, but I'd never tell her that.

As before, I was inside of Terras room. Smiling like a vicious wolf, i hid in her closet again with Raven beside me. This was going to be fun. Terra came in, crying like before. She threw herself on the bed while her brother Terran came in. I swear I seen a faint smile on Ravens face when she seen Terran, but even if I did she'd never admit it to me. Words were exchanged by Terra and Terran, but I didnt hear. I was too busy waiting for her father to charge in and plus, id heard it all before.

Finally, threats were yelled and Terra's father did pound in. He was drunk, no surprise there. Me and Raven waited as planned before. We had set out a tiny timeline of what happened with Heathers help and figured we'd strike right before he threw the beer bottle. Finally, he raised his arm to throw.

"Now." Raven whispered, floating out of the closet with Beastboy right after her.

"Dude, are you seriously drunk enough?" Beastboy asked as the man dropped the bottle, startled at their appearance.

"No shapeshifting." Raven whispered the reminder for the fiftieth time.

"What the fuck? GET THE HELL OUT OF MY HOUSE!" The man yelled, backing up. The beer bottle forgotten, he turned to run.

"Hold it." Raven said, shutting the door with an invisable force. "I think someone needs to learn a little bit about what happens when you do what you were about to do."

"Who are they?" I heard Terra ask Terran from behind me in a hushed voice.

"Theyre our angels..." Terran whispered back and I smiled. I turned back to the man who was on the ground, begging for mercy.

"Dont hurt me...please...ill do anything... i have beer! Do you want a drink? I got beer!" he yelled as Raven walked towards him.

"What do you think?" she asked, turning back to me with a blank look but a hint of enjoyment in her voice. "What should we do with him?" I took one look at his face and punched him straight in the eye.

"I think..." I said, shaking my fist. "...I think someone here is in big trouble." I finished, punching him again. It felt weird not being able to use my powers, but it felt good to use my fists, especially on him. Raven must have felt the same because when she kicked him, she looked startled at herself.

Pictures of the night before in Terra's dream flashed into my mind, sending me into a frenzy of kicking and hitting this poor excuse of a human. Raven helped me, throwing a couple of her own in. Slowly, she picked up speed and began vicously striking him. After awhile I stopped Raven. Her anger was getting uncontrollable. She stopped and sighed while I took a good look at him. His breathing was labored, his body full of bruises. I flung him against a wall and turned to Raven. "I said I didnt want to kill him. Getting this close is good enough." I said as he moaned from behind me. Kicking him one last time in between the legs, i turned to Raven. "Wheres Jingle?" I asked confused as to how we were going to get home.

"Right here, stupid." A voice chimmed in my ear.

"Oh, hey. Well I think some changes have been made..." I said, looking back at the beaten up old man.

"Who... are you?" he asked, sitting up.

"Your angel." I said and spit on him. Turning to Terra I seen she wasnt on the bed. Terran wasnt in sight either. I looked around the room and seen they were talking to Raven.

"...for saving us. I dont know what would have happened if it hadnt been for you two. Ive never seen him so drunk..." Terran was saying.

"I have an idea..." i whispered to myself.

"How can we ever repay you?" he asked, looking back and forth between both of us.

"Use your powers for good, never evil." I said, stepping in. "And if you ever hear of a group called the Teen Titans, track them down. "Oh and if you ever see a guy named Beast-..." I was saying to Terra when Raven pulled on my arm.

"Dont even." she said silently. I smiled sheepishly.

"Just get away from him and we'll be happy." Raven said to the siblings, pointing to their father.

Both nodded and stood back as Jingle transported us back. Everyone was there, just as before. "Did it work?" I asked.

"Hey whats everyone doing in here?" A tall, blonde, blue eyed teen walked in. 'Walked in? Nobody just walked into Ravens room. Who did he think he was? I mean-...' My thought were cut off as he turned to Raven and kissed her gently and smiled.



When Heather quickly took out the pictures and made them vanish, i smiled. Terra hadnt been raped, Raven had something good in her life, Robin and Starfire were together, and the best part? I didnt have to kill anyone.

Cyborg's machine had been finished and it was time for Heather and Jingle to leave. We all would miss them, and I knew it. They stood there and Heather sighed in front of the portal.

"You...We had...I cant beleive..." Heather started, speaking for herself and Jingle. "...We'll never forget you." she said silently, aiming her eyes more towards Cyborg than anyone else. I snickered but Cyborg didnt have the happiness to elbow me into the wall. Terra clung to my arm, we had started dating just that day after I told her how I felt. I wont even mention the "Finally!"'s we got from the rest of the Titans. Terran and Raven were holding hands and Raven actually smiled at Heather.

"We wont forget you either." Cyborg said. "Remember to look under that boulder..." he said silently. We all looked at them confused, but let it go a second later feeling it was none of our business.

"Well...uhm bye..." she said turning towards the portal. At the last second she turned around and hugged Cyborg. Then she ran through the portal without even looking back. Cyborg didnt even have the strength to blush. I wondered if he'd be okay.

That night while walking down the hallway, I turned to Raven. We would forget as soon as we fell asleep about everything. Slowly, a smile crossed her face. As usual, it was forced back. I smiled back and turned into my door. "Sweet dreams." she said. I shook my head at her.



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