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Part Three: Deceased and Desist

Back on Helion Prime, the Necromongers (Did I spell that right?) new planet for the moment, Vakko was doing his best to keep things organized while their new Lord Marshal Riddick was away. Dame Vakko had at first tried to convince him that it was indeed a new era, and he could rule now, but he didn't want to attempt throwing over at the moment. So many were loyal to Riddick that he would be killed for trying, so he was doing his part as an officer to keep things running smoothly until Riddick returned.

Unable to resist temptation, he crept to the room where Riddick had kept the body. The room that no one but The Lord Marshal himself was allowed to enter. He looked around. Solid white. White walls… white chamber for the dead. He walked over to it, and pressed in the 'open hatch' command, to find the container empty.

"You should have known that he would take the girl with him. He does love the corps, after all, and if he really plans on getting her back, do you not think that he would want her to be there beside him when he wakes her?" Dame Vakko's voice sounded behind him. He turned. "If only you were to love me as much, dear husband." She looked down, as he came to her.

"I do, to the Underverse and back."

(Amanda: just to let you know that they body was gone, and that I do plan to use the other chara's… maybe even Toombs (MUHAHAHHA), since I did really think he was funny. Dame Vakko and Vakko will obviously play a part, since they're the number one conspirators, and we need some of them…)

"Destination achieved." The automated voice of the computer woke him from his dream. He had been about to tell her… tell her. Something that he couldn't even admit to himself, not really . To admit it would be to make a hole in his heart, and since he wasn't supposed to have one of those, he really didn't need that. Some were even making rumors that he really didn't have a soul, since the 7th Lord Marshal, and his predecessor hadn't been able to tear his away.

He got up from the chamber and looked about. He didn't know where to start. They had told him that the Lord Marshal had never reach the Underverse, so… how did the man believe in it so wholeheartedly. He didn't know, but he had a vague idea that the Marshall hadn't told his people, or Riddick's people hadn't told him… so, it was a win/lose situation for everyone. That's what the books were for, and until then, he was going to flit around until he found this unattainable universe.

Of course, he wasn't even sure that if he did find it, he could find Kyra (See I SPELLED IT RIGHT!!!) he just didn't know. What he did know, was that if she wasn't there, he was going to tear the place apart looking for her. There had to be an in-between place somewhere… He shook his head and muttered to himself… "You take me from a planet where there isn't enough light, to Crematoria where there was entirely too much of it. Now you take me to an unknown verse, where I'm going to have to put a lot of effort into finding you. Kyra, sometimes I wonder if you're worth the trouble." He looked back at her preservative tank.

Some people would think he was very odd for keeping her dead body around, but he was hopefully going to change the dead part soon, and even if they were his race, he didn't exactly trust them not to do something with her if he had left her behind.

He shook his head and went to the pilot seat. He started the engine and turned. A ship coasted out beside him… he looked at it, and it's driver, who was awfully familiar.

"Hey Riddick, pull over, I've got a deal to make with you." Toombs face grinned out at him. Even though he had gotten Riddick more times then even Johns, oddly, they had developed a sort of hate you/you're alright relationship, even though he knew for a fact that Toombs would turn him over for a reasonable payday an day. Riddick nevertheless opened the hatch, but kept his knife in hand. Toombs noticed it the moment he entered the skivv.

"Hey, I thought we were making a deal, it's not nice to shove that thing in my face over it." He said lightly. He had heard of Riddick's dilemma, and knew which girl it was. News traveled fast on his little net. He wasn't exactly one of the cleanest mercs there was, and he wasn't going to ruin his rep by becoming one either.

"Deal's this Toombs, you tell me exactly what it is that you're doing here, and I wont slit you from chin to pelvis." Riddick growled. Yeah, they had a past of sorts, but it wasn't going to keep either of them from getting nasty, and threatening was one of Riddick's specialties. Carry those threats out was another.

"You know, if you don't want my help getting your broad back, then you can just let me walk of the skiff now." And of course he had an ulterior motive, but then again, don't we all?

Riddick paused for a minute. "What are you talking about merc?" He lowered his shiv slightly, not prepared yet to put it down. Even if he weren't going to kill him, it was nice to be able to have that option.

"Well, lets just say that news travels around my ring that you out on a hunt to get back that girl from Crematoria." He paused, waiting to see what Riddick had to say. When he said nothing, he continued. "And since I happen to be someone who has traveled as many if not more places than anyone, I thought that I could provide my services." Riddick knew what was coming next. "For a price, of course." Riddick looked at him, his eyes glowing in the semi dark.

"And why do you think that I would need your help?" He asked, leaning against the wall, running his shiv back and forth across the front of his armor.

"Well, for starters, I know a lot more people than you do, since you've been running for… what, your whole life, and haven't really had time to settle down and make any friends." Toombs grinned at him. "And two, you know that you need more than one person to run this mother properly." He looked around the ship. He had Riddick on that one. The ship had been designed for more than one person, but Riddick didn't want anyone to sabotage the trip so he had to come back to Necropolis (Did I spell that right???).

"Well…" Riddick hesitated. "How do I know that you aren't just tryin to play me. How do I know that you're not just going to take me back to a Slam and get a pretty price on my head." Of course, he knew the reason.

"You know good and well my names been ratted, and no one's going to take nothing from me any more. I've gone freelance assassin, and you know good and well that anyone would want you alive, cause you're worth twice as much." Riddick turned his head sideway.

"Last I hear, me being Lord Marshall and all, it was four times." Toombs nodded.

"Yeah, well, it's not like I wouldn't be tempted if I could, but I know you know that I cant, so I figured, why not come and help my good buddy Riddick." Buddy, yeah, right… still…

"Okay, what's your price?"

Toombs grinned. "!00,000." Riddick whistled.

"That's a pretty little price right there, what makes you think that I'll pay that much? What makes you think that I care that much." Of course, he did. He cared enough that he'd give a hundred times that much, or more.

Toombs turned his head sideway and looked at Kyra's body. "The deceased body over there tells me that you aint going to put any certain price on getting that pretty little face to smile again." And of course, he was right.

"Well…" Riddick looked between him and the body. He knew that Tombs couldn't get him, and he knew for a fact that he couldn't catch him, and if he did anything to harm Kyra… "Deal." He finally said. "I'll pay you when I see some results." He said, before Toombs could ask.

"Fair enough, so, where exactly are you planning on starting?" Toombs sat down in to co pilot chair and spun around, looking at Riddick.

Riddick motioned to the books. "I'm sure it's in there somewhere, if you want to be useful, why don't you start looking for it." He threw was on the journals at Tombs, and set the skiff to glide out into space, after setting a homing beacon at their current destination, so that they wouldn't get lost out there in the great unknown.

"You just gonna use me as a little library boy." Toombs said, leafing through to the front of the book. Of course, for the money, he would.

"Naw, I thought about using you as target practice later." Riddick muttered, picking up one of the books and setting in his chair, spinning to face the front so he could look and read at the same time.

"Now, if you're going to do that, then you better up the price." Riddick looked at him sideway.

"If I'm going to do that Toombs, then I wont have to worry about payin you," He flipped to the first page. "I never miss."

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