The Project

by: First-GeNeSiS

Disclaimer: I don't own Sailormoon neither do I own Toei Animation. Naoko Takeuchi-san doesn't know me but I know her. I don't own the characters but I own the story. Things, places (that you're not familiar with), and events found in the story are totally fictitious. Believe at your own risk. x


She couldn't move. Her hands tied up mercilessly. Her legs sunk in from his weight. The screams she intentionally let go from her mouth were all futile as not one soul seemed to heard such shrieking sounds. This man's palms crushed her breasts, his tongue invaded her mouth, his sweat burnt her skin in disgust. In a second, she was penetrated over and over again. The pain crumpled her body. No!!!

Michiru rose from the bed. She panted as her sweatdrops glided slowly flowing from her forehead down to her neck. Every part of her body became damped. Though the nightmare was becoming very regular, she still couldn't grasped the horror. Every morning, the nightmare made him pant endlessly, her heart beat crazily, her nerves tightened involuntarily. As much as she didn't want to see such nightmare anymore, the more she'll be tormented by its visit every night. Why such terrible fate? She didn't mind to dream of ghosts, ghouls, and the dead. At least it won't be a deprivation of her purity. Every night yielded the same dream and there hadn't been any improvement right from the very start. She was tied up and never could she even see the man who made her suffer. Her sighs marked helplessness.

The alarm had just gone off. It read 5:30A. With such horrible dream, she didn't need an alarm clock at all. Her fear would constantly wake her. She got up and fixed the clock. She glanced at the calendar standing on the table next to her bed. "Today's the day."

She quickly freshened in the bathroom and got herself a decent clothing to wear to work. After putting on a gray halter, short black mini skirt, and a sturdy coat, she organized her things on the table and mend her bed. She looked at the parked suitcase that seemed full enough from all her things she put in last night. It will be a long time since she'll be back to her pad again. With this new assignment, it needed her full time supervision. Her drawer revealed a shiny 45 caliber sleeping beside an ID with a leather jacket. 'Tokyo Secret Service. Michiru Kaioh.'

She drove the car as fast as she can. She was informed earlier that the research laboratory would open at exactly 6:30 in the morning. There were times that made her to think twice of this assignment. It was all too suspicious. Their head, Taiki Kou, had just suddenly sprang the mission out of nowhere. She was happy with three other secret service guarding a certain politician and it would be better if it remained that way. But no, the chief wanted her to be somewhere else. Things became worse when she was told that she'll be the only one on the assignment. The METS Project should be guarded with her very own life. There should be no foul-ups. It's the most delicate and important project in the history of mankind. She should guard it with her very own life or suffer the terrible consequence of life extermination in the agency. She pouted in her seat. If it was suppose to be the 'most delicate and important project in the history of mankind', then why should she be the only one to take it. The decision was too suspicious but was it just her punishment for slacking off lately? Taiki must just have punished her for it. Besides, just how important would METS Project be? But even she herself could not answer the question. The details of the project were too confidential. Taiki hadn't told her any of it. If there were information she ought to know, everything would be all in the research laboratory.

The grouchy entrance security guard snared at her. "What do you want?" He was so annoying. It seemed that he haven't heard of cheerful greeting yet. She smiled slyly and quickly flashed her ID. The sight of the card immediately turned him into a puppy. He quickly turned on a switch as his smile widened no wonder. "Oh, it's you Ms. Kaioh. You were expected. I'm sorry about earlier. I didn't know."

"Now, you know." She drove off at the opened gate and arrived at a very vast ground. There was the main building, white and huge about eight storeys high and span a square kilometer. Two buildings were annexed at each side. She grunted remembering the guard earlier. It was too easy to get in. The guard may looked scary at first but anybody could get in if they want to. The outside security of the whole research laboratory was very lousy. Definitely she was assured that this 'METS Project' is totally of no importance. Nevertheless, she should do her best in this assignment. She didn't have a choice.

The car was parked near the main building's entrance. There, she was met by who it seemed to be one of the influential persons of the institution. "Good day, Ms. Kaioh. The guard informed me of your arrival and I just can't wait to see you that I had to rush out here."

She got out and removed her suitcase from the trunk. "Good day!" Together they walked to the entrance of the building. "You are..."

"Oh-" The man bowed. "I'm sorry for the late introduction. My name is Mamoru Chiba. I'm currently the president of the Chiba Research Laboratory." He smiled to her. "And you are definitely Michiru Kaioh from the Secret Service. I'm honored to meet you."

"Same here." This man certainly knew everything to be known. She followed him with her eyes as the man removed a magnetic card from her inner jacket pocket and swiped it through the digital security box. He punched a few numbers before the two glass doors fully opened. "I'm impressed. You're the first man on my assignment who knew me before I even introduced myself ."

