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Chapter 1

Paige had to be given away at birth, to 'protect' her. It hadn't worked. Her powers were never bound and when she was too young to understand the dangers of using them, her powers began to freak people out. She went from foster home to foster home, not the greatest thing in the world. Because of their fear, her foster parents, (more than one set), abused her and were always yelling at her. When she turned 15, she dropped out of school and ran away.

Paige was now almost 20, in her years living on the street, she had developed her powers. She knew about demons, they were attacking her constantly because of how powerful she was, (she is a charmed one after all, even though she didn't know it). She may not have had the Book of Shadows, but she managed to find her way around the demons one way or another.

But she was still a human, and she had learned long ago not to use her power in public, so when it came to surviving outside of demon attacks, she did not use her power. Meaning that she survived by hiding in an ally and ambushing anyone who came down.


Prue was out taking some pictures of different parts of the city for her magazine. She was trying to capture both the good and the bad parts of the city to give readers a fuller view.

She turned down a likely looking ally and when she got about halfway down it, something hit her in the back and sent her stumbling to the ground. Rolling over she saw a girl with short red hair standing over her.

"Your money if you please." the girl said and Prue noticed that she looked like she hadn't had a shower in about a year and it might have been a week since she had a good meal. But all the same, the girl was mugging her. Prue waved her hand to send the girl flying, the thing is it had no affect whatsoever.

"You're money." The girl said again. Prue once again waved her hand, and once again it produced no result. The girl was barring down on her, so Prue pulled out her money and threw it at the girl. She hadn't expected that to work, Prue was sure the girl was a demon so she was surprised when the girl took the money excitedly and moved out of Prues way. "Thanks" she called and disappeared into the shadows.

Pure would have loved to ponder why the girl who had just mugged her had bothered to thank her, but at the moment she was just concerned with why her power hadn't worked. She waved her hand at a trashcan and it fell over with a clatter. At least her power still worked on other things. But that girl?