Attraction, part twenty

Pairings: Harry/Draco, Ron/Hermione, Seamus/Blaise, past Harry/Seamus, Harry/Dean, Draco/Blaise; Neville/Ginny, Dean/Tracey, and others

Rating: R

Warnings: Slash, some bad language

Notes: This doesn't have much of a plot, just so you know. The only plot going on, so far, is Harry and his sexuality. Plot? What plot? 0:)

So, you guessed it: this fic is officially AU/AR. Some things will probably change to reflect book six canon, so be wary of spoilers! If you haven't finished reading book six yet, then please do so before you read this or any of my other fics.

This is it, folks! I hope you've enjoyed it!

Disclaimer: I do not own these characters; they belong to J. K. Rowling.


The end of the year was closing, and it had been almost a month now since Harry and Draco started dating. During the month, they discovered that Tracey and Dean started going out. Draco had said something about the world coming to an end because there were so many Gryffindors getting together with Slytherins. Everyone around him laughed. Blaise and Seamus were still going out, closer than they've ever been. The lifetime supply of chocolate from Honeydukes was still in full force in the Gryffindor common room, in which more than just Gryffindors were sitting in on the last day of school.

"Are you sure it's ok with Professor McGonagall that we're here?" Luna asked, sipping on a bottle of butterbeer. Hannah Abbott, Parvati Patil, Tracey Davis, and Theodore Nott were sitting around her, also clutching butterbeers, and eating sweets. Luna had asked Theodore out a week ago, but he said no. Luna didn't seem to be too heartbroken that he turned her down; she'd just shrugged and said that it was up to him. Nott didn't know what to make of Luna's indifference.

"Yes," said Harry after polishing off his third butterbeer. "She says it's fine since it's the last day anyway."

Draco was resting his head on Harry's shoulder, eyes half closed in a sleepy daze. Blaise and Seamus were sitting on their other side; Seamus lying comfortably in between Blaise's legs with Blaise's arms around him. Ron and Hermione were sitting in their usual spots on the sofa—Hermione was engrossed in some book that Harry'd never heard of before and Ron was just kicking back, one arm resting behind Hermione's head, and a half drunk butterbeer in his hand.

"It feels like we've been seventh years for two years and not one," grumbled Ron.

"It has been a rather slow year," said Hannah.

Lavender Brown wandered over, holding Terry Boot's hand and grinning. They sat by the fire next to Ron and Hermione's couch, and Terry cracked a bottle open.

Harry sighed, enjoying the lazy time together with his friends. It seemed that everyone didn't want to do anything today, except Hermione who decided that reading was better than conversing or drinking.

At the sound of two people kissing, Harry turned his head to see that it was Blaise and Seamus going at it. They weren't paying attention to the stares or glares they were receiving. Draco shifted in Harry's arms, grumbling about something that Harry was sure was about what their friends were doing. Parvati was giggling once she realized what the noise was, yet looked a bit wistful. To Harry's surprise, Theodore was eyeing Parvati in that way, and he couldn't help snickering under his breath. If Draco knew that one of his other friends were planning to get together with another Gryffindor, he'd flip his lid.

He rubbed at Draco's shoulder, getting Draco to look up at him sleepily. Draco opened his mouth to say something, but was interrupted by a yawn. It was so cute, Harry couldn't help smiling.

"H-Harry… are those pillocks done lip-locking yet?"

Harry glanced over at Blaise and Seamus and then quickly looked back at Draco. "Nope. They're still at it."

Draco mumbled something that was probably rude and laid his head back down on Harry's shoulder; closer to Harry's chest now than before. Harry shifted him better so that he had all his head lying on his chest.

"If you want, we could compete with them," Harry suggested.

"No, thank you," grumbled Draco.

"Why not?"

"I don't want everyone staring at us while we snog."

"They've seen us kiss before."

Draco grumbled something incoherent again and buried his face more into Harry's chest. Harry laughed, brushing a lock of hair out of Draco's eyes.

"Come on, Draco… kiss me."


"Please? I'll let you do your favorite position tonight."

The whole common room got quiet. Harry looked around at everyone, a faint blush forming on his face.

"What position is this, then?" asked Blaise, grinning impishly. Seamus was matching Blaise's look.

Draco shook his head as if to tell Harry not to say anything, but Harry couldn't help it—his mouth ran away with him.

"He likes being on top, riding me like…"

"OK, that's quite enough!" growled Draco, placing a hand over Harry's mouth. Harry, Seamus, Blaise, and a few others laughed.

