Inuyasha never thought he could lose a scent, particularly one as rank as Kouga's. But he never even knew this many people existed. It is evening rush hour, and everybody seems to be going somewhere, all with their individual scents, every one confused by the smells of soaps, lotions, detergents, and products Inuyasha couldn't even begin to place. At least twice Inuyasha stops dead at the scent of people who happen to use Kagome's shampoo, but gradually he is learning to phase it out.

As if the world decides it isn't being unhelpful enough, and has a quota to meet, it starts raining. Not a heavy rain, but a very mild drizzle that is nearly a mist, some raindrops seeming to be so light they hang suspended on the damp air, some drifting down in a slow arc. Some of the people produce ponchos, others umbrellas, others simply hurry. Inuyasha had been annoyed at not being able to sniff the ground with the crowd, but it probably wouldn't have helped anyway, not with every other scent there, and by now everything worth sniffing is swirling around in the rainwater. Inuyasha swears under his breath as he walks at first, then begins wandering aimlessly, realizing that he is somewhat lost. The city is beautiful and uninviting, electric lights behind glass in closed rooms, swarms of people either staring at him or trying not to stare, or just too busy to care, numerous as the raindrops.

Inuyasha gives up, more or less. He walks on the curb, because there seems to be more space there, and is splashed by cars repeatedly. He doesn't really care. He has the rough aim of getting back to the well, or maybe to Kagome's house, he'll decide once he's there, but he's not sure he's going in the right direction, and doesn't care much about that, either.

So when he finds Kouga, it is blind luck, though he will say it was his amazing nose, later. There is a wall on one end of the sidewalk, to make up for an inconvenient hill, and it's on the wall that Kouga sits. Even with his headband covering his ears, in his fur and armor he looks like something out of an ancient scroll, though to Inuyasha he's the only remotely normal thing in sight. Inuyasha nudges through the perpetually surprised-to-see-him crowd, and jumps up with Kouga. "Are you lost?" he asks, a little more smugly than intended.

Kouga stares forward, his eyes looking gray in the dreary light, drops of water clinging to every strand of hair, on his fur clothes as well, even on his eyelashes, making him look like fairies decorated him when he wasn't paying attention. "Tokyo, right?" he says slowly.

No going back now. "What tipped you off?" Inuyasha asks, tilting his head slightly, which proves to be a mistake, as his turban slides off. He grabs it quickly, and puts it on his head more precariously than before, hoping no one saw.

"I saw a lot of people wearing Kagome's kind of clothes," Kouga says. "I thought if I waited here, she might come by like the others."

Inuyasha closes his eyes in annoyance. "Look around, can't you see? This is her home. Why would she ever want to leave this place for you, to live in some smelly wolf cave?"

"Her home," Kouga repeats slowly, everything falling together.

"Inuyasha! Kouga?? What are you two doing here?" a frantic voice yells from below. It is of course, Kagome, coming home later than everyone else, due to an afterschool class to help her catch up. In typical fashion, she has forgotten her umbrella, and her white blouse is sticking to her, clearly showing the difference between flesh and bra, and hinting at things beneath.

Inuyasha cringes. She must be mad. He allowed a youkai with jewel shards to come into her world, who knows how dangerous that could be! "Kagome, I—"

"Oh, Inuyasha!" she cries. "I'm so sorry! I was getting so many lectures about my grades, and missed days, and not being able to go to college, I got really scared! I should have thought of you more! And now you and, um, Kouga, (I'm so happy you two are getting along now!) have gotten all wet and lost looking for me, and it's my fault!" She bows, finishing off her apology.

Inuyasha and Kouga sit on the wall, dumbstruck.

"Um, Inuyasha?" Kagome says nervously. "Can you even hear me with all that on your head?" Inuyasha nods, and the haori-turban falls off again.

Kagome suppresses a laugh. "Come on you two, you're going to get pneumonia or something out here, and give my grandpa ideas."

Inuyasha hops down and follows Kagome, but Kouga lingers a moment, considering, before going after them. He follows a few paces behind, at a much slower pace than he is wont to travel, watching his rival and his prize in easy camaraderie. Kagome adjusts Inuyasha's haori so that it simply drapes over his head like a hood, which looks natural given the rain, and the two get stared at somewhat less. Kouga, still stared at, still looking like a barbarian, follows, part of their group yet not, feeling confused, dejected, and jealous. When they reach Kagome's house, he stops a few feet from the door, like a dog trained not to go in the house, as Kagome and Inuyasha enter.

