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(Author's Note: Well, with my sequel to my TT vs. Freddy fic not working out, since I figured a stand alone fic sounded better, and I couldn't think of much for that one, I decided to get rid of it, and start a new fic. It's more of an alternate universe what-if sort of thing, about Raven as a human without powers and her love for a certain Green Animal-boy, while under the house of an abusive father. Hope everyone enjoys.)

Abused and in Love: Prologue:

He'd hit her again, like he usually did when he was drunk. She looked in the mirror at her pale face, where a huge bruise was forming on her left cheek. She held back a tear, and fell back on her bed. She rolled over, and put her face in her pillow. The pillowcase quickly saturated with salty tears, as she cried herself to sleep as she did almost every night since her mother left. Not left, but died. She always hated saying that, because she always believed her mother shouldn't have been taken, and that she had left them, left her, to live with the depression and fear that that bastard who used to be her father caused every night. Her father had never been the same after, drinking heavily every night, coming home with strange women, and taking out his rage from his daily life on Raven.

Tonight was different however. She tried her hardest to sleep, but none would come. Raven rolled over and flipped on her TV, clearing tears from her eyes. The news was on, and had a report showing a crime being stopped by a large T-rex. Raven found it odd, but decided anything was possible in the awful world of today. After the robbers were apprehended, the T-rex became a handsome young man, with strange green skin. Something about him made Raven feel warm inside.

"IT was easy," he said, obviously bragging some, trying to act cool, "but I've got to start balancing this and school. I just came into town, and will be starting at the Jump City High School as a sophomore. My old school got a little more then annoyed by my constant leaving, but, maybe things won't be so bad here."

Raven perked up a little more. He was coming to her high school, and was in the same grade. Maybe some happiness would enter her life after all, if she could get to know him better. She turned off her TV, and with thoughts of the green boy whom had so quickly stolen Raven's heart, Raven dozed off easily, and did not wake until morning.