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Chapter 10: Life in the Clouds Part I

"Claus?" I looked around this dark room. It smelled like wildflowers.

"Hey, I'm right here." Something then wrapped its arms around me. "Don't worry I'm right here."

It was Claus; he was right in front of me. For once I felt safe in his arms, for that moment nothing could hurt me. I put my arms around him and cried, very vivid flashbacks crossed my mind. They mostly consisted of Maurice and our family. This was before I left the family after an incident.

The incident was after this big Claudia heist we pulled off. It was worth about 100.5 billion, which meant we hit the jackpot. The ship we were in was called, 'Liminality,' she was beautiful dark green ship just like the one my father has now, only in a different color. Then, one day it malfunctioned, the engine, for some unknown reason it caught on fire. We escaped the ship with a couple of bruises but all we had left of our heist was only about half of a thousand left. My father said that the enemy had put one final show to stop us but it failed. In a way it succeed because we lost our enormous sum of money.

I decided to leave for a couple of days, but a spy from this organization found out and knocked me out when I was in Norkia. They gave me some pills that would help with 'pain,' if you could call it that. I roamed all over the place without knowing who I really was, just my name. That's when I was in this orphanage I left when I turned 15 and winded in Anatore. So, that's how I got here now, if you call that it was a small series of unfortunate events, three to be exact.

I blame Maurice for all the pain I have from the stay in this place. He's changed an enormous deal, in both personality and looks. I refuse to call him 'my dear cousin.' He betrayed us causing our family pain, and everyone else I care for. I then broke out of this thought.

"I'll protect you, Loki," he said lifting my chin, "I promise."

"I'm sorry, Claus," I said wiping the tears from my eyes. "I am really sorry. I never should of made you guys involved in our families personal things."

"We took that choice, we knew the consequence of our action, so don't be sorry." He gave me smile followed by a kiss on the forehead.

"I love you," I whispered afraid of being heard by any one else.

"I- -" Claus struggled, something was gripping tight to his neck.

"Claus?!" I pulled back and watched Claus be thrown to dark corner. "Claus!"

I knew who had done it; it was 'him' that foul man I was once knew. I watched Claus he wasn't moving. I crawled towards him but was stopped when something pulled my shirt.

"I'm not done yet, like I said everyone you hold dear will fall. Claus will be the first. Then followed by Dio…" the voice trailed off.

"You, I'll kill you!"

"I wonder what she's dreaming about."

"Beats me…"

"That's strange she's crying…"

"Hey, miss wake up." someone touched my head.

I opened my eyes; it was all a dream. I felt tears rolling down my cheeks. I've had this dream for about five days now. Ever since I've been held prisoner.

I looked up at the soldiers, they were all staring at me with some worried expressions on their face, and two belonged to a pair of women. I yawned and then looked down. I wanted to go outside and see them; I missed them especially in the situation we're in.

"Miss Ayo," the woman said softly, "the second in command said that we can take off the bonds."

"Thank you," I said shaken up, "Tell me," I said shaking a bit when one of the soldiers untied me, "how can you work for a man like the second in command? I despise him, he's horrible, he -"

"We know what you mean," another soldier spoke, I knew this one because he was the one I met when they surrounded our van ships, "we hate him, actually half of the crew hates him. We never really liked him. There's just something about him that we don't like."

"What's are your names?" I asked wiping the tears from my eyes.

"My name is Mullin, Mullin Shetland." The same soldier spoke. He had black short hair, and these almost golden hazel eyes.

"My name is Loki Raganork," a boy my age with dirty blond hair said, he had green eyes.

"The name's Haruko Minami," a girl with pink hair said, she had light green eyes.

"My name is Aikawa Nasba," a girl who looked slight older than me said, she had long black hair and brown eyes.

"Is it," the boy named Loki tugged hard on the dyed part of my hair, "really you?"

"Owww! Let go!" I said gripping hard on the boy's arm. I twisted his arm a bit.

"We're not use to someone," the girl known as Aikawa smacked the boy in back of the head, "of your status."

"It's nice meeting another Loki," Haruko said giving me a smile.

"You guys," I stood up, "can call me Ikol."

I walked over to Loki. It feels very strange to be in the same room with someone that has the same name as the other.

"So," I said pulling hard on both of the boy's cheeks, "it's been a long time, Loki the infamous trickster."

"It's about time!" the boy said giving me a big smile. "I thought you forgot about me back at the orphanage."

Mr. Raganork, was a very close friend of mine back at the orphanage, we would stick side-by-side. The orphanage was horrible so you needed a friend. I never saw him after that when I left. I let go of his face.

"So he hasn't been lying." Hauko said.

"That's a miracle." Mullin patted Loki in the back. "Also, Ikol, I've noticed your friends with Lavie."

"You know Lavie?" I asked looking at Mullin.

"Yeah, during that time when the Silvana sunk the Goliath." He replied.

"I remember hearing about it."

We became very fast acquaintances, friends if you can really believe it. I hope I can help these friends and the others.

"Maurice has given you and the other prisoners different times to go to the hanger. You go at 12 at midnight, and the others go three hours earlier than you." Loki said.

