The Project

by: First-GeNeSiS

Disclaimer: I don't own Sailormoon neither do I own Toei Animation. Naoko Takeuchi-san doesn't know me but I know her. I don't own the characters but I own the story. Things, places (that you're not familiar with), and events found in the story are totally fictitious. Believe at your own risk. x


"Haruka Tenoh! That report is due in half an hour. You better hurry it up."

The sound of the keyboard became more spontaneous. Light from the computer's monitor reflected through her glasses. Seven years had already passed and no one knew her to be a scientist anymore. She had gotten a job as an office clerk in Kyoto, an honest job that could make her forget about everything in the past. She had been living a very normal life now. And she was slowly forgetting what were marked upon in her memories, painful events, hurting scenarios.

"Is Jadeite rushing you again, Haruka?"

The blond looked up at the woman leaning against her cubicle. Kino Makoto, the department head. She had always been very nice to her. And Haruka owed her alot for giving her the job. "I'm fine, Ms. Kino. I really just have to finish this before four." She continued to type.

"You're pushing yourself again, aren't you?" Makoto crossed her arms. "That report is to be submitted to me, right? Don't worry about it." She first looked around the office place before continuing. Discretely, she passed a small note to the worker. "I'll be waiting!" Makoto gave a charming wink at Haruka and went her way.

Opening the small folded piece of paper, Haruka read the message. "5PM, after work, I'll be waiting in the parking area." Haruka closed her eyes and sighed to herself. "Another dinner, eh?" She tossed the paper into the bin and finished what she was doing.

Haruka barely made the report on time. But she did managed it. It had been like this everyday. Her responsibility was growing year after year. But it was better this way. This was normal after all.

"Hey Tenoh! This one's to go, deliver it for me!" A woman passed her a big thick envelope. "Thanks!"

Haruka silently did what she was told. She didn't mind if she had become a servant for this fools. At least, it's better than using her brain and resisting. This was her job now. This was a job with no beginning and no end, a job with no fulfillment nor excitement. And again, it was better this way.

Time passed by real quickly and another day had again finished. Haruka walked heading to the parking area. Makoto will be there waiting for her. She really didn't know what her relationship with Makoto was. They met in a cafe shop years ago. Haruka was jobless and Makoto quickly took quite a fascination with the blond. Of course, with a face and built so deceiving, Makoto didn't actually know Haruka was a woman. But at the time Haruka had given her application letter to the department head and revealing her gender, Makoto still fancied her subordinate. There was nothing wrong if they would stay as friends now, was there?

"Haruka! Over here!" Makoto waved at the tall woman. Indeed she was right on time. Makoto waited next to Haruka's bike. It was a sure no escape for Haruka. But what was to escape from. Haruka didn't really care.

"Hey, do you have something to say to me?" Haruka remained cool as she hid both her hands inside her pockets.


Haruka raised her brows. Makoto's voice were always been very jolly to hear as if the woman had never encountered a real drama in her life. "Well..."

Makoto pouted her lips. "Well, my car is still in the shop right now so I'm wondering if you could give me a ride?" Her hands clasped, praying for a 'yes' answer. "I promise I'll make up for this!"

Looking at Makoto, Haruka still had doubts in her mind on how in the world this woman had become the department head. She was so carefree. She was always so happy. And then she remembered. She remembered again the woman she met seven years ago who she once hated for being too carefree and outgoing. Michiru Kaioh. She never thought that she would fall in love with the likes of her.

"So? Is it a yes or a no?"

Haruka's thoughts were brought again to reality. "No problem. You're living in the same apartment?"

Makoto nodded.

The two straddled on Haruka's big bike. It was the same bike that once was driven by the outstanding agent, Kaioh.

Kyoto's wind rustled through the couple's clothes and the defeaning silence became so uncomfortable. "I still saw you in your car this morning. What exactly happened to it?" Haruka had to say something.

"I wrecked it while I was out for lunch today. A truck hit me."

"Really? Why didn't you tell me earlier? Are you alright?"

"No harm done!" She giggled.

Haruka gave off a little laugh, too soft to be heard. If only Haruka was as easy-go-lucky as Makoto was, then the clerk would never be in trouble in the first place. "And I thought you were going to invite me for dinner again."

"Oh, so you did enjoy that last time!" Makoto continued to press her body to Haruka's back. "I'm glad."

The motor stopped at a two-storey apartment. "We're here."

Makoto jumped down. Taking off her helmet, her smile revealed itself, never escaping from her face even for a second. "Thank you very much, Haruka." She bowed.

Removing her own helmet, Haruka just nodded. It was her pleasure. Makoto was the only friend she had for now. As a matter of fact, Makoto was more than a friend. Makoto was the one channelling out Haruka's feelings that Haruka herself couldn't do. There was the heavy sound of silence again. Then, Haruka spoke. "Thank you, Ms. Kino. I would never be what I am today if it weren't for you. If there's anything more that I can do for you, I will be very happy to do it."

"Well then," There was a short pause, her eyes journeying her thoughts of what might she could ask from Haruka, and ceased only when her lips found the words to say. "How about giving me a goodnight kiss?"

Haruka looked surprise for a moment. But Makoto quickly giggled after her favor. "Just kidding." She handed back the helmet. "I'm a very expressive person and I always say what's in my mind. I'll tell you if I do need something. We are friends, aren't we? Let us just continue being this way." A gust of wind blowed. And Makoto's lips found its way to Haruka's cheek.

