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Chapter 12: When Flames Fly- Part 1 of 2


"What is this you present to me Thrust?" questioned Megatron, raising an eyebrow looking out before a new group of Decepeticons that Thrust bought before him.

Thrust seemed nervous and hesitated. "Mighty Megatron, what you see before you is a modified force of Decepticons. I requested that they be speciafically modified to take on and destroy the females that the Autobots have welcomed into their base." He stepped back so Megatron could see them better.

Standing up and coming to stand before the new recruits he proceeded to inspect each one of them. Starting on the end he looked over the apparently young Transformer before him. The young bot was colored in dark red almost maroon and silver. His alternate mode appeared to be a sleek jet of sorts. On his chest was the green cockpit and on his waist hung the wings. His knees and shins sported the vertical and horizontal stabalizers of his jet mode. The bots optics being a chilling black while a mask covered his nose and mouth. "What's your name?" Megatron then inquired to the bot.

Bowing, the new-comer introduced himself. "My name is Scar, Lord Megatron." He answered in a moderately low voice, his voice still reflecting how young he really was.

Looking Scar up and down again he moved on. Next in line was a grey, yellow, and khaki green Decepticon. He had an almost scruffy look to him. The reason being the feathers he was decorated in. He obviously had an avian alternate mode. The beaked head on his back and the large taloned hands showing it. Coming over his shoulders and shielding his chest were the wings. The feathered tail of his alternate mode hung like a sheath on his hips. The hilts of four swords showing, 2 on the left and two on the right. His red optic visor flashed as Megatron finished looking him over. "And you are?"

His mouth curled into a grin, 2 fangs showing, he answered in a lethally quiet voice, "My name is Fury." Fury also bowed, much to Megatron's pleasure.

Grinning to himself the tyrant moved on. Next was a rather brightly colored Transformer. His colors being silver with gold flames. He had a vehicle mode much like Wheeljack's. The hood of the automobile was now on his back and the front wheels were on his fore arms, why Megatron could only guess. The rest in the vehicle made up his waist and legs. Looking the new recruit in the face Megatron had to smirk at the purple optic visor. "What about you?"

The bot grinned, "The name's Diablo, sir." His voice reminded him on one of those annoying humans that followed around the Autobots.

Grunting at the bot Megatron moved to a wine red and purple bot who appeared to have fur on him. "Name." Megatron simply said.

The bot lifted his. His midnight blue optics shining brightly as the rest of his face was hidden behind a mask. "My name is Sahvannah." He bowed his head.

Looking Shavannah over Megatron took note of that acting as his right hand was a cats head that had 2 long saber like teeth coming from the upper jaw. The front legs to his obvious beast mode were folded up on his back while his legs in robot mode were feline like. Trailing down his neck and back was a long mane.

Giving Sahvannah one last look at Megatron proceeded on to the last bot. Stopping before him Megatron took note of the metallic canine head outlining his robot mode head like a helmit, the lower jaw acting like a face guard. Colored in shades of blue and brown, the bot reminded Megatron of the first femme, LoneGenesis. Decorating his wrists and shins were the clawed paws of his beast mode while a short metal tail hung from behind him. "And you, what's you name?" Megatron demanded coldly.

Tiliting his head to look up at Megatron, his toxic green optics flashed before he answered, "My Lord, my name is Howl." He then knelt himself before his commander.

Megatron grinned, 'Perfect!' he thought. 'Now we'll be able to combat those wretched females and destroy them for being the abominations they are!' He grinned maliciously before looking at the rest of his Decepticons. "Prepare the warp gate! We're going to raid the Autobot Base and capture the minicons!"


" Hey LG have ya noticed how Kinonaru has been acting a little, well twitchy lately?" Teschio asked to the fox as they walked through the base.

LoneGenesis thought about that. "Now that you mention it Teschio, yeah she has. I wonder what's up." They continued on their way totally unaware the of the approaching threat that was soon to come.


In one of the storage rooms in the Autobot Base, Kinonaru paced anxiously. Her face a veil of worry and uncertainty. 'I can't believe he sought me out... Even after all this time! By the grace of the of the gods, why?' As she paced back and forth she failed to noticed the black and gold canine that was LoneGenesis walk in.