"Of course." He grinned. "I personnally asked Taiki for you."

'That's odd. Are they that closed?' She thought for a second. She could only reply in silence. She followed Mamoru as she was toured in the insides of the building. The insides looked rather small compared to the outside. They were only passing through a small hallway with each sides a line of doors that seemed to contain different kind of experiments behind them. Only the sound of their footsteps were heard. No person was in sight.

"You should try to start feeling comfortable now. You'll be living in here for the next few months. You will have your own decent room in the other building where we are currently heading."

They reached what it seem to be the end of the hallway. She was standing infront of what was like a rotunda. The center was a glass chamber where the scientists were below working at some kind of experiment. "Is that the METS Project?"

Mamoru walked around the chamber to continue to the other side of the path. "No. It's another confidential project of the lab." He winked at her. "Are you that anxious to know your assignment?"

She just couldn't lie at that moment. "Yes, I am." For starters, science was not her thing. She was not that of a fan for it. She liked it but never adored it. She was interested on the assignment and not the experiment. The path became similar than that of before.

"Then, let's just visit the project first before I'll show you to your room, shall we?" Mamoru quickly turned left upon reaching a corner.

In her eyes, she was like being trapped in a maze. The surroundings were like being in a hospital. Now, she became spooked at the situation. She was not worried of ghosts or haunted rooms. She was more worried that after a few months of stay in this secluded environment, she'll loose her vitality and finally become a living dead. Shivers ran through her spine with the thought.

"We're here!" He stopped infront of a door that seemed similar with the other doors. The sign on it read "METS".

The door swung open and the next thing she knew all eyes were directed to her. The room was rather small. It was like only three times the size of her pad. The team was composed of only a few numbers. But somehow, unlike the guard she saw earlier, these were different people. They looked more friendly than any other people. Along with their surprise, alot of smiles met her visitation.

"Let me introduce you to the team." He urged her to step further into the room. "People, this is Michiru Kaioh, the one I told you last week who would personally guard your project." He walked a few steps away from her as he began introducing the whole team. "This is Setsuna Meioh, the team leader." His hands presented a tall green-haired woman. The woman bowed to her and she could only bow back to such hospitality. He continued to introduce the rest. "Then those are..." He pointed at the two girls standing side by side at the center of the room. "... Hotaru Tomoe and beside her is Ami Mizuno."

Michiru was a little surprise. The two girls looked more like teenagers than they were scientists. They even waved like youngsters. They looked young but there were traces of formality in their appearance. Their smiles were even more charming than the expressions she expected to be greeted by a pair of who were supposed to be geniuses in a science project. Perhaps she prejudged the people too much. Working with these people were not that bad at all. She smiled back to them showing her eagerness to be with these wonderful people. But something bothered her though. There was another person in the room. A blond man who didn't even care to stand up and greet her. He just continued to face the computer as if nothing happened around him that she could only see his back and his arms moving from pressing the keys. He was all too drowned in his own world. Well, there's always a black sheep in the group.

Mamoru noticed the person that caught her attention. He went close to Michiru in a whisper. "Rude is he?" He called up to him. "Hey Haruka! Come over here a minute."

The blond finally stopped from his work to turn around. He stood up. He was tall and his built was so slender and fine. His limbs were long and he hovered so upright. She could almost exclaimed in excitement but not long enough she was just disappointed. It was his face! He certainly lived up to his name of what she thought him to be the black sheep. His eyes were covered by thick glasses and his hair was too messy to understand. He was definitely the opposite of the girls. The girls look young, he on the other hand looked like he was carrying the whole planet on his shoulders. Was this the genius of the group? Not to mention his serious face. His comrades were already smiling cheerfully yet he seemed to have damage a few of his face muscles that all he was capable to do was frown. Isn't he suppose to be happy? With these beautiful girls he was working all day, he was suppose to be the luckiest guy in the world. But it seem that women and emotions were not his priority.

Mamoru pointed at him. "Haruka Tenoh, the METS Project assistant team leader."

"Nice to meet you." She smiled at him hoping to receive the same reaction in reply.

"Same here." He bowed gently and quickly turned back to resume what he was doing.

Her smile changed into a challenging stare. It was rather a little insult to a woman. He was totally unfriendly. She wasn't sure if she could ever work with a person like him. She was bubbly and cheerful. He was quiet and sober. But with four cool girls and only one boring guy, what could be so wrong with that?

"Well then" Mamoru turned toward the door. "I'll show you to your room now."

She followed him out as the other three women in the laboratory resumed what they were doing.