"Oh, so now we all know just who the bottom is in this relationship!" laughed Theodore.

"We've always known that Malfoy was a bottom," said Blaise. "Where've you been, Nott?"

"He's a straight man, Blaise," said Seamus. "Forgive him."

Theodore's face fell, looking irritated; everyone laughed.

"I'm actually surprised that you're with Tracey, Thomas," said Blaise.

Dean shrugged. "Why not? I've said that I'm bisexual and open-minded; why would I lie?"

Tracey smiled, snuggling closer to Dean.

"Just surprised, since you were with Harry for a while."

"It wasn't for that long," said Dean. "Anyway, I really do love Tracey. And, did you know, she writes poetry? We're thinking of starting a novel together. She'll write the story and poetry, and I'll draw the pictures."

Draco yawned again. "That's nice, Thomas," he said in a bored tone.

"Behave, Draco," Harry scolded lightly. He looked at Dean. "That does sound cool, Dean. Let me know if you need any help financially."

"I'm sure we'll be fine, thanks, Harry," said Tracey.

Harry glanced over just in time to see Theodore inching closer to Parvati. She didn't seem to notice, and Luna was engrossed with whatever Hannah was saying. Later, Susan Bones, Pansy Parkinson, and Millicent Bulstrode came over and sat near him and Draco.

"More butterbeer and sweets for all!" crowed Pansy. Draco moved his head enough just to look at her and nod, and then laid it back down on Harry's chest. "What's wrong, Draco? Are you tired already? I thought this was a party."

"It's not a party," Draco grumbled. "We're all just relaxing. I don't want anymore chocolate, thanks."

"Someone's grumpy."

Draco made a grumbling noise.

Susan handed out more sweets and butterbeer. Some said 'cheers!' as it was handed to them. During the handout, there was more kissing noises. Harry automatically looked over at Seamus and Blaise, but they weren't kissing this time; Blaise was feeding Seamus some sweets. He looked over the other side and saw that it was Ron and Hermione. Somehow, Ron had convinced her that he was more interesting than the book she was reading, and they began to snog.

Harry felt his face heat up, and then he remembered that he had asked Draco to kiss him, but Draco hadn't gone along with it. He looked down, to see if Draco was interested now, but because it was Ron and Hermione there were kissing, it seemed to put Draco off even more. Sighing, Harry dejected himself to not getting any at the moment and just watched wistfully as everyone else starting to make out.

Tracey and Dean decided to get into the snogging fun, and then to everyone's amazement, Luna was kissing Hannah. Harry thought Hannah would push Luna away and tell her to stop, but surprisingly, Hannah kissed back. Parvati was looking at them like they've lost their minds. Pansy and Millicent were staring at them in amusement and irritation. Susan Bones was actually watching with interest.

Then Lavender and Terry started in on the snogging, and soon nearly everyone in the common room was sucking each other's faces off. Theodore was eyeing Parvati hopefully, but Parvati didn't seem to be noticing. Pansy and Millicent stood and made their way to the other side of the room, probably to get away from all the kissing.

"That's it," growled Draco. "I've had enough of this…"

He stood, hauling Harry up with him, and dragged him over to the boys' dormitory.

"Hey, where are they going?" asked Parvati.

"I give up, where?" said Blaise cheekily.

As Draco dragged him upstairs, Harry had a feeling he knew what was wrong.

"What's the matter, Draco?" Harry asked, trying not to grin.

"I'm getting sick of all those lovey-doveys around us, that's what."

"We could have joined them, you know."

Draco whirled on Harry so fast, Harry flinched. "Excuse me? I'm not about to get into something that might result in a big orgy, thank you. Finnigan and Blaise might get it in their heads that they can touch you, not to mention Thomas and Davis, and there's no way I'm letting anyone have you!"

Harry blinked. He'd never seen Draco like this before. He wasn't sure if he liked this possessive part of his boyfriend or not.

"Does this mean we can go up to my dorm and snog there?"

Draco pinned Harry to the wall of the staircase and kissed him hard. Harry kissed back, just as hard and deep. He moaned into Draco's mouth, wrapping his arms around Draco's back and behind Draco's head.

"Yes, Potter," said Draco against Harry's neck. "You're catching on quite well."

"Let's go, then," growled Harry.

He grasped Draco's hand and they ran up to the dormitory. The door banged open with force as Harry stormed in, Draco in tow. They were smiling, but the look in their eyes told volume. Harry made sure the door was shut firmly and there was an Imperturbable spell on it.

