(A/N: Thank you all for reading and enjoying. I know the story seemed a bit rushed during the last half, but school started, and I got a job, and other things came up, so I was just so busy. I'm thankful to all who followed it this past year, and gave such nice comments. I'm going to keep writing, and have a new idea in mind, so look out for this one. It seemed fitting, since I had time and knew it needed an ending, that I end this story the same day the final episode of Teen Titans premiered. Thanks to all and enjoy. Sorry it's a short ending.)


The lights of the city danced brilliantly around its citizens, as its people walked to work, from work, or to any number of recreation that was available in its vast corridors. Amidst the everyday average joe, two figures, hidden beneath layers of clothing that protected them from the now cold winter air, walked together, toward an unknown future.

The two had escaped their pasts, and hoped to make a new future for themselves, wherever they were. This city, far from where they started, had everything. Metropolis, it was called. Occasionally, they'd gawk at the appearance of the city's hero, Superman. To most of the people, they felt as if heroes were always heroes, and would never be anything else. The two who always pretended to be like everyone else, knew differently. One wrong move, one small mistake, and the public could destroy you, as easily as they had worshiped you.

"Superman!" A crowd of girls screamed, hoping to get a date with the Man of Steel, "Take me with you," they'd all scream and chase him.

Turning away from the spectacle, the two hugged, and picked up a newspaper. They checked the listings for jobs and housing, and continued on. Somehow, even with all the city had to offer, they would never feel at home here. They wanted a place for themselves, where they'd be away from what they had been. This place was a city for heroes, and that was something they no longer were.