"Kouga-kun, aren't you coming?" Kagome says cheerfully, less a question than a 'Hurry up, silly!'

"Into your home?" Kouga says warily.

"It doesn't bite, you know," Kagome says, amused.

"Don't mock me, woman," Kouga says playfully, a vague assertion when events had knocked him to the bottom of the totem pole. Peering past her, he can see Inuyasha being fussed over, a little boy shaking out his haori and holding it up to himself, and older woman tweaking his ears. "Kagome. Would you ever come back with me?"

The way her face falls is more permanent than anything she could have said. "Kouga-kun," she begins softly. I don't want to hurt you, I don't want to break your heart, that's what she wants to say, and he knows it, she's kind, but she doesn't love him. "I have to find the jewel, you know that." A lame excuse, not really one at all, but she is praying that he can read between the lines, and understand. A month ago he would have seized upon her weakness, a moment's kindness, and taken it as his encouragement, used it to get his way at any cost, and even now, he is tempted. She stands in the doorway, vulnerable, and he can still remember her screams as she clung to him, flying up the sides of cliffs. He knows he could take her even now, he's still unstoppably fast, but he has mercy on her. For the first time he understands what it is to have "home" torn away from him personally, so he watches her, warmth and light pouring out from behind her, shedding light on new kindnesses within himself.

"Come on in, Kouga-kun, meet my family," Kagome invites, nudging the door open a bit wider.

Kouga half smiles. "For a little while."


"Ah, the pitter-patter of little feet," Mrs. Higurashi says sarcastically as Kouga, Inuyasha and Souta all bolt through the house noisily.

"What did I tell you about giving youkai sugar!" Kagome's grandfather mutters.

"Oh, was that in an ancient scroll?" Kagome asks.

"No, it was in common sense!" he says grumpily, tapping the side of his head. "How can I meditate with all this racket?"

"Grandpa, Grandpa!" Souta yells excitedly. "You have to see what Kouga-niichan can do, it's so cool!"

A light sparks in the old man's eyes. "Be right there!" he says, running off with them.

Mrs. Higurashi snorts. "Children."

Kagome covers her mouth and giggles.

"You should offer your two friends a bath, since they were in the rain for so long," Kagome's mother suggests.

"But mom, I was out in the rain too!" Kagome whines.

"I think they need the bath more than you do, dear," Mrs. Higurashi says cryptically.

Kagome sniffs the air. "I see... you know, it's hard to stay clean in the feudal era."

"I'm sure, dear," her mother says, patting her on the head. "Just see to it before dinner, okay?"

"Okay boys!" Kagome announces, walking in on the four of them. "Inuyasha and Kouga, I have a special surprise for you!"

The two boys turn, Inuyasha looking very suspicious.

"What is it, what is it?" Souta says excitedly.

"A bath!" Kagome declares.

Inuyasha's eyes widen in dread, Kouga looks confused, and Souta jumps for joy.

"I wanna go too, me too, me too!" Souta says, clearly hyper from too much excitement and sugar.

"You... you wouldn't!" Inuyasha says, backing away.

"What's the big deal, you big baby," Kouga says, enjoying his rival's hitherto unknown weakness, "did you make friends with all your fleas, and now you don't want to get rid of them?"

"Those soaps all burn my nose, Kagome!" Inuyasha pleads.

"Well use less of them, and... tell Myouga to get off if you're worried about him," Kagome suggests.

"I was kidding! You really named your fleas?" Kouga says, shocked.

"Please pleeaaase let me go in the bath with them?" Souta begs.

"Just the one, and he's better than all your fleas put together," Inuyasha snaps back.

"Now, now, Souta," Kagome chides, "you should just let our guests bathe, it isn't big enough for you too."

"Wait a damn minute, you want me to bathe with muttface here? Alone? Together?" Kouga sputters, looking almost frightened.

"Ha! Like you wouldn't enjoy that," Inuyasha says. Kouga sends him a quick furious 'traitor' glare.

"Come on then, it's about time you two resolved your differences," Kagome says, shoving them both along.

"What about modesty?" Inuyasha objects.