Tilting her head LoneGenesis asked with slight amusement, "So this is where you decided to hide. May I ask why your pacing a hole in the ground?"

Naru stopped short and whipped around looking straight at the fox. "LoneGenesis! I didn't even see you come in." She tried giving the fox a reassuring smile, but from the look on LoneGenesis' face she failed miserably.

"Kinonaru what's bugging ya? You've been on edge lately and if you don't mind me asking, why?"

She sighed. "It's something that refuses to leave me alone that's all."

LoneGenesis looked at her critically, "And what is this 'something'?"

"Something from my past, something that I have to take care of on my own."

Genesis shook her head and transformed coming to stand face to face with Kinonaru. "You don't have to do this on your own. You have friends that will help you. Even if you say that you can take care of this problem by yourself you'll still have friends there behind you to help you if you ever need it. Its wrong to think that you 'have' to do this on your own, look at it this way: Your part of a team, you are never alone."

Kinonaru averted her gaze to the ground, unsure as to how to answer when the alarm went off.

The com system crackled to life with Red Alert on the other end, -"Its the Decepticons! And it looks like Megatron's bought back up!"-

Kinonaru looked to where LoneGenesis had been next to her no more than a second ago to discover that she was already long gone. Transforming to her griffon mode she took off following the canine transformer.


Running towards the sound of gun shots LoneGenesis transformed and prepped herself for combat. "Great where's Hunter and Zephyr when I need them!" As she rounded the next corner she had to skid to a quick stop and took on a defensive position, her back mounted gattling gun poised to fire. There before her was Megatron and with him a bot who she never seen before. She took note of the canine like helmit outlining the newcomers head and the tail hanging low behind him. Her canine instincts screamed at her instantly. A threat! A predator! Crouching low she growled, bearing her fangs.

Megatron grinned menacingly. "Ah LoneGenesis its good to see you." His optics flashed dangerously as 4 more new transformers appeared behind him. "I would like to meet you to my newest recruits. I would like you to meet your counterpart." He motioned to the blue and brown bot to his right. "This is Howl and he's going to make sure you never see another sunrise! Howl sick her!"

The blue and brown bot, Howl, nodded then transformed into his alternate mode, a massive wolf! Growling himself, his tail fell inbewteen his legs as he flashed his fangs at her. Then suddenly howling, like his namesake, he lunged at LoneGenesis, sinking his fangs into her vunerable neck.

Yelping, LoneGenesis did the same thing and bit down into his neck, crunching down into the metal she jerked her head trying to force the wolf of her own. It worked. Jumping back from the fox he growled again, her fluids dripping down his chin as his own wound bled a little.

Megatron laughed, "Well LoneGenesis enjoy yourself. I have minicons to capture and a universe to rule." And with that Megatron made his way past her followed by the 4 unknown transformers.

She was about to lunge at the tyrant from behind when Howl leapt in her way and head butted her. Growling, she howled and fired her gattling gun at the massive wolf. Despite his size he evaded every shot.

Rebounding off the wall, Howl activated his back mounted laser blades. Fanning out from his back like wings he rushed past LoneGenesis, effectively slicing off the tips of her tall ears and her gattling gun. Roaring, she jumped back and growled painfully.

"Who is this guy?" she asked herself through gritted teeth.

Howl stood before the fox, a smug grin crossing his features. "And to think Lord Megatron was defeated by you... I will make my Lord proud by annihilating you!" He howled and rushed LoneGenesis again.

She didn't see him coming. He lunged for her front legs. Grabbing her right paw in his jaws, he clamped down, picking her up. Spinning her around Howl flung her into the closest wall with a crash. Crying out in pain LoneGenesis looked up to the imposing form above her. "Why are you doing this? We're the same! I see it and smell it!" She continued to look at him challengingly as he transformed, a double-bladed staff in hand.

His face contorted into a cruel smile, his optics holding a faint red glint to them now. "We may be the same... But there's always room for improvements and that's why I'm here." He bent down and grabbed her by the neck and lifted her up off the ground.

LoneGenesis gave a choked growl. "You may be my counterpart... But we don't think along the same lines..." The corner of her mouth twitch with a faint smile that went unnoticed.

"So you say." he mocked.

Her optics flashed then before he knew it LoneGenesis transformed and kicked him away. "Yeah so I say." She leapt back and took on a fighting position. "If I can take out Megatron, I can take you out."

