Title: Vermilion

Chapter 1: Enter the Night…

Author: Kora

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Rating: R

Genre: Supernatural/Horror/Action-Adventure/Dark stuff and yeah…some romance-like-things…

Disclaimer: The following a character belong to Wes Craven and I am simply using the characters for my own twisted enjoyment.

Author's Notes: This is what I get for being reminded of my beloved Nightmare fandom and listening to the Resident Evil 2 soundtrack I just bought…actually this is what I get for my sudden interest in Resident Evil in general…otherwise I would have never gotten this idea - well that and Heart Stricken's pretty LJ icon…

Hmm, this will probably end up being a series if you folks want it to continue. And yes, it is based on the Slipknot song of the same name, which I also do not own. Hopefully you all enjoy….


Tim kept on running, even though he felt as if his face was frozen. The night sky in Springwood was so dark he couldn't even see his hand in front of his face and yet he kept running, not slowing down a beat. He was all ready running fifteen minutes late. Emily and Tara were going to kill him.

But then again, if he had stayed home and fallen asleep he would have been killed anyway. This thought caused him to chuckle with what little breath he had. His lungs felt like they would burst if he kept up at this pace, but he didn't falter. He knew the Church was only a few feet away.

He could all ready see the glowing sign on the front lawn that read 'North Springwood Presbyterian Church'. Beneath the name were the words 'Pray. God Will Listen.'

Seeing that made Tim snort and shake his head, not in this town.

He dashed off the paved roads and onto the crunchy grass of the church's lawn. He passed under one of white yellow street lamps and made his way effortlessly to the graveyard. A tall stone fence surrounded the plot and the metal black gate was locked and closed.

Tim's eyes narrowed and through the gate he could see a tiny green glow. Glowsticks. Emily and Tara had all ready made their way inside. Now it was his turn. He ran his hands along the rough stone of the fence, searching for the loose groves he and Tara had spotted earlier in the day.

His fingers sank in to one of the empty holes and he grinned, now came the hard part. Struggling, he managed to lodge his sneaker into one hole and, using it as a crude foot hold, managed to begin scaling up the fence. Once he reached the top he fell ungracefully down on to the other side.

A litany of hash curses erupted from him as he rubbed at his sore backside. Out of the corner of one eye he could see the glowsticks bobbing towards him. Then a flashlight was in his hazel eyes, making him flinch.

"God, Tim, talk about discreet." A voice said scornfully.

Tara. He frowned, raising a hand in front of his eyes, "This coming from the girl blinding me with the flashlight."

The light eased and Tim's eyes focused enough to see that, while Tara still held onto the flashlights handle, Emily had pushed the girl's wrist to one side. A tiny grin formed as he looked at the two girls.

They were as different as night and day. Tara had short, shaggy blonde hair and a snarky personality, while Emily had long dark hair and was known for being one of the sweetest girls in school. But now they both stood next to one another, wearing about the same exact outfit and make-up.

But then what was he supposed to expect when it came to witches? Or was it Wiccans? Or was it both? He wasn't sure; he had only moved here two months ago and had become these two girl's friend in even less time than that.

The three of them had formed something of an outcast little band. There was no label for them yet, though Tim kept suggesting 'The Lost Sexuals'. He remarked that not only did it sound like a good band name should they ever decide to pursue that career but also that was how Springwood's other teens defined them best.

Tara had long ago been labeled a lesbian and Emily, also, by association. And once Tim had moved in and remarked casually that he lived in San Francisco and didn't like sports, well, yeah, he was a fairy to the high school populace now.

Which was why it was kind of funny that the three of them were here to try and save the town and all those people they hated. Okay, more directly, the high school teens they hated, who had labeled them unjustly. Except maybe Tara, who Tim kinda suspected actually did dig chicks. She certainly looked at Emily that way enough…

Not that he was going to say anything, he was glad enough to have any friends at all without ruining it. He hadn't had any back in San Francisco and this was his first time actually having people around who seemed to give a shit. And while Tara and Emily weren't exactly dancing around calling him their 'best friend', they still were something more than mere acquaintances.

Emily offered a hand and Tim took it, rising to his feet. He rubbed absently at his backside as Tara finally cracked a smile and shook her head, "Come on. Let's go. We've all ready got everything set up."