"You bathe with Miroku all the time," Kagome says thoughtfully; Kouga raises an eyebrow. "You even tried to bathe with me that time, so just get over yourself, and get in the tub!"

"Are you going to undress me?" Kouga intones suggestively.

Kagome looks him over. "I think I'll let Inuyasha do that."

"WHAT? Why me?" Inuyasha yells.

"Because you're both guys, so stop making a fuss!" They are in the bathroom, and Kagome leaves, closing the door behind her.

"Well, nothing else for it," Inuyasha says, shrugging off his clothes.

"I don't see any water," Kouga points out.

Inuyasha turns the tap, and adjusts the temperature. Kouga stares a moment, and starts untying his armor.

Soon they are both in the tub, with Kouga choking on bubbles. "I thought you said these things burned your nose," Kouga says, batting the fluffy foam away.

"I lied," Inuyasha says innocently, emptying a bottle into the tub. "I just didn't want to be alone with you."

"Because we might kiss again?" Kouga asks, suddenly serious.

"No, because you're really annoying," Inuyasha says, inspecting more bottles.

"So that means you didn't mind the kissing," Kouga points out.

"See what I mean?" Inuyasha says to the wall. "He's really annoying!"

"Why are you talking to the wall, mutt?"

"It seemed the most intelligent thing in the room."

"Including your fleas?" Kouga says, snickering.

"Why, you..." Inuyasha growls, looking ready to attack.

"Oh, yeah," Kouga says, "brilliant plan, come pounce on my hot, wet, tight little body. That will solve everything."

Inuyasha's eyes bug out. "Cheater!" He splashes Kouga.

"Ah, you got soap in my eye! It burns! You've blinded me Inuyasha, a curse on you and all your descendants for ten generations!" Kouga wails.

"Huh, really?" Inuyasha says guiltily. He reaches for Kouga a little, trying to see how bad the damage is. "I didn't mean to—"

Kouga rinses out his eyes miserably. "You..." he sniffed, "you really do care."

"No I don't," Inuyasha says unconvincingly.

Kouga does something unexpected then—he embraces Inuyasha. In his pack, he had been the subject of constant grooming, nuzzling and snuggling, from both sexes. Suddenly, naked, with soap in his eyes, it's too much to be alone. Inuyasha stiffens, his heart racing, and awkwardly pats Kouga on the shoulder, in what he perhaps hopes passes for comfort. They stay like that, until Kagome knocks and informs them that dinner's almost ready, and they hurry to wash all the bubbles off.


Inuyasha and Kouga are wearing spare clothes left over from Kagome's father, and Kagome's grandfather's younger days. They attack their dinner with relish.

"So," Mrs. Higurashi says, "what do you boys do in the feudal era?"

"Well," Kouga replies, slurping his noodles, "we rampage, sack villages, start wars with neighboring tribes... you know, the usual."

"Barbarian," Inuyasha scoffs.

"Bootlicking fleabag," Kouga says with his mouth full.

Mrs. Higurashi blinks. Kagome turns crimson. The rest of the dinner passes in silence.

After dinner, Inuyasha manages a moment alone with Kagome. There is something on his mind, but he isn't sure how to broach the subject.

"Kagome... uh, are there any men here in your time, who, um, don't like women?" Inuyasha begins awkwardly.

Kagome thinks. "Sure are! We call them misogynists, and a nasty lot they are! Going around saying that women should stay in the kitchen, barefoot and pregnant, stupid chauvinists."

"Kagome, that's not exactly what I meant."


"Well, say a guy had nothing against women. But he liked men better."

Kagome frowns. "Like he marries her as a trophy wife, then goes out with his friends all the time?"

"Only if he's kissing his friends," Inuyasha says, wincing slightly.

Kagome makes a very tiny "Oh," sound as it dawns on her. "Yes, we have those types here... but for a man like that, it's his duty to his parents to get married anyway and have kids, and only do that perverted stuff on weekends. Why did you ask about something like that?"

"Oh, I just..." Inuyasha says, fumbling for a reason, "saw some men kissing in Kaede's village, and wondered if that sort of thing went on here, too." In his mind, Kagome's words are echoing. Even five hundred years in the future, there will be no approval for that kind of love. It's hopeless.

"In Kaede's village?" Kagome echoes. "It was Atsumori and Unkei, wasn't it? Oh, I just know it, those two have been holding hands more than is normal."