Harry backed them up toward his bed, and when Draco's legs found the edge of it, Harry pushed Draco down and straddled him. He latched his mouth onto Draco's immediately, and Draco slid his tongue inside Harry's mouth. Hands roamed all over his body, and Harry tried to return the favor, rubbing Draco's chest, stomach, hips, thighs, and finally on the spot he was raising up to rub against Harry. Draco tossed his head back and moaned, and Harry did anything and everything to make Draco moan like that again.

It didn't take as long as he thought, and soon they were under the covers, naked, and sounding like broken records.


Forty-five minutes later:

"…I will not, Draco."

"I think you should … it's undermining our relationship if you keep it."

"It's a gift from Seamus…"

"Exactly why you should toss it!"

"Look, I'll just take it off, then, but I'm not throwing it away."

"He's an ex-boyfriend!"

"He was never really a boyfriend! I just went on one date with him to shut him up! I didn't like telling him to stop seeing me, but I had to. What is with you all of a sudden? Why are you so against my friends like this—and stop going through my things!"

Draco stood and slammed the lid of Harry's trunk down hard, and then kicked it a few times for good measure. "You got one too many things from others in here!"

Harry looked over at his new broomstick, his Thunderbolt 2005, and suddenly something struck him.

"Wait, why aren't you annoyed about the new broomstick I got for Christmas last year?"

Draco looked up at him, eyes wide and confused. "You mean to tell me that you haven't worked that part out, yet?"

"What part, what are you talking about--?" It suddenly dawned on him. "Wait a minute… YOU? You're the one that gave me that broom?"

Draco grinned cheekily at him. "Indeed, it was I. But if you tell anyone, I'll deny it."

"Why'd you get me this broomstick for Christmas? We weren't even dating then!"

Draco rolled his eyes. "Duh! I liked you way before then. How dense can one be?"

"But you've been an ass to me…"

"Only because you were paying attention to all those other boys instead of me."

Harry blinked. "But… but you didn't act like… I mean, when Sir Cadogan said that we would make a good couple, you scoffed about it too."

"I was in DENIAL, Harry," huffed Draco. "I didn't want to deal with my feelings at the moment. I knew that I fancied you, but I didn't like the thought, so I tried to act as if I didn't fancy you. A lot of good that did me."

Harry stared for a moment, and then broke into laughter. "Oh, god, Draco… you really take the cake!"

Draco smirked as if tried to fight off a smile. "You're the idiot that agreed to go out with me."

Harry sobered up immediately and stared at Draco with an intense look. "I know. I wonder what that makes me?"

"I just said what it makes you: an idiot." Draco sauntered toward Harry. "And if you think for one minute that I want you to leave because of it…"

Harry was already meeting Draco halfway. He nearly lifted Draco off the floor as he pulled him into his arms and kissed the daylights out of him. Draco squeaked in surprise, but went with it, kissing him back. They stayed like that for a while until the door to the dormitory opened and in stepped Seamus and Blaise, hand in hand.

"Whoops-a-daisy! Looks like this room is occupied."

Harry and Draco released each other, cheeks blazing pink.

"Sorry, mates," said Seamus. "We wanted to get away from all that snogging in the common room because it looks like it's about to become an orgy."

"And you didn't join them?" said Draco, shocked. "I thought out of all the people there you'd be one of the more enthusiastic ones."

"That's what I thought about you," said Seamus, grinning.

"Oh, ha ha," said Draco, nose in the air. "I prefer to keep my private snogs with Potter away from prying eyes."

"If it were dark, though…" began Blaise, looking thoughtful.

"What?" said Draco, glaring daggers at his friend.

"Well, if the four of us snog in here, on separate beds, with the lights off, it wouldn't be so bad, would it?"

"We'd still hear you," said Draco.

"So?" said Seamus. "It might be really hot."

All Harry could do was blush. Draco was shaking his head. "It wouldn't be… it would be… it…"

"Come on, Malfoy," said Seamus mockingly. "Are you afraid?"

Draco bristled. "Me? No, I just don't… it's not that at all!"

Seamus kept giving Draco the Look, and finally Draco sighed, rolling his eyes in exasperation, and said, "Fine!"

Harry's eyes widened. "What?"

"You heard me," said Draco gruffly. "If Finnigan and Zabini want us to share the room while we all snog, then that's fine… as long as they don't touch you."

Seamus let out a low whistled. "Wow. And I thought Blaise was possessive!"

"Hush," growled Blaise. He grabbed Seamus's wrist and dragged him over to his bed, threw him on it, and shut the curtains.

Getting the hint, Harry and Draco went to Harry's bed and shut the curtains, too.

