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When there's nothing left, you will save me

I am the music playing

I am the one obeying

I am the thunder roaring

I am the rain that's pouring

I am the sun still shining

I am the child who's whining

I am hope staying alive

I am the path you strive

I am the ghosts behind your eyes

I am the screams inside your cries

I am the thoughts you dare think

I am the poison you will drink

I am the many words you write

I am the child you kiss goodnight

I am the truth you always seek

I am the strong

I am the weak

I am secrets never told

I am all the dreams you've ever sold

I am truth inside your lies

I am life until it dies

I am the red rose blooming

I am darkness all consuming

I am the past you fear

I am every falling tear

I am the fever burning

I am the body yearning

I am the one who's killing

I am the one who's willing

I am your suffering

I am death lingering

I am faith forever lost

I am winter's early frost

I am the silence lacking sound

I am darkness all around

I am the one who survives

I am the teller of our lives

By: Anonymous

When Harry disappeared from number four Private Drive the wards flew off the handle the next afternoon when he had been gone for exactly 20 hours. Immediately, the whole Order was there with wands drawn. Expecting trouble, they just about shot the Dursleys down when the family came out of the house to go to the car. Seeing the street full of wizards with drawn wands, with a roar Vernon pulled his family back into the house and the Order surged forward to the house.

"What are those freaks doing here!" Petunia screeched. "Why are they here! Just because of the brat probably!" she was now rambling and was peering out the windows.

Vernon went to the door and bellowed out angrily at the wizards, "What do you want you freaks?"

At being called freaks a lot of the witches and wizards scowled, but Albus Dumbledore went to the front door to try to talk peaceably with Vernon. "We just wish to know why Harry isn't in the house. Only some one who the wards are tuned to can remove him…" he said, worry in his voice.

With a purpling face, Vernon spat back out, "He left last night. One of you freaks took him. Good riddance I say!" Vernon yelled angrily.

With a frown at Vernon's manor and lack of concern for Harry, he asked if he could see the house for signs of struggle or capture. When this was asked, Vernon's face looked quite alarmed. But he moved out of the way none-the-less for the venerable headmaster. "Very well, don't break anything!" he barked knowing it was useless to argue.

"Never crossed my mind." Albus mumbled thoughtfully as he crossed the thresh hold and walked into the house. When he got in the door, he stopped short in his tracks and was in shock to find a powerful magic residue, not to mention the sign of violence and what looked to be a struggle. "What happened?" he asked calmly, smothering his alarm as he gazed about the front hall.

"The boy," was all Vernon said as he turned to leave. "We'll be going now. You've seen the house. Now out!" he spat with distaste.

"You're lying," Albus said with a scowl wrinkling his brow even further. He grabbed the Dursleys and went out to the street and then port-keyed back to Hogwarts to investigate further.


Three hours and one bottle of Vertiserum later, Albus Dumbledore along with the new Minister of Magic, Arthur Weasley, knew the whole story about what happened to Harry. With horror and guilt on their faces, they made the decision and threw the Dursleys in Azkaban for life. "I'll take them right away." Arthur said before he flooed away to the fortress with three new guests.

"What have I done?" Headmaster Albus Dumbledore asked an empty room as he stared into the distance. "I have made the biggest mistake of my life. He always asked not to be sent back. But I always made him go. I knew they didn't exactly get along. But I never though," he whispered as he gazed at his desk. "I'm sorry my boy."


Five years later, a twenty-to year old walked out of the doors of a study, with a bounce in his step that spoke of great happiness. 'Finally! I get to see them after all this time!' he thought as he let out a shout of happiness and did a small jump in the hall. 'They probably think I'm dead and rotting somewhere…what a surprise they'll be in for.' he thought snickering slightly as he got ready to go. 'I hope they aren't to mad,' the once boy now man, Harry Potter thought as he disappeared with a faint pop to reappear thousands of years in the future.

The same young man appeared right outside of the Hogwarts main gates. With a grin, he swung the gates opened and strode up to the front steps, and knocked. He stood there for about five seconds when the doors slammed open with enough force and anger behind it that it made Harry wince as he imagined the state of the person behind the door. What made him stare in shock from beneath his cloak was that it was Servus Snape, looking madder than hell's demons his robes covered in lilac colored liquid, smelling of roses. Harry knew right then that Snape had been working on a potion, and his knock on the door had disturbed him.

"I probably came at a bad time," he mumbled as he prepared himself for the storm that was sure to come.

Servus Snape, formidable potions master at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, was having an ok day by normal standards. He was in his dungeons working on one of his prized potions, when Albus popped out of the fireplace. With a scowl to cover his surprise, he irritably asked, "What do you want now Albus?"

With twinkling eyes he responded kindly, "I will be out for the day. I need you to watch the castle for me." He said pleasantly.

With a sigh, knowing it would be useless to argue, Servus gave in to him with a nod. "Very well Albus. But, the castle can probably watch itself better than I can." He said with a raised brow to the elder man.

"True. So true that is my boy. Well now! I really must be off! Have a nice day!" with that, the disappeared old man disappeared back into the fire.

Shaking his head, he headed back to his potion. About an hour later, he was lifting the cauldron off the fire when Peeves came flying into the room dropping a dung bomb in his potion-which resulted in lilac potion covering Servus- and started cackling about there being a visitor outside the front door. Hissing out a body bind curse on the poltergeist, he stormed out of the dungeons and threw the door open to find himself facing a cloaked man who almost seemed to wince.