The room was only a hundred meters away opposite of the METS'. Mamoru had left her already. She wanted to spend her whole day unpacking her things but there was nothing else more to unpack. She removed her coat exposing the gun inside the holster she wore from her shoulder. The mirror reflected her admirable physique. The place was smaller than what she expected. She began to loose hope for healthy lifestyle. With the sober METS room and an uncomfortable den, she was close to extinction. Her mind journeyed back to the room where the METS project progressed. She didn't know whether the job was too boring or too stiff. The only thing she knew was there was no way she'd get excited at it.

She returned to the METS' room. She had put on a lab coat as what Mamoru had instructed earlier. It was better to disguise herself as one of the scientists than to freely expose her true identity. So far, METS was the only project in the whole institution who got a special secret service to personally guard it closely. Only a few knew of Michiru's presence -- the guard, Mamoru, and the METS team. The others would eventually consider her a new researcher in the institution. A seat and a table was prepared for her just the opposite of Haruka's. She grunted at the thought. Now, this was getting more boring every second. Just the sight of the man somehow made her lost her vitality.The chair sunk from her weight as she leaned on the table and gave off a very heavy sigh.

The second time she went in the METS room gave her a more clearer view. The room was actually spacious. At the center was a huge metal cylinder placed on top of a table. The metal cylinder seem to contain something inside. There were wires connected everywhere to it. One large wire was connected to a main computer where Hotaru and Ami were working on. Two sides of the room opposing each other lined long tables that held alternately chemicals and unknown devices of what seem to be of high quality technology. At a corner was Setsuna's desk that were filed up by folders at one side and a computer at the other.

She had just finished drinking her 9th cup of tea. The once cheerful people she met earlier became stiffer. They were all too serious with their own work. It seem everybody ignored her. They only had eyes on the project infront of them and all she could do was stare. It was like being in hell. The whole assignment was hell. She had been surpressing her annoyed being for so long and she wasn't sure how long she could further surpressed it.

"So, where do you plan to go for lunch." She finally stood to try and break the silence and serious atmosphere.

The three girls looked up as if they could feel the sudden disturbance. Hotaru smiled. "Oh! We don't need to go out. We have packed lunches and all of us eat here."

What?! Though Michiru was pretending to be calm, at the back of her mind was going crazy over the situation. She was like being a prisoner of these science geeks. "Oh dear, I didn't know. I haven't brought anything."

"That's alright." Setsuna commented. "We have a cafeteria inside the building. Perhaps you can go there to have lunch right now."

Yes! Rejoice! Glory Be! Finally out of the stupid room. For a short time, her happiness became so shallow that she could feel her heart dancing for joy at the sudden freedom. "Will that be alright if I leave the project for a couple of hours?"

"No problem."

"May I know where the cafeteria is located?"

"Don't worry, I'll let someone take you there." Setsuna stood up to the middle of the room and called out. "Haruka, can you take Michiru to the cafeteria for awhile?"

What?! (again) Not him! If he will be the one to take her out for lunch, it would be like getting out of prison only to face a death sentence. She tried hard not to let the people in the room noticed the discomfort she was experiencing. She wanted to look cool and flexible, that's what she wanted, if only she could do it. She could hear her soul cheering for rejection. Please say no, please say no, please say no!

Haruka stood. "Okey." He then went to the door.

Disaster! She was still new to show disrespect to the leader's offer and she would do anything just to get out of the room. Her feet carried her to walk next to the blond lifelessly. That was the second time she didn't have a choice. First was her assignment, second was this awful person leading him to lunch. She was beginning to feel like a puppet that everybody around her would want to pull her strings. The person she was following was again very quiet. So quiet that she herself didn't want to interrupt on what thoughts he had in his mind. But the stillness really bothered her. As a matter of fact, she was totally annoyed by it right from the very start that if only she could choke this man to death just to speak or at least be a little more friendly. She was not used to such kind of annoying character.

The person took her down through an elevator. Cafeteria must be in the basement. Silence! Silence! And more silence! She was going crazy at the situation. Her mind had come to a decision, the first thing she'll do upon arriving back to her room was to grab her cellphone and call Taiki to reassign her. If only she was allowed to bring her cellphone anywhere in the lab. But no, it was one of the lab's policy. The basement took a little longer to reach than she thought. Now's the perfect chance. The time alone with this man was so tempting. Now's the time to choke him, crush him, beat him, send him to oblivion.

She turned to him slowly. Unexpected, she was shocked by the situation. Haruka had dropped down. "Hey, hey, are you alright?" She dove and tried to shake him back. She haven't done anything yet. She was just kidding about choking him and sending him to oblivion. Did her thoughts killed him? Her fingers ran through his face as she checked his airways. Thank god. He was still breathing. She lifted his head and he responded by fixing his glasses on his eyes. "Hey, don't scare me like that. Are you alright?"

