Chapter 18

It was about a week later that the sisters finally decided to go after the Source. The previous week had been uneventful, as none of the demons seemed to want to go up against four Charmed Ones.

The sisters were currently in the attic (where else?) talking about different methods of vanquishing the Source.

"Well we could lure him to us or go to him, we say a power of four spell and he goes poof, it's really not that hard people." Prue was saying, she had becoming tired of listening to her sisters try to come up with complex plans. Piper wanted to take control of several demons, and use the demons to infiltrate the Source's lair to kill him. Phoebe was all for orbing down to the underworld and using a spell to send the Source to the core of the earth. And Paige wanted to plant explosives everywhere in the underworld and set them all off at the same time.

"Come on Prue, have you no heart?" Phoebe wined, "That is so unoriginal."

"This is the Source we're talking about here Phoebe, we need to vanquish him, not send him on vacation to look at how volcanoes are formed." Prue countered.

"Fine, we summon the Source using this spell," Phoebe held up a piece of paper, "Piper blows him up and Paige orbs the crystals around him while he's reforming, then we use this spell to vanquish him." Phoebe finished and turned the paper over.

"What…How?" Prue asked as Piper, Phoebe, and Paige fell over laughing at the look on her face.

(I must now skip the next section of the story, as it is too violent for you to read. All you need to know is that Prue greatly thrashed her sisters into almost non-existence.)


"Fun as that was," Prue said glaring at her sisters, "We need to vanquish the Source." She waved her hand to move things out of the way clearing a space for the sister's and the Source.

Phoebe grabbed the crystals and handed them to Paige. Then the four sisters stepped back and began the spell.

"From darkness great,
With goodness none,
The one true evil,
To us now come."

The air went deadly still and for a fraction of a second all the sounds were cut off leaving the sisters hearing utter nothingness. But that was only for a second as the room filled with a roar and they were sucked away into a black portal.


Paige woke up and looked around her. When the portal had enveloped her she had fallen unconscious. She was in a cage and her sisters were in similar cages, each far enough away from the others to avoid them using a power of four spell. Her sisters were also starting to get up, all showing sighs of being asleep moments ago.

"I thought you might try to summon me soon." A voice spoke from behind her. Turning Paige saw a black robed figure sitting on a throne. "I set up a little trap as you see. When you tried to summon me you were brought here instead. No use trying to break free, those cages contain your magic."

At his words Piper tried to blow up her cage but to no avail. Paige tried to orb out, but s soon as she reached the bars she was thrown backward and out of the orb.

"You see, you are mine now." The Source said. "Finally, the Charmed Ones will fall." The Source laughed as he stood up and walked toward them, his eyes rolling over each sister. "So who to kill first, and who to torture the longest?" His eyes stopped on Paige.

"Stay away from her." One of her sisters yelled, but Paige couldn't make out which one, she was lost in his gaze, his eyes were so dark, so full of evil.

"Don't worry, you won't have to watch her die." The Source said grinning, "She will have to watch as each of you die, you know, you wouldn't be in this problem if not for the deal you had to make with the Elders."

"Don't listen to him Paige." Someone else yelled at her, but she knew he was right, this was all her fault.

That thought made her wake up, 'That's right, this is my fault, so I have to fix it.'

"Sorry," Paige told the Source putting her right arm behind her back, "But I don't plan on letting you kill anyone else."

With those words she drew out her hand to reveal that it was glowing with a soft white light. She formed an orb-ball in her hand and poured the light into it, making it glow with a power hated by evil.

The Source stood stunned as she raised her arm and threw the orb/goodness-ball at him. He tried to move out of the way but he was to slow and it hit him in the chest. Paige and her sisters watched as he screamed and his body began to glow with white light. The light built as his screams reached a forte causing the sisters to look away and cover their ears. Then everything went dark and silent. The cages crumbled into dust and they were free.

"Wow." Phoebe said.

"Yeah." Piper agreed.

Prue walked over to Paige, "Lets go home." She said, Paige just nodded.

The End