"Huh? Oh, sure, it was them," Inuyasha says, not really caring about Atsumori and Unkei's reputations.

Kagome shakes her head a little. "Anyway, you should tell Kouga-kun that we're all going back tomorrow, okay? Then we can go hunt for the jewel some more, maybe he can even join us?"

"Don't even joke about that."

"Inuyasha, you should learn to get along with Kouga-kun, he's really strong and can help us."

"How, by annoying Naraku to death? I don't see what you're going on about, I'm the only strength you need. But I'll tell him, Kagome."

Kagome sighs as he walks away. "It's like those two are afraid to like each other," she says quietly under her breath.

It doesn't take long for Inuyasha to discover that Kouga is not in the house. Inuyasha follows his scent, it is easier this time, because Kouga wasn't going very fast. Outside, the damp air smells of ozone and city and Kouga, Inuyasha follows it to the well house. It is a cooler year here than in his time, and his breath shows in little puffs in the dark. He can hear crickets, their song has changed little over time, but in the distance there is also the slow whine of automobiles echoing and distorting, and that is completely alien to him.

Kouga is sitting on the lip of the well, reminiscent of Inuyasha's earlier vigil. "Waiting for someone?" Inuyasha says playfully.

Kouga looks up at him, snapping out of his reverie a bit. "You really can't go home again, can you?"

"Sure you can," Inuyasha says lightly, "just a hop down that well will bring you right back."

"That's not what I meant," Kouga says.

"You're not going back to your pack, then?" Inuyasha says almost sympathetically, sitting next to him.

"They don't seem to want me, and besides, who would be there to annoy you if I wasn't around?" Kouga says, suddenly catching Inuyasha's gaze. He moves towards Inuyasha, slowly, tentatively, his eyes asking permission, shadows of fear behind them.

And this time, Inuyasha doesn't object.

They take their time kissing, Inuyasha mindful to be gentle, after Kouga's lecture before, Kouga notices, and smiles a little against Inuyasha's lips.

Something is bothering Kouga though, a small voice at the back of his mind that grows and gnaws at him, so he pulls back a little and whispers, "I thought you liked girls, Inuyasha."

"Mmph," Inuyasha says, not used to so much kissing, and somewhat overwhelmed by it. "I do. Or, at least... I liked Kikyou."

"And me?" Kouga asks.

"You..." Inuyasha says, appraising him. "No. I don't like you at all." He leans in greedily for another kiss, and Kouga obliges, confused. Kouga's hands suspend in midair while they kiss, uncertainly, wanting to touch Inuyasha, but afraid to trespass on his private spaces like that. Already they are kissing and calling each other's names, so he is afraid that if he crosses too many lines, he may lose everything at once. And he's already lost everything once, he doesn't intend to do it again.

"But," Inuyasha breathes huskily against his ear, "you can annoy me a little longer, if you must."

Kouga smiles and kisses Inuyasha's little nose, then laps at it, Inuyasha's lips parting a bit in surprise. "Well, someone has to," he says. "But are you sure Kagome isn't... annoying you?"

"Only in the literal sense of the word," Inuyasha says, amused. "My relationship with Kagome is... complicated."

"She's in love with you, though," Kouga says, somewhat regretfully.

Inuyasha blushes. "No she isn't. I'm like her... big brother, or something."

"If my little sister looked at me like that, I would be worried," Kouga says candidly.

"Don't jump to conclusions, not everything's about sex, you know," Inuyasha says, looking at Kouga fiercely.

"And this?" Kouga asks. "That we've been doing just now? Is that about—"

"Of course not," Inuyasha says. "I'm just teaching you to kiss, because you need it."

"Oh do I?" Kouga says, feigning offence.

"Yeah," Inuyasha says with a little snarl in his voice, "you need it bad. And I'm gonna give it to you." With that, he launches himself on Kouga, gentleness forgotten, half-kissing, half-attacking, his fingers digging into Kouga's arms just below the shoulder, later sliding down, finding his way into the musty old silks Kagome's family lent him, his cool hands dragging against Kouga's hot chest, then crushed between their torsos as they search for greater contact. For the first time Inuyasha can feel Kouga's hardness pressing against him through their clothes, giving him ideas he doesn't have the courage to go through with yet. The sensations build, sensitive lips against tongue against teeth, hot breaths echoing in the small well-house, until Inuyasha can take no more, and he pulls back, panting.