"I probably came at a bad time," the man mumbled.

"How may I help you?" Severus managed to ground out from between his clenched teeth.

"I was here to see the headmaster," he said after a short pause of surprise. "Is he here?" he asked the furious man.

"No. Regrettably he will be out the rest of the day." He snapped. "If it is important that you see him, you may come in and stay until he returns." He ordered curtly and stood back from the door.

With a smile that was shadowed by his cloak, Harry stepped into the hall and looked around with a fond smile of remembrance. Almost as if the castle recognized him, everything brightened and Fawks came soaring from the staircase. "Fawks. Good to see you. I see you haven't changed at all." He whispered softly.

Severus was startled at the reaction the castle had. Usually, it only had that response when the students came back each year, or the teachers. And Fawks had even come! "Who are you?" he questioned with a guarded voice.

Deciding to begin his fun with the grouchy potion master, he smirked. "Why, I'm surprised you forgot me already!" he exclaimed with great fake hurt in his voice.

Growling, he demanded of the oddly cloaked figure with a cane that seemed to hold no purpose, "What are you talking about?" he demanded.

With a smirk, he mimicked a phrase that had been spat at him in sixth year, "You nasty little brat! Always getting pampered and treated like royalty. You will not use your fame as a buffer around me!'" he hissed with perfect mimicry, as he watched the color drain from Severus's sallow cheeks.

"Who are you?" he asked as he drew his wand. "Only Potter and Albus know I said that," he shakily snapped.

With a smile, he drew the hood off of his face. Smiling widely at his ex-professor's face, he said, "Why, it's just me. Famous little Potter come home for a reunion." He happily, chirped, as there is no other word for it.

"Potter," he whispered as he took a step forward, wand still out and checking him for authenticity. "You were killed. Albus told me your relatives were the death of you in some way." he whispered.

"They just about did kill me, but my father saved me." he said with a sudden grin. "I know you have questions but go collect Hermione, all the Weasleys, and Dumbledore please. I will only tell my tale once, myself at least." he chuckled as for once, Snape went and did as he told him, leaving Harry Potter standing in the Great Hall.


An hour later, Snape had collected everyone together and after many tears and welcome backs, all were waiting for Harry to begin.

Taking a deep breath, he began.

He told them of his torment at the Dursley's hands and of the torment he put himself through for so many people dying. He went into a little depth about the abuses put upon him, drawing gasps from all and tears from many. Especially when he told of his leg and the purpose for the cane.

He then told of his rescuer and the story behind James and Godric, drawing gasps from everyone in the room.

Finally he told of his five years of training. He whispered of elves that had trained him to commune with the trees, water, and air; of dwarves that taught him their coveted knowledge of the rock and metals that littered the world and how to work them to his uses. Of assassins caught, and for penance, taught him. Finally, he spoke of an ancient man who had taught him to walk and fight like the cane was useless and made it look like a decoration. Also he told of how it held his wand.

When he was done he was quite tired and thirsty. Almost as reading his thoughts, Albus handed him a goblet of pumpkin juice. Smiling in appreciation, he downed it in one gulp and looked around at the amazed faces. "Well?" he asked with a smile.

"Oh Harry," was all Hermione was able to say as she grabbed him in a hug. "I've missed you." she whispered to him.

Ron came from behind as did the others and clapped him on the back. "We all have mate. Things haven't been the same since you left." Ron whispered with teary eyes.

Everyone pulled back at a small sound from Servus, a few scowled at him and he glared right back but soon turned his attention to Harry. "Show me what you can do without the cane. I may be able to brew a potion to help." Was all he offered as an explanation.

With a slight grimace at having to show such a blatant weakness, he took his cloak off to show a dark blue tunic, black pants, and black boots. Placing his cane aside he heaved himself from his chair amongst baited breath and pushed away from it. He stood for about three seconds and tried to walk forward. Then went down with a yelp he went down, grabbing for the chair. No one was able to move fast enough to catch him, and he crashed down to the ground. With a sheepish look, he managed to clamber back on the chair, shooing off many hands wanting to help. "Well?" he questioned.

With a thoughtful look, "Show me your leg."

With a sigh and shake of his head, he pulled hi boot off, and took his stocking off and showed the potion master the scarred back of his right leg. "Well?" he asked once more.

With a frown, the potion master bent to the floor and prodded at the calf of his leg and the back of the knee. Totally lacking even a twitch of reflex, he straightened and looked Harry in the eye, breathing a sigh and evidently steeling him for something. "I'm, sorry, I put you through that embarrassment. There is nothing I or Poppy can do."

With a small smile, Harry pulled his boot back on and looked at Servus. "I gave up years ago. I appreciate your effort though." he said with a smile.

"Harry?" a small voice asked looking at him. It was Hermione.

"Yes?" he asked with, redirecting his smile to her.

"How long can you stay?" she asked softly.

"I can stay however long I want. I just have to visit father on the weekends." He said with a laugh.

"Then perhaps," Albus said with a twinkle in his blue eyes, "You would like to take the position of DADA professor this year?" he queried with a knowing grin.

"Of course. Why ever not?" Harry said as they sat in Albus Dumbledore's office the rest of the night reacquainting themselves with each other, looking forward to the many years of friendship ahead of them.

I'm back, and not going to leave permanently anytime soon.'

The End