The tall woman rode as fast as she could. A hand felt the hardness of the helmet that covered the cheek which once was embraced by Makoto's wet lips. The wheels turned faster and the bright street lights passed swiftly through the helmet's visor. "Friends, huh?" No malice was intended. Another doomed relationship was the least thing she needed. She didn't want to feel disappointments again.

The tires screeched at Haruka's sudden brake. Stopping infront a simple building, she too was ready to retire to her own domain. It was a small pad on the second floor. And for the past few years, she didn't know a single neigbor from it. It was better to be alone. It was more peaceful to be alone.

The door opened to a dark room. Things and decorations were rarely seen. In the kitchen laid a pot, a pan, and a kettle. The bedroom held a plain bed and blanket. Nothing else was there. Haruka dropped her body down on the kitchen's chair and throw her head back facing at the humble flourescent. Nothing came to her mind. Her glasses just continued to stare mindlessly at the bright light. Her stomach didn't even say anything though its hunger was already consuming it.

Then, the doorbell rang. Haruka's first visitor in seven years. A promotion agent? But with the sight of its residence, it hardly attract any company agents at all. Full of boredom and frustrations, she rolled up her sleeves, fixed up her glasses and sluggishly walked to open the door. Half-way through, annoyance was already tagging unto her.

The knob turned. "What is..." Her jaw froze at the sight of the visitor. Astonished, her mouth only left behind a forever irresolute line. For a second, her heart seemed to stop. Her eyes was deceiving her. Was it a trick of the mind? A hallucination? An illusion?

"Hello, Haruka." The woman spoke.

"Michiru." Beating so steadfastly, Haruka's chest was about to explode. Words deprived her from using them. What could she say? What should she feel? Confusions! Happiness! Fear! Why were the reasonable emotions too far away to reach?

"I've been looking all over for you."

Haruka stood, limbs completely frozen. "But how?"

"You can't change destiny."

"No! What are you doing here? Do you realize what you have done? Didn't you understand why I had to leave? Don't you understand that? It's too dangerous! You must go away. Go as far away as possible. Please don't come back again!"

Michiru engulfed Haruka's shaking fist in between her delicate palms and brought it gently to Michiru's chest. "Please calm down. Everything is alright." Her face spoke, directly passing through the scientist's foggy glasses.

"You'll only be harmed if you go near me, Michiru. I'm too dangerous to be around you."

"No. That's not true."

"We can't afford to battle again. Too much emotion for me will wake up the god. I don't want to give you pain any longer. Please understand."

"Is leaving me behind the only way for me not to feel pain?"

Haruka couldn't say a word.

"Do you think I'll be happy without you?"

"Michiru, please listen to me."

"No, Haruka, you listen." The shorter woman calmed herself down a bit. For a moment, she had lost control again. But she knew that everything would be fine now. This time was different. Regaining back her vitality, she tenderly place a palm on Haruka's chest. "There's someone I want you to meet."

Michiru beckoned to somebody at the farthest end of the corridor. Light running footsteps were heard. Michiru looked up again to the other woman as one hand of hers brought in another. "You must meet him."


"This is..." Haruka looked down at the small boy held by a mother's hand.

He had blond hair, blue eyes, and got the lips of the person Haruka had once loved. So delicate, so fine, his innocent face smirked at the tall person in front of him.

"He is yours." Michiru let go of the boy's arm.

On the verge of realization, Haruka barely moved. Hers, the boy was hers. Was she dreaming? Haruka knelt down, still wore her surprised eyes, and shakingly took the boy inside her arms. Her chest felt the heart-touching warmth, a life-giving power, that was concealed inside of the child. "But how?"

"This what you wanted, right? The project that you devoted your whole life to. The METS was successfully completed."

The boy gave off a soft glow in his father's arms that made all surrounding plants to grow and all buds around the residence to bloom in a springlike atmosphere. Haruka and Michiru noticed nature's delight.

"He always like making all kinds of plants glow. I'm glad he was able to make your heart glow too." The maternal feeling of seeing a parent and a child flourished inside of Michiru.

Haruka's arms were tightly locked around the boy's body. Energy kept on flowing out to a wide radius in the territory. More seedlings grew in unison seen thoroughly from the pad's window. She looked at the mother in a question. "Is this Heichzig's power? But I thought..."

"You see, Haruka, two people in love could never make the ultimate power of destruction."

The blond's breath calmed in relief, now understanding completely everything that had happened. Haruka had no regrets. She found happiness. And this happiness was in her arms. Now, she could smile unconditionally, eternally. "What is his name?"


"Koinochi, boku no musuko."


Author's Notes

The End! Finally! How do you find the story? What chapters do you like? What was your favorite part? What scene did you hate the most? You know what, I really like to know everything that you are thinking. Actually, this last chapter is more of an epilogue already. This is a wrap-up to eliminate all loose ends. I would like to thank all those past reviewers who gave their reviews on the chapters. Thanks guys! I never could have done this without you. This is the longest fanfic I've ever written so far and I thought I would never be able to finish this. I really want to know what you think of this one. I have to admit that I injected alot of weird imaginations on this story. Well, it's fanfic after all. This is my world, my domain. Hahahaha!

By the way, about the name "Koinochi". I don't know if there's really a meaning to the whole word. But I come up with it combining the words "koi", "no" and "chi". "Koi" means love, "no" is an indication of possession, and "Chi" is from the word "chikara" meaning power. So, I want to emphasize on "love's power" or "the power of love.

The last sentence means "Koinochi, my son."

Then about the word 'father' that I used in this last chapter, I just feel like using it. No matter how we argue, I still see 'Haruka' more of a father.

I hope you enjoyed it, liked it, and most of all learned from it. I love to know everything you have to say about 'THE PROJECT'.