Yup I'm starting a new fic! I'm still a bit stuck on my others though but I'm working on them never fear. This fic is a self insertsion one. (wow did i even spell that right?) I've been plot- er planning a co-written story with one of my favorite fic writers. She has given the idea of doing a self insertsion fic. (THERE IT IS AGAIN!!!) This here is just a teaser chapter. Giving out a brief summary of what happened. The full truth will be revealed later on so you'll have to read to find out. If there's any body that may want themsleves turned transformer they can do it here! I'm willing to put you in. All you have to do is the following that is done below. I own Zephyr and me! The soon to appear co-writer will own her characters. So read and review and help us plan for future chapters. Just tell me your faction and other stuff and it can be done!!

Chapter 1: Bio


Nickname: Genesis

Alternate mode:Fox

Coloration: Gold, Black and Red

Optic Color: Forest Green

Weapon: Back mounted gattling gun (of high calibur I may add)

First Minicon: Zephyr

Alternate mode: F-14A Tomcat (think Wheeljack build but with wings and other add ons)

Coloration: Black, Gray, and Silver

Optic color: Sky Blue

Appearance: Similar to Skull-1 on Robotech but a retractable green visor with orange Starscream-like optics underneathe and a retractable mask similar to Shining Gundam in G Gundam. When mask and visor are retracted her face is a pale gray almost white. Clawed gauntlets decorating forearms. Twin clawed spurs on heels and two more clawed guards on her knees. A fox tail hangs from behind. Fox-head disappears under her chest armor when she transforms, but the ears are still present on the sides of her head.

Past: Kidnapped by Thrust and Sideways while skiing up in Vermont she awoke not knowing where she was. Thrust and Sideways decided to do some genetic, technological, and biological experiments on her thus turning her into a half organic and half transformer. They attempted destroying her memories but failed. She awoke with full knowledge of what happened to her. She was presented to Megatron, who was pleased with the job the two did. When he 'approached' her he was met with a clawed punch to the midsection and a swift spin kick to the head. Fleeing the moon base and heading towards Earth she wandered through the forests and mountains of North America trying to cope with her change and failing miserably at it. While walking through a shallow mountain canyon in NorthDakota she discovered a minicon panel. Having no clue what it was, she picked it up. When it started to activate she dropped it and watched as a black, gray, and silver robot no taller than she was as a human appear infront of her, light blue optics shining at her in greeting. His name was Zephyr and he wouldn't leave her alone for a second. He was in a way bonded to her. Finally breaking down after bottling up the pain and memories of what happened to her, she admitted to Zephyr of what happened to her. He was sympathitic and understanding. Out of nowhere an explosion rocked the ground and Zephyr ushered her to get up and run. That she did wih no complaints. Dodging tree after tree she and Zephyr arrived at the canyon opening only to be greeted by Megatron and his cronies themselves. Seeing her standing there with the minicon, that ticked Megatron to no end. He demanded that she surrender Zephyr and herself. Stepping in between Zephyr and the robots that ruined her life she took the defensive. A firefight was about to begin when out of nowhere a space shuttle came out of the clouds and rained round after round upon their awaiting heads. Taking the chance she and her new friend fled again into the woods. As luck would have it they came across another group of robots. Stopping short she watched as most of them raised their weapons at her, all but one. The large blue, red, and silver one came forward a few steps and she took several steps back, keeping Zephyr behind her. He asked where she came from and whose side she was on. She didn't answer. At that time Megatron came plowing through the trees in his tank mode. His horns shot through her legs making her crumple to the ground in agony, behind her he transformed and held his cannon to her head. During all of this she managed to shove Zephyr away and he was currntly hiding in a large, hollowed out tree. Megatron demanded that the red and blue one surrender Zephyr or he'll shoot her head off. Walking slowly out of the woods Zephyr came to stand infront of both sides and slowly started to advance towards Megatron, his face emotionless. Mumbling a soft 'no' she shot a glance a Megatron and took the chance and grabbed his cannon, swivled it around and aimed it at his chest. Before he knew what happened she applied pressure to his finger which laid on the trigger and a moment later the other group of robots watched as Megatron fell to the ground with a crash. Slowly getting up she shot Zephyr a glance to see if he was okay, and he soon joined her by her side. The red and blue robot again came forward unsure of who or what she was. He repeated his question from before and this time asked how she'd pull off knocking out Megatron in a few seconds flat. She was about to make a run for it when the shuttle came out of nowhere again and transformed before his leader. He explained that Megatron had her corned and that she'd protected the minicon with her very life on the line. After much convincing on their part the other group of robots talked her into returning to their base. Once there she was bombarded with questions. Amongst the questioning a stout navy blue and white robot told her to follow him so he can sort out her injuries. Doing so she arrived in the med bay. Stopping short as memories flashed before her she jerked back and was stopped by the one who introduced himself as Optimus Prime and his second in command Jetfire. After reluctantly trying to get away from them, the navy and white touched a part of her head and she instanteously fell limp. She awoke some time later feeling dizzy. Straining to get up, she opened her 'eyes' to see Optimus Prime and Jetfire as well as the medic looming over her. Softly as not to scare her Optimus explained that they discovered why she seemed so reluctant. She was once a human. Now she was to live her life with strange beings she didn't even know! Soon she discovered that these Autobots, which they called themselves weren't to bad. She also soon discovered that five other humans were welcome to come and go through the base at their will. Three of them even had minicon partners like her. The day came when RedAlert, the resident medic at the base asked if she'd like an alternate mode. That she agreed to but the one she chose was different from the others. They all had vehicle modes while she decided on something different. She came to the conclusion of taking on the form of a fox. RedAlert also informed her that her body and structure was different from the typcal transformer, she seemed to have both machine and organic parts running through her, and that her body probably held more functions than first intended. Her coloration usually kept the others away from her, they in turn didn't know the truth that she was once a human, neither did the kids... The only ones who knew were Optimus, RedAlert, Jetfire, and the old, cold one who was known as Scavenger. From there she renamed herself. One that fit who she was now. It was a rebirth, a genesis. When asked what her name was she answered sadly, "Call me Genesis, LoneGenesis." From there she started talking to Blurr. His personality somewhat refletced her own. And now... What'll happen to her now?

Personality: A loner by nature she has taken a sudden interest in Blurr. She was shunned as a human because of her repelling of people. She was always by herself. Now that she's with Autobots will that change?

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