"I think you're the one that need the lessons," Kouga says smiling.

"I'm not admitting defeat," Inuyasha says, "it's just a strategic retreat. I'll be back. I'll win, too."

"You promise?" Kouga asks coyly.

"Heh," Inuyasha says noncommittally. He looks at Kouga a moment, because it feels good to do so. Not sure why, he pulls out the thong holding Kouga's hair back, and ruffles his hair to fall around his face. "Wear it down, it suits you," Inuyasha says softly. "You might even be less annoying."


The next morning, Kouga's hair is wild and unfettered. Inuyasha is smirking a little, though he thinks no one notices.

"So," Kouga says as they walk towards the well, "what's the plan for defeating Naraku?"

"Plan?" Kagome echoes, as if she's never heard the word before.

"Yes, plan, as in the plot that we devise in order to kill him!" Kouga looks at Kagome a moment. "You... you do have a plan, right?"

"Don't need a plan," Inuyasha grunts, "I have a sword. Sword is better than a plan."

"I can't believe you people beat me so many times," Kouga says in horror. "I'm so ashamed!"

"Well," Inuyasha says, attempting comfort, "it is a really nice sword."

"I have plans sometimes," Kagome says defensively. "I like being able to think things through, and have a plan."

"Plans are stupid," Inuyasha insists. "They slow me down. You never get to the good stuff if you're too busy planning. I say just grab your sword, and jump into the action!"

Kouga smiles a little. "I guess there's merit in that, too."

When they get to the well, Kagome jumps first, and drifts down in a ray of light. Kouga and Inuyasha stand there, hesitating.

"Do you think it will be so gentle with us?" Inuyasha says dubiously.

"You're right," Kouga confirms. "We should go in one at a time."

"Oh, to hell with it," Inuyasha says, grabbing Kouga and plunging into the well.

Five hundred years earlier, a youkai and a hanyou lie very tangled in a pool of mud.

Kagome is partway up the well shaft, miserable. "There's mud everywhere, why didn't you warn me? Oh, Mom's gonna be mad if I ruin another uniform...!"

"Heh," a very muddy Inuyasha says, grinning, "I'm on top this time." He savors the situation a moment more, before clambering off Kouga and giving him a hand up.

Before they even get to the top, they can hear Shippou's piercing call of "Kaaaagoooomeeee!" Poor Kagome nearly falls back into the well as he flings himself at her.

Once out of the well, somehow Kouga's hand finds its way into Inuyasha's. Inuyasha gives it a very small squeeze.

Sango and Miroku walk towards them, Sango breaking into a run. "Oh, Kagome, welcome back, I was getting worried about you!" she says, looking even more worried than she sounds. She barely acknowledges Inuyasha and Kouga.

Miroku does notice. His eyes narrow, and he says nothing.


"Is this all right?"

"Yes, I want it. Quickly, I want you inside me, before my pack comes back."

The memory blurs a little then. Rushed kisses, clawing at clothes, yes, those come off like that, no, don't take that off, it never comes off. The sex, of course, the reason they are there, frantic and panicked, with claws digging in, and guilty glances over their shoulders, spurred by fear, pulled by lust, trapped, hopeless, desirous. Secret, yes, always in secret, these are the things you can't bring home.

"You're beautiful."

"No one's ever told me that before."

"You are beautiful... but I can't stay with you." Clenched fist around a curse, choices already made for you. Beauty is something to be grasped in glittering fragments, given, stolen, collected and lost, a treasure you are not destined to hold.

It is the way of the world, is it not?

Miroku closes his eyes on the memory, and clenches them hard enough that when he opens them, there are spots in his vision. Even so, he can see Inuyasha and Kouga splashing each other more than is necessary. It has been two days since they returned with Kagome, and they have stopped at a hot spring. Miroku considers peeping on the girls, just for a change of scene, but he hurts enough already without the beatings he expects to receive. Wearily, he adjusts the rosary around his wet glove. It's always the last thing to dry, he minds most in cold weather.

"You fleabitten ass," Kouga snarls at Inuyasha, "you threw a rock that time!"

Inuyasha laughs uproariously, until Kouga shoves his head underwater. Bubbles come up for about ten seconds, then Kouga yelps and pulls away.