He slowly stood up with his hand still supporting his head. "I'm alright."

This man was scaring her indeed. "Is there anything I can do?" She didn't want to be the cause of someone's death for no reason. Perhaps the least thing she could do was shot him rather than just look at him as he dies infront of her.


The elevator's door opened.

"It's just my head." He stepped out. "It's a normal occurrence."

That's good! A normal occurrence meant that his colleagues had already knew his condition. Then she would be safe from accusations and responsibilities. She followed the man with her eyes as he slowly walked out of the elevator as if nothing happened. To simply describe him in simple parlance, he's too weird to understand. He's too weird that he could really freak her out.

The two got themselves a table. Michiru had grabbed a sandwich paired with orange juice. She glanced at the man sitting infront of her who was sipping a cup of coffee. She silently thought to herself. This man is totally unhealthy. No wonder he fainted back in the elevator. Using that brain much in the project and only nourishing himself with caffeine were the primary cause.

The sandwhich was already half finished. But she slowed down her pace not wanting to go back to the lab yet. She glanced back at him. Is he asleep? His hand was just resting on the table with his fingers tagging unto his mug. He was motionless for quite a few minutes now. Tilting sideways, she tried to take a peek beyond those thick glasses and displaced strands of hair hanging down to it to ensure if his eyes were still open or not. She had almost seen the eyes when Haruka moved his fingers to fix his glasses again.

"Is it really customary for you to tilt like that while eating?" He got hold of his chin. "That's so odd of you."

Her heart could just jump with his sudden resurrection. He was totally freaking her out. And the nerve that he even told her she's odd. It made her wonder if this man really knew the meaning of odd. She really wanted to hit him at an instant. Besides, they were like the only persons in the cafeteria beside the food attendant. A place so barren was so perfect for murder. It was so tempting. She collect herself again as she reminded her twitching hands of reality. I'm at work, this is work and he is work. She tried to be patient a little longer. "Just excuse my custom." She resumed to eat. She ate slower than before. She wanted to make him wait and suffer too. She wanted to let him feel boredom and desperation. But this man didn't really have emotions to show.

At last she had gone down to one more bite of the sandwich and she'd already be finished. She drank her juice and resumed her consciousness that there's a person waiting for him just across the table. He was indeed a person but all the time she accepted the fact that she was like being with a ghost. She finished her sandwich and looked at the blond. He seem trained to become a living a statue. She slyly made a face. "I'm done."

He quickly got up. He was aware all the time as if he was just staring at her and enjoying every second of it instead of being bored to death.

She stood and went ahead of the blond. Her will opened a new personal assignment of hers. From that small lunch she experienced, it opened a new goal for her. A goal to make this man she was with to suffer. At least there's something she would be entertained at in her stay with the project. She was already determined to get back as she let Haruka followed her. He was so calm or was he just weak as a man?

She got out of the elevator and livelier than before walked down the hallway. The blond was just following her. Well, she didn't care. He was not worth it to walk beside her anyway. He was too boring to begin with and she doubt that he would ever change. But perhaps this is the perfect time to inquire something. "Hey!" She faced the blond while continued to walk. "What is the METS Project anyway?"

"The project is confidential."

"Confidential?" She pouted at the word. "Aren't I a part of the team now?"

"We'll just see."

No use of conversation. He was definitely of no help. Perhaps he didn't know about the project too. She continued to walk faster than before with the thought of losing this tail behind her. But no matter how much force she had put into walking, this man was still as calm as air. He was more like floating than walking. Is he for real? He was totally freaky.The stroll lasted longer than expected. She should had reached the METS room by then but she seem to go in circles. Every door she passed by looked so familiar. Was she lost? Perhaps she made a wrong turn or something. If there's one thing she dislike most, it was being lost. She finally turned around and halted infront of the blond. "Where the heck are we?"

There was no expression in his face. "We already passed by METS."

"What?!" She could only exclaimed. How stupid can she get. "Why didn't you tell me?"

"You were so determined to walk. Besides, I don't think you wanted me to stop you."

She breathe heavily as her fists tightened in vexation. But she had to calm down, she must calm down. "Okey, take me back now."

The two walked for a couple of hundred meters before reaching back the room. Was it really that far? Indeed she had walked farther than she thought. Perhaps she was too carried away in thinking by what she called her 'goal', her will.

In no time, they reached the room. The door swung. But with every inch of the space revealed accumulated uneasiness to the two. Finally opened at its widest, the sight widened their eyes in horrifying nightmare. There, everything was clear. It was a massacre!