"Are you willing to risk your life on that bet?"

"If it stops that sick monster... THEN I'LL RISK EVERYTHING!" She shouted forcefully rushing him, claws at the ready.

"THEN YOU ARE A FOOL!" he countered as he did the same thing. Howling, Howl charged.

Crashing into each other they clashed. Claw to claw, fist to fist.


"Who the heck are ya?" Teschio shouted, dodging another volley of cannon shots.

"I am known as Sahvannah and I am your undoing young one." He stated again firing at the tiger.

Dashing around and skidding to a stop as he stopped firing she demanded, "Why don't ya take me on claw to claw instead of using your guns!"

Sahvannah laughed sourly, "If you wish to make your end come sooner than expected, then your wish is my command!" He transformed. Now standing before Teschio was a HUGE saber toothed tiger. His long fangs gleamed in the white. "Prepare for your demise!" Leaping at Teschio she barely had time to react. Jumping back and to the side she looked on and observed as Sahvannah ripped his claws out of the metal floor, leaving 5 deep slash marks in the steel.

Teschio couldn't help but to shudder.

"You are only prolonging the inevitable."

"Yeah so sue me and my meager existence."

Sahvannah gave his mane a shake before laughing out loud. "Your existence won't matter in a minute!" Moving with lightening speed he pounced on the tiger. Claws spread he slashed her back. His claws traveling through her coat and metal skin like it wasn't even there.

Roaring Teschio struggled to pull away from the assault. Before she could get away, he sank his sabers into her upper left leg. He picked her like nothing and smashed her into the ground. Crying out in pain, she transformed and leapt backwards before falling to her knees. "You..." She breathed. "Are one sick puppy..."

He chuckled wiping the fluid dripping from his sabers with his paw. "Survival of the fittest my dear... Let's see whether you live or die." He dashed again, transforming.

Teschio growled, pulling out her whip. "Come get some!" she cried charging in turn, whip ready to crack.


Upon hearing all the commotion Jetstream emerged from medbay only to come face to face with a bot she never seen before. "Hey who are-" She stopped herself as she watched him pull out a gun and let out a shot. Jumping to the side and out of the way she pulled out her own rifle. "WHAT THE MIGHTY HELL ARE YOU DOING?" She demanded loudly, never taking her optics off the red and silver bot.

He chuckled darkly. "I am known as Scar. And what I'm doing is eliminating you from the face of this planet!" He jumped back and pulled out another hand gun and fired at her.

Rolling out of the way she wasn't quick enough because one shot nicked the side of her helmit, cracking her optic visor. "GAH!" She cried as she hurried for cover as Scar continued to pour on the firepower. "WHAT DID I EVER DO TO YOU?"

Scar stopped for a second, "Nothing that I know of... I'm just following Megatron's wishes and thats to destroy you!" He rushed at her, guns blazing.

She wasn't quick enough as 3 more shots struck her. One through her right shoulder close to her neck, another going clear through her upper left arm, and the last striking her in the mid-section. Yelping out weakly she fell to the floor her hands pressed on her stomach wound. Scar stood over her, guns pointing down at her.

"Any last wishes?" he grinned darkly.

"Yeah, one." She smirked to herself. In one quick motion she kicked him where no guy, no matter the species likes to be kicked. Scar doubled over rasping, dropping his guns.

"You filthy whench..." he squeaked backing up.

Getting to her feet Jetstream tried to catch her breathe. "You can't get rid of me that easily."

"I can and I will." he grunted pulling out another gun from subspace as she pulled her own out.

"I won't loose." Jetstream promised.

"I wouldn't count on that..."


"DUDE WHAT'S WRONG WITH YA?" Storm yelped as she raced down one of the halls of the Autobot base in her car mode. Next to her, racing neck and neck was a silver and gold flamed car similar to her alternate mode. Storm's being a Ford Mustang, his was Cobra. "I DUN EVEN KNOW WHO THE MIGHTY HECK YOU ARE!"

"Call me Diablo. And nothings wrong with me babe, just following orders." He beamed smoothly bumping Storm.