"You bit me! You fucker, you actually bit me!"

"Damn right I did! What are you gonna do, cry on my shoulder again?" Inuyasha teases.

"Maybe I'll kill your precious fleas, jerkoff!"

"Enough of your sickening lover's spat!" Miroku interjects, unable to take another second. "You sound like a little old couple!" He is met with twin looks of horror.

"He started it!" they both shout at once, pointing at the other. Inuyasha bites Kouga's outstretched finger playfully, and Kouga kicks him under the water. They seem about to break into another scuffle, but Miroku grabs his shakujou and handily knocks them both over the head.

"That was mean!" Inuyasha says, rubbing his head.

"Is he always like this? Can we vote him out of the group?" Kouga whines.

"You two," Miroku says, his eyebrow twitching, "have been fighting like cats and dogs since Kouga started traveling with us. At this rate, Naraku won't even have to finish you off, I'll do it myself."

Kouga snorts. "You're just jealous because of 'that time,' aren't you?"

"What?" Inuyasha asks, bewildered.

"I understand that we both had lives to go back to, but Kouga, my best friend? That's low. Lower than I expected even of you," Miroku says angrily.

"As I recall, you left me, Houshi. You were the one with another life, and an image to uphold, and all that bull. And it was because of you that I lost my place in the pack. I gave up everything for you, but you made it clear you didn't want to see me again," Kouga says, dripping bitterness.

"Miroku?" Inuyasha says in disbelief. "Miroku? Miroku who would drop his last mon for the chance of looking up a girl's kimono while picking it up? Miroku, paragon of virile male heterosexuality? Is this the same Miroku?"

Miroku smirks a little at Inuyasha. "It's a good feeling, you know? Being accepted, respected, all that. I grope a girl's rear, and everyone says what a healthy guy I am."

"So that's why you never seem to get lucky, why there's always an excuse," Inuyasha says, astonished at his friend's deviousness.

"See!" Kouga says, "a man who is ashamed of his true self has no right being possessive!"

"All this time, you were just hamming it up, controlling what people thought of you," Inuyasha says, staring.

"Aren't I always?" Miroku says. "Life is but a game, and I've always intended to win."

"Fashion tip, mutt, mouth looks better closed," Kouga gloats.

"Great, now I'm getting fashion tips from Mr. Wears-fur-with-leather?" Inuyasha says, bristling.

"Actually, I think it's a good look for you," Miroku says. "The fur miniskirt is hot."

"At last, someone with taste!" Kouga says appreciatively.

"Fine," Inuyasha says, folding his arms, "why don't you two just go marry each other!"

"Oh grow up," Miroku and Kouga say in unison.

Inuyasha's eyes widen. "You're proving my point!"

"I'm not going to steal your boyfriend, Inuyasha," Miroku says, only slightly regretfully. "I have things I need to do that are more pressing... and I really should learn to like girls, if only for my social standing and survival of the family line."

"Yeah, I should too... to get my pack back and all that. Girls are kind of nice, I guess," Kouga says, wrinkling up his nose, "if you like soft and small and shrill, I guess."

Both stare at Inuyasha expectantly.

Inuyasha starts. "Look, I already like women, you hear? And I don't care what anyone else thinks of me anyway, I do what I want."

"How come we never did anything in all this time, then?" Miroku asks.

Inuyasha shrugs. "You never asked."

"And me?" Kouga asks.

"You," Inuyasha says, "are a complete and total jerk. But..." he adds grudgingly, "you do look a bit better without that awful outfit."

"Well, I suppose all this changes everything," Miroku says airily, settling down against a rock.

"Hey, Miroku?" Inuyasha asks.


"If we're good, can I keep him?" Inuyasha pleads, pointing at Kouga, who makes a big show of looking tough and not caring.

Miroku cocks an eyebrow. "Maybe if you're on your... best behavior."

Inuyasha grins. "Hey Kouga, it looks like even Grumpy here's accepted you."

"So I can stay? Long-term?" Kouga asks, his wide eyes full of hope. "What about you, does this mean you like me too?"

Inuyasha nibbles Kouga's lip a moment. "No, you're still a rat bastard." He leans in for a deeper kiss. "But welcome home."

Kouga splashes him as best as he can, and says a muffled "Jerk," against Inuyasha's cheek.

Miroku rolls his eyes. "Puppy love."