For the longest time, there were only the sounds of clothes rustling, harsh breathing, and soft kissing noises. Harry couldn't help feeling hot when hearing almost identical noises coming from the other bed, just like Draco said it would be. For a while, Harry let Draco undress him and kiss his neck, and he touched Draco wherever he could, and also helped with his clothes. Harry held his breath at the soft sounds of voices coming from Seamus's bed—he'd thought he heard Seamus say something, but he didn't quite catch it. At the first sound of a moan from the other's bed, Harry felt his ears burn, and to try hiding his embarrassment, he rolled them over so that he was now on top.

Draco didn't mind at all. He smiled shyly up at Harry, and then spread himself out as an offering to him. Exhilarated, Harry went to work covering Draco's body with kisses, his hands roaming. Draco made a noise when Harry started to play with his nipples, and the sound he made went straight to Harry's groin. Seamus echoed the sentiments as he arched into Blaise. It made Harry's face burn even more, but he didn't lose his arousal.

"See?" said Draco, smirking. "I told you it would be hot."

Harry pinned Draco harder into the bed. "Shut up."

Draco moaned from Harry's dominance alone. He could feel just what kind of effect the other two were having on him, and it turned Draco on even more. Harry leaned down and covered Draco's mouth with his again, kissing more passionately, slowly, and Draco couldn't help shifting a little under him.

After a lot of frottage, and hearing Seamus and Blaise moan and make the unmistakable noises one made when locked together intimately, Draco tried to get Harry to roll them over, and when Harry started to fight back, thinking that Draco was trying to vie for dominance, Draco huffed angrily and said:

"You promised I would be on top, you great git."

The sound in the common room got quieter, and there was soft snickering coming from the other bed, but Draco tried to ignore it.

Harry grinned, eyes dancing with amusement. "So I have."

Immediately, Harry turned them over. Draco scrambled for purchase as Harry started on preparing Draco almost right away. He squirmed from Harry's touch, only a little embarrassed that they were doing this with someone else in the room, but then again, Seamus and Blaise were already doing it and they didn't seem to care that he and Harry were in the room. Wanting to hide his irritation and embarrassment, Draco laid his head next to Harry's on the pillow, gently kissing his ear for more of a distraction to his own feelings than to teasing Harry. No matter what he thought of the situation at the moment, he couldn't stop the sound erupting from deep within him as he felt Harry's fingers working their magic.

"You definitely have magic hands, Potter," he whispered, and then regretted it the moment he realized how that sounded coming from him. He wanted to kick himself; he was going soft!

Harry raised his head up to bite at Draco's ear in return. "Well," he said in a sultry voice, "if you think my hands are magic that must mean that your arse is magic."

Draco nearly choked on a laugh. "You—" actually, he had nothing to say to that.

Harry kissed his ear again, and he forgot to breath. However, he had to let it out when he felt Harry breaching past his tight ring. He automatically got into a better position so that he could move more easily, hands slipping slightly on Harry's chest as he held himself up. Harry's hands grasped his hips.

"I pity those in the common room," said Harry, holding Draco steady.

Draco's chest heaved. "Why?"

"Because," said Harry, arching his hips. "They'll never get to see you like this."

He pushed up.

Draco gasped shrilly.


Finished with their NEWTS, the seventh years rejoiced in celebration together in the Great Hall. Harry did his best to get in on conversations that were going on around him, drinking mulled-mead, and smiling as happily as he could, but he was feeling lonely in the crowd of Gryffindors, Hufflepuffs, and Ravenclaws. He scanned the room in search of a familiar blond head, but every time he thought he saw Draco, it turned out to be someone else.

When Harry thought he had found Draco, and it turned out to be Zacharias Smith, he meant to turn around and leave, but Smith stopped him.

"Good end of the year party, eh?" he said, eyeing Harry. "So, where's your better half?"

Harry snorted. If anyone was the 'better half' in their relationship, it was him.

"That's who I'm trying to find, so if you'll excuse me…"

"Oh, so you two aren't joined at the hip," laughed Smith. "I would have thought, given that you're both so needy…"

"Get out of it!" roared Harry as he elbowed Smith out of the way. The nerve of some people! He finally made it out of the crowd, finishing his drink, and walked out the double doors leading toward the lake.

It was a rather warm, but foggy, day. The surface of the lake was misty, with small clouds of fog ghosting over it, and the air was a little stuffy. He looked up at the sky to see that there were only a few clouds, but the weather could change in an instant.

There was Draco, standing at the edge of the lake, seemingly in a daze. The giant squid was splashing about, and Harry wondered if Draco had just fed it something from the party.

