To the Underverse and Back

"You keep what you kill." He looked down at the body that he had so carefully preserved for the last year.

Question after question he had asked about what happened to his new race when they died. Where did they go. The answer was the Underverse.

And he asked, where is this Underverse? He was answered, somewhere in the distance that our old Lord never found. He looked again at the body...

"You keep what you kill... but you're not keeping her." Riddick touched Kira's face lightly, turning her head to look at the small scar where she had been 'converted'. He had given up hopes of ever seeing her for a few moments, then, he had it. He couldn't give up on her, she never gave up on him... she had told him that. She had had faith that he could save her, and he was going to. He wasn't going to leave her.

So, wherever this Underverse was, he was going to find it, and he was going to bring her back.

Amanda: yeah, VERY Short, but I am getting the idea that I am going to have to get comments on this first. I wasn't exactly clear on the whole, 'Underverse' idea. Was it a place that was going to be made? I think it is a place that is somewhere, and conquering the world will bring it to them. Where do you rest while you wait to be resurrected... Riddick's going to find out.