"It's very stupid if you ask me," Haruko replied.

"Do you know how the others are?" I asked sitting down on a bed.

"We can't tell you." Aikawa said sadly.

"Another stupid thing." Mullin said.

"Are you hungry?" Loki said sitting next to me.

"Not that much."

I looked at the ebony colored table. There was a three-course meal there, with the finest water, which was very pure. I wasn't in the mood to eat, especially if came from Maurice. I know it sounds childish but he's the enemy. Though as he sees it we're the antagonists and he's the protagonist. I see it differently though.

"The four of you can have some if you like." I said looking at Mullin he was sitting across from me. "Besides Loki here," I elbowed him, "makes it look obvious."

"Thanks, Ikol," Haruko said. She was standing in back of Mullin.

"Yeah thanks, Loki." Mullin said he looked grateful.

"You're all right, kid." Aikawa said. "Still why a guy would like their cousin- -"

"He's my adopted cousin," I said cutting her off. "I don't like him, for God sake he was my relative! Sort of anyway." I blurted.

The discussion ended with that. The four soldiers ate what was left; they did so very generously leave me some of the food. I learned that they were all drafted into this battle. So that's how they work now, I thought. I learned from Mullin that he was married and he couldn't wait to see his family.

Haruko was from where the girl workers were from; it's a small world. Aikawa is related to the captain of this ship. Also the second in command only comes to visit me once every other day, so I have enough time to cook up a plan, with the help of those who are supposedly guarding me.

"She has her own personal philosophy, guys." Loki said then breaking the silence as he put his arm around my shoulder.

"Philosophy?" Mullin looked confused.

"Somewhat of a guideline for ones life." Haruko said.

"Exactly, like the saying, 'the early bird gets the worm.'" Aikawa explained. "if someone lives by that that means they do things early."

"Mine is, 'easy come easy go.'" Loki smiled. "I know it's stupid but it happens sometimes."

Haruko added to this interesting piece of conversation, "For me it would be, 'Tomorrow's another day,' which is true you never know what could happen tomorrow."

"Mine is, 'though the world may seem small, the sky is the limit,' it came from a poem I once wrote." I said smiling. "I really want a life in the clouds. Just to fly away and escape this world, find peace."

"But it almost seems impossible, doesn't it?" Mullin said.

"The sky is the limit, which means almost nothing is impossible." Loki said.

"Hey you guys," Mullin walked to the door, "I'll be back I'm gonna go see what the antagonist is up too."

"I bet he's asleep." Loki said looking at the ceiling.

"If he is," Mullin walked out the door, "then that means Loki here can go visit her friends."

"Hey, Loki," Loki said still looking at the ceiling, "remember that one time we met Hamilcal Valca and George Head?"

"Who could forget! That was one of the happiest days of my life!" I said laughing.

15 minutes later…

Someone knocked on the door, which startled everyone in this room. Loki was asleep on my bed. Haruko was drawing a rose, and Aikawa was humming.

"No more!" Loki shouted falling to the floor. "Oro?"

Haruko gasped at the knocking sound, then looked at her paper and frowned, "My flower…"

Aikawa stopped humming and walked to the door. "What lies beyond the farthest reaches of one's mind?"

"Exile." The voice replied. It was Mullin's voice.

"You can never be to careful." Haruko told me like if she read my mind. Then, opened the door. "Lot's of people here like to eavesdrop on another's conversation."

Mullin came back to report that the second in command did indeed go to asleep. We refer to him as S.I.C. or just, 'sic,' or 'the antagonist.' Either wat that's what he is.

"Let's go," Mullin motioned us forward. "Though we're going to have put you in the middle."

"We are guarding you after all." Haruko said.

"Let's go for it!" I said happily.

"That's the spirit." Aikawa said.

"Where are they anyway?" Loki asked.

"Down this far end of the hall." Mullin pointed across from us.

With that in mind we set off. The way they formed around me was like when you're guarding something of very importance. They surround you by all sides, covering the rear, sides, and the front. The four came up with fake lies to the other soldiers when they asked what they were doing to me. They simply said, 'Moving her to the other side. By order of the second in command.' Another one of my favorite sayings was from Loki he said I had to the bathroom and I was to have heavy security by my side.' That one made me laugh for some reason. Aikawa said it was mostly none of their business and the less they knew the better. After interruptions we arrived to the far end of the hall.

I took notice of the color of the hull it was in the silver/ metallic like color. It was a good choice but something else other than that would of made it interesting.

"We're here." Loki said elbowing me a bit to open the door.

"Okay," I took a deep breath, and opened the door.

I looked inside it was the same as the one where I stayed. It was fairly big. I looked at the people in the room; they were overwhelmed with joy I guess you could say. My 'guards' brought me in, and closed the door behind them.

The force of weight brought me down on my body; they were hugs and very strong ones at that. I'm use to only one person hugging me but five? I did really miss them though.

"I'm really sorry you guys had to spend your Christmas here. I'll make it up somehow." I said muffled by bodies. Christmas was yesterday, and what a rotten Christmas it was.

"It's all right." Alvis was the first to get off. "You can make it up on New Year's."