"Draco," he said, about a foot away from him.

Draco spun around and came face to face with Harry. His cheeks tinted as they stared at each other.

"So," Draco said. "This is it; the end of our school years."

Harry shrugged. "Yeah, I guess it is."

They continued to stare.

"Would you-?" started Harry.

"Could--?" Draco said at the same time. They stopped, smiling gently at each other in some amusement. "You first."

Harry cast his gaze down at their shoes for a moment before looking back up into Draco's face. It was getting easier and easier to look Draco straight in the eye without blushing.

"Would you like to come live with me?"

The wind whipped around them, and Harry turned the collar from his robe up to keep the wind off the back of his neck.

Draco stared, stunned. Harry started to mistake his silence for rejection, and began to babble.

"Sorry, I thought that you'd—I mean, since we've only been going out for almost two months—that is, we did want to see if we lasted for a year, and what better way to find out is if we…"

"Shut up, Potter."

Harry shut up, a lump forming in his throat.

"I was about to say, before you interrupted me, that you could live with me, in Malfoy Manor, if you like."

There was another pause. Harry stared, dumbfounded, at Draco; not sure what to say.

"Er…" he started, but then Draco grabbed the front of his shirt and pulled him into a deep kiss. Harry shut up, kissing back with need and passion. He felt himself warm up considerably.

"Perhaps," said Draco, once he released Harry, "we could find a place to call our own."

A huge grin split Harry's face.


"So, about your powers…"

"What about them?" Harry asked.

"Well, Professor McGonagall said that you've got a ton of it in you, just that you don't know how to use it yet. That electric snowball you created last winter was proof of it. Ever think about training up a bit and seeing what happens?"

"I do want to become an Auror still," admitted Harry. They leaned against each other under the beech tree, staring out into the fog. "But I don't know what my NEWTS scores are yet."

"I'm sure you'll get perfect scores." Draco snorted. "Perfect scores for perfect, Patronus Potter."

Harry leered. That sort of tone used to aggravate him to no end, but after being with Draco for more than two months, he soon realized that that was Draco's way of dealing with his feelings. Either that, or he was teasing in a serious manner.

"I'm sure you'll do fine as well," he said, instead of what he wanted to say, which would have started a fight.

Draco hung his head. "Yeah, sure…"

"I'm positive, Draco—I'm sure you'll get perfect scores too. You really studied hard this year."

"When we're not sucking each other's faces off, yeah."

Harry blushed. "Er, yeah. You have to admit, though," said Harry, smiling, "it's bloody brilliant."

Draco snorted. He looked over at Harry, who was staring back, eyes gleaming. Draco couldn't help being pulled into that gaze, and soon they were kissing. Harry brought a hand up to tangle in Draco's hair, and Draco placed a hand behind Harry's head, holding them in place. The wind whipped around them again, but this time Harry didn't feel the cold at all.

"On that cheerful note," said Draco, climbing into Harry's lap. "What's your opinion on having children?"

Harry felt his heart skip. Draco never looked so incredible to him as he did at this moment.

"I love you," he whispered.

Draco laid his forehead over Harry's.

"I know."


A/N: Many, many thanks to those that have stuck by this fic, and have commented on it! I'm sorry that I didn't elaborate on Dean and Tracey's relationship, but I felt there was no need to, since they had some chemistry before hand. Also, this fic was supposed to aim more at Harry and his dealings with attraction, hence the title of the fic. Harry finally finds out just whom he's really attracted to (which is Draco), and then everything around them sort of clicks into place. Thanks to Seamus and Blaise, they embraced and admitted their attraction to one another.

Theodore was originally going to get with Luna, but it didn't seem to fit real well with my story, so I decided to have Theo turn Luna down, which resulted in Luna finding out that she actually has a crush on Hannah Abbott. I was going to have Luna go after Parvati, but I think Parvati is too straight for that, so she'll probably be the one ending up with Theodore.

Ron and Hermione finally decided to get it together, but I didn't want to do much with them, since they weren't originally going to be together in my fic, so they're left as a background pairing. I hope that these decisions that I have made doesn't bother anyone.

I was going to do something more with Harry and his powers, but we all know that Harry is really powerful, so I didn't want it to distract me from the main point of the fic, which is Harry and his attraction to the same sex.

It's been a great trip all around, and I'm hoping you all enjoyed the read! I'm so happy to have another fic completed under my belt, so that now I can concentrate on my other fics. I say to those that have commented: Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, which is beating beneath my firm breast.