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When there's nothing left, you will save me

Every day

Losing pieces of myself

Emptiness spreading

Darkness not forgiving

My insides desecrating

As shadows of loneliness

Swarm around

Darkness bound

Death peering through dead eyes

Every day

I get a little closer

It gets a little easier

To turn my anger to hate

And abandon my mental state

Let the pain bleed through my soul

As the seeds of life

Fall into the black abyss

Never to regenerate

Every day

I realize more and more

All which I held so close

The song

The night

The seduction

Are temporary distractions

Dismal unsatisfactions

Programmed reactions

Then one day

The day you finally find me

It will be true irony

That all you see

Is a rotting corpse

Of what used to be

By: Anonymous

Harry Potter lay broken and on death's door step in his 'room', the small cupboard under the stairs. It really was a sad sight to look upon him in that moment. A small body that looked more like it should belong to an eleven year old and not a sixteen, soon to be seventeen year old boy, was crisscrossed by unsightly scars, old and new blood, and dark welling bruises. All in all, he was a pitiful sight to behold that would have even moved Voldemort's cold non-existent heart.

For what seemed like moments to Harry, which was actually days, he lay passed out and finally shifted himself and pulled a small black suede book and gold quill off the shelf of the cupboard. The small book and quill were gifts that he had been given for Christmas last year. The book was a journal that would never run out of pages to write in, which was a good thing, because Harry wrote a good ten pages a day. The quill didn't need ink, which was a good thing to, because where and how would he get ink in his condition?

As Harry started to write, he poured himself into the pages, letting out everything. He had discovered in History of Magic, quite by accident, that he could draw as good as a camera could take a picture. So, he drew pictures sometimes of what he thought heaven looked like, he drew pictures of his friends and their families, he drew pictures of Sirius and Cedric, the last moments he saw Sirius and Cedric were drawn several times throughout the book, his parents occurred several times also. And lastly, for some odd reason he drew pictures of when the Dursley's violated him in every way and form. These were distributed throughout his book, along with his words as he told of his life with the Dursley's and at Hogwarts and his whole life. At the moment, he was writing about Vernon's newest act of rape, while his cousin Dudley also beat him. Harry slowly placed his book back in it's spot then managed to coax himself to sleep, only to be met with the nightmare of the final battle flashing through his mind.


Harry stared in shock as Tonks' body fell to the ground, a death eater having just shot her down with the killing curse. As he stared into her dead eyes, something in him snapped and a great power burst from his body, knocking all deatheaters out and leaving the path to Voldemort open. As Harry walked slowly up to Voldemort, anger in every line of him, Voldemort laughed coldly and fired the killing curse at him. Harry didn't even flinch as he absorbed the curse, and sent it rebounding back to Voldemort's surprised face, all without a wand. The curse struck home and a wispy soul was just about to escape when he fired the killing curse himself towards the evil soul. With a scream, it disappeared and Harry collapsed on the ground, sobs shaking his small form as he finally slumped to the ground in a faint as Dumbledore rushed to his side.

End dream

Harry jerked awake with a scream and immediately clapped his hand over his mouth, in fear of waking the Dursleys. It was in vain, because lumbering down the stairs, he heard his uncle. 'Great...' was all Harry thought when he was dragged out by his hair, which had grown down to his back in the month that he had been there. Obviously magic had something to do with it, because it always grew back when it was cut.

"So boy...determined to not let any of us sleep eh?" Harry's uncle hissed, spit dripping down his face.

'Great...and so will end the great and marvelous 'boy-who-lived', at the hands of his uncle for waking him up...' Harry thought with great sarcasm. Harry had learned by now not saying anything usually made his uncle leave him alone faster. 'Lookie here Voldie...' he thought with great sarcasm and ironic humor, 'a mere muggle, is able to do the one thing you longed to do for years...break me and slowly kill me...aren't you jealous from your view point in hell?' he thought with a mental laugh.

"Gonna play this way huh? I'll make you scream...I'll give you something to scream for!!!" his uncle all but yelled as he took him to the hall and ripped Harry's clothes off as he closed his eyes to wait for the inevitable.

Thirty minuets later, Vernon was about to reach his orgasm when a shock wave ran through the house, and a powerful force of magic ran through the house. Vernon looked up immediately. "Freak...have your kind finally decided to come get you?" he hissed in Harry's face. Harry hardly heard him. Vernon was about to say something else, when a voice, powerful and terrible in it's anger roared, sounding much like a lion.

"You dare to harm my son?!" an angered, no enraged voice yelled, shaking the entire house in it's power.

Vernon made a sound that sounded incredibly like a mouse being stepped on and fell backward in a dead faint.

"Harry..." a gentle voice, said as someone kneeled next to him. Harry's eyes, about to fall shut into eternal sleep looked at the man with dimmed eyes full of curiosity. "Harry!!" he said, with panic gracing his features that looked so much like Harry's and James'. "Hold on my son...I'm taking you back...damned be the prophesy!!" the voice urgently said. "I never should have let you and James go..." he whispered as he gathered Harry in his arms, and walked to the cupboard and got his school trunk and anything else that looked like Harry's, especially the journal.

Harry opened his eyes long enough to see his rescuer. Over bright dark brown almost black eyes stared down at him out of a strong chiseled and handsome face. Harry's eyes grew huge as he fainted into the strong arms of his rescuer, Godric Gryffindor, the man who had just called him his son.

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