Storm twitched. "Babe?... Ooohhh you're so gonna fry!" She braked falling behind him. Activating her taser she was about to give him the shock of his life when he suddenly transformed. Braking hard Storm transformed herself pulling out her gattling gun and cannon. She glared at Diablo as he pulled out a rather nasty looking dagger then observed as something activated on his right arm. The hub cap that went with his tire activated and popped out. Then in an instant several blades emerged from it, starting to spin Storm realises what it was. "A buzz saw? ACK!" She narrowly missed having her head sliced off. Rolling to the side Storm let off a couple of shots at Diablo.

Using his buzz saw he easliy deflected the shots. "Is that all you got sweet cakes?" He taunted flinging his dagger at her which hit its mark, striking her in the chest.

Calling out pain Storm growled through gritted teeth. "Nobody... And I MEAN NOBODY CALLS ME SWEET CAKES!" Ripping the dagger from herself, ignoring the pain she flung it back at the Con with twice as much force, striking him in the shoulder. Grabbing hold of her gattling gun Storm let off a cluster of shots at Diablo.

Crying out in pain as several shots hit him squarely in the chest Diablo grabbed his dagger and flung it at Storm, nicking the side of her head.

"GAH!" Dropping her gun to the floor she reached for the side of her head, unknown to her Diablo was closing in.

Doing a swift round house kick, Diablo slammed her back into the wall. "You can't win, just give up." He stood in front of her, looking at her as if daring her to do a counter attack.

Storm chuckled painfully. "If I've given up a long time ago I wouldn't have earned my nice reputation."

"Reputation?" He repeated.

"Yeah my reputation... Me being the one WHO NEVER KNOWS WHEN TO GIVE UP!" Storm ran at him, pulling a fist back she let it fly, slamming right into Diablo's face. Jumping back Storm readied herself for the next move.

Grunting in pain Diablo shoke it off. "I certainly love it when they fight back." He grinned at her.

Glaring back in response Storm declared, "Well dude... You certainly are gonna have one helluva fight on your hands."


QuickSilver was jerked out of her thoughts when the alarms went off. Leaving the safety of the room she shared with Kinonaru, QuickSilver emerged from the door way to witness as the end of the hall erupted into flames. Walking through the inferno came a strange figure, one in which she had never witnessed before. In each hand was a crude sword, he turned his head and once he caught sight of QuickSilver his red optic visor flashed. He grinned at her which made her shudder inwardly. "Ahh they you are..." He grinned with hate dripping from the statement. He walked towards her his swords gleaming in the fire light. "I've been ordered to terminate you on sight." He stopped a few feet from her.

QuickSilver remained silent but her mind was racing. 'Who is he?' She let her optics wonder over the figure before. A red optic visor covering his optics, he had a avian mode like hers. His wings for his alternate mode were draped over his shoulders and covered his chest like a vest and the featherd tail was spilt in half and sat on either side of his waist 2 more sword hilts could easily be seen. Narrowing her optics she reached behind her head and withdrew her own sword. Taking on a defensive pose QuickSilver never took her optics off him.

The newcomer let his posture fall as he chuckled. "Well you seem eager to die." He beamed at her.

"I've been dead. There's nothing more you could possibly do." she stated in a cold, monotone voice.

"Well there is." he simply told her taking on a offensive pose, mimicking QuickSilver. With impossible speed he attacked QuickSilver.

Parying his attack QuickSilver leapt back a couple of steps before launching her own attack. Leaping high over his head, she landed behind him. Whipping around, sword aimed for his back, the Con came around blocked her attck with one sword and made a swipe with the other effectively slicing deep into her legs.

Crying out in pain QuickSilver stumbled back weekly before falling to the ground on her knees. Looking up him with utter disgust she asked with an icy tome to her voice, "Who are you? Why do you insist on hunting me and the others down? What have we ever done to you?"

"I'm simply following orders." he answered with not a care in the world. "As for what you've done to me... Well let's just say you got on the wrong side of my leader."

"He's a sick sadistic freak who enjoys watching others squirm." she spat.

His optic visor covered his optics so she couldn't make-out the expression on his face. "LIke I said... I'm simply following oreders. And I, Fury, shall follow them!" He lifted one of his swords over her head. "See you in the Pit!" he shouted as the sword came down...


"Everything's falling into place... It's only a matter of time before you reveal yourself to me... Come to me Kinonaru, come like a lamb to the slaughter!"


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