"We missed you, yellow eyes." Dio said then getting up.

"Don't worry about." Lavie then reassured me. "Welcome back."

"Glad to have you back, Miss Ayo!" Anna and Reani said smiling.

Loki, Haruko, Aikawa, and Mullin, greeted everyone in this room. Reani was glad to see Haruko and vice-versa. Mullin and Lavie talked about small things. The normal things, Lavie even asked Mullin and his family to come visit them after this thing was over. Though everyones attention was mostly on Alvis, Dio, because they remember the whole, 'Exile' incident.

"Where's Claus?" I asked after everyone got to know each other.

All there was to reply was just silence.

Something didn't seem right, why weren't the answering. Though the guards said that they couldn't tell me, at least clue would be good. Is he dead? Is hurt? Did they put him in a different room? It was all these and more that ran through my head.

"Claus," Alvis looked down when she told me, "he's over there." She pointed to a bed at the edge of the corner.

From only to three people came very soft sobs, you really needed to have a ken sense of hearing to hear them. I the first two came from Lavie, and Alvis, but the third one was a mystery to me. I looked at Anna; she had her head down. I always thought Anna was the strong the type, but I guess I thought wrong this time.

I looked at everyone else and they all nodded for me to go. Haruko pulled Alvis and I ran, I felt tears run down my cheek, I never felt scared so helpless in all this time, but now I do, I just wanted to hide, but I can't not know. I made it to where Claus was sleeping.

"Hey, Claus." I felt my voice break.

Claus was asleep. He wore very tight bandages around the side of his head. His right arm was also wrapped in bandages. He wasn't wearing his work clothes, instead he had this white shirt on, and since the covers were white you could tell he was wearing pants. They were dark so I guess they were black. He was in great deal of pain, and I don't there was anything I could do to help.

I sat on the floor and put my hand on Claus' left hand. I just sort of sat there stroking his hand. If I talked I would burst into tears and I didn't want that right now. So the only thing I could do was pray. I prayed for the safety of my crew, the nice guards, Lavie, Dio, Alvis, and Claus.

Something touched my hand and I looked at the bedside, it was Claus. I felt some sorrow disappear from me.

"Hey," Claus said with some effort, "long time no see."

"He did this to you didn't he?" I said looking at him.

"It's nothing serious," he tried to laugh, "really it's nothing."

I sat on his bed holding his hand. His eyes no matter what, they never changed, it was always those same kindhearted eyes.

"Watashi gozen genni sumimasen!" I said softly. "I really am."

"Don't be, Loki." He smiled.

"I'll protect you, Claus." I said trying to smile. "That's a promise."

"Okay," he said. "Watashi koigokoro temae. I really do, Loki."

"I do too, my Immelman." I gripped his hand tighter.

"Your hand's they're cold."

"I know."

I pulled my hands away and put them oh his stomach; it felt as though there was something under there.

"Ow, Loki, ugh. Can you put them somewhere else." He was whimpering in pain.

I did the exact opposite though. I gently pulled the shirt up, without trying to hurt him in any way. I gasped, he had bruises on his stomach, and some long strips of cloth were wrapped around it. S.I.C. had taken it too far. I'll get my revenge, I thought, we just have to strike when the time is right.

"I do!" I heard someone squeal and I immediately put my hands to the side.

Lavie was crying with tears of joy. I told Claus I would be back. Dio was just as equally happy as Lavie was.

I ran over to everyone and just felt confused.

Alvis tugged hard on my shirt, so I kneeled down a bit. "He just proposed to Lavie."

I felt myself giving a big smile. I held the soon-to-be Elaclaire family. I hugged them with all my might, till I felt my arms hurt.

"Wonderful!" I said. I let them go and ran back to Claus. "Claus guess what? Dio-sama proposed to Lavie!"

"It's about time," he whispered softly, "you don't know how many times he's asked me to help."

"I think it's wonderful though, at least they won't be lonely, they'll have each other."

"I don't think Dio knows what he's gotten himself into. You know what I mean…"

I did know, which made me laugh. I kind of wondered what their children would look like.

"Nine months of hell?"

"Sort of."

I heard footsteps after that. They grew louder as they came closer. Someone tapped my shoulder, it was Loki. He looked at Claus and gave him a friendly smile, he looked sorry for him though.

"So this is the son of Hamilcal Valca?" Loki asked staring at Claus.

"Yeah, he is." I said looking at Loki. "Oh," I put my arm around Loki, "this is Loki Raganork!" I smiled.

"Another Loki," Claus tried to laugh. "So you guys knew my father?"

"Back at the orphanage. Your fathers taught us to love the skies." Loki said seriously. "He was a good man."

"Loki's let's go!" Aikawa instructed us.

"I'll see you later Claus." I said kissing the side of his cheek.

"See ya later, Claus Valca." He smiled and we both left.

We arrived back to my cell. For right now life in the clouds seems pretty good, for everyone that is.

"Hey, Loki?"

"What is it, Mr. Raganork?"

"I'll go back with you guys, and work with the Ayo mob."

"You don't really - -" but I was cut off.

"I want to." Loki replied. "My old man wanted to, so I'll take his place."