"Are you sure this is going to work?" Tim asked as he followed after the two girls, "I mean, I don't know, I sometimes think…I mean, maybe that dream was just that. A dream, you know. I mean, you can't really expect me to believe…I mean, that its possible that some bogeyman is waiting for me."

"Trust us, he is." Tara muttered.

As always, Emily came in right after Tara's sarcastic 'bad cop' glowers with her friendly 'good cop' explanations, "Tim, you know you didn't just have a dream. And it wasn't a dream, now was it? No, it was a nightmare and he was there and he is real. I mean, you said so yourself, he swiped at you with his claws and caught some hair and you woke up missing a couple locks."

"Yeah," Tim ran a hand through his hair, "It was kind of disconcerting but…I mean, it was just some hair on my pillow, it wasn't like I woke up bald or something-"

"Yeah, well, Freddy wasn't trying to be a good barber, a'right? He was trying to chop your head off and missed. Given a second chance, he won't miss again. You want to wake up with your head on your pillow?" Tara muttered, weaving her way through tombstones.

Emily and Tim both followed closely behind and Emily sighed, "She is right, Tim. From what we did manage to dig up on Krueger, he's been around a long time. He's killed dozen of kids. Every now and then some kid manages to stop him for a while but he keeps coming back, keeps killing."

She shook her head, sounding exhausted, "I mean you saw what happened Monday at school. Mak Owens didn't show up for first period and by the end of the day we hear he's dead. Not to mention before him we had both Sandy Johnson and Bob Davies fall to 'tragic circumstances'. No, come on, it's too easy, too simple. Kids shouldn't just be dropping like flies. I mean, every place has their tragedies and teens die but not like, two or three a week like here in Springwood. It's crazy! And the adults won't tell us anything…ridiculous…"

"We're here." Tara said and Tim blinked at the sight before him.

From the gate he hadn't been able to see this host of candle light but now that he looked at all the burning pillars before him, his jaw dropped. The candles had been shaped in a pentagram and to either side were dark bundles he could bearly make out but knew had to be what Tara had been calling 'ingredients'.

This whole spell idea had been hers. She was the one who had suggested the Presbyterian Church. She had noted that any church of any domination would have done just as well but this one had the most lax security and easy entrance.

She had gathered all the 'ingredients' and had only requested that both Tim and Emily show up, saying their presence would be needed. And that there would be a little participation on both their parts.

Tim wasn't too excited about the idea of serving in any kind of dark ceremony. While he didn't believe in magic, white or dark or otherwise, he still felt there were something things people just shouldn't mess with.

But Tara had been so adamant as had Emily and whenever he thought of that dream…

No, Emily was right, it hadn't been a dream, it had been a nightmare. He could still recall the heat from the boiler room pipes, the sound of that smoky laugh…he shuddered at the very memory and rubbed at his hair again.

It had only been a few strands but…Jesus, when those claws had whizzed near his head, he had thought himself a goner.

Tara withdrew the big, thick book she had found a couple of days ago. Tara's entire family was into magic and the occult. She had been rummaging through her messy house and had come across the dusty volume. Most of the pages were yellowed to almost a brown point. The writing near illegible.

It was written in some ancient text that Tara herself couldn't decipher much less begin to understand but she was pretty sure she could sound out most of the words. Besides, there were illustrations. Very hard to understand illustrations, yes, mostly scribbles but they were there none the less and Tara was quite sure she understood them well enough to proceed.

She had also, as innocently as she could manage, prodded her mother about the book. She had jokingly stated that she had seen such a book long ago, when she was about five and all the sudden had thought of it and wondered where it came from and what happened to it and what it had within its pages and so on and so forth.

Amazingly, Mrs. Strong had bought it.

"Really? You saw that book? I'm amazed really, thought that thing was lost…and that you even remembered it…well, then again, it's not something you can easily forget…I remember the first time I saw it. I was about fourteen. That book has been handed down through our family for ages. Rumor has it one of your ancestors, or whatever, you get the idea, anyway, one of them supposedly stole it from 'the gods' or something like that. Or maybe it was 'the demons'. The latter sounds more accurate.

"That book is supposed to be super powerful. Have spells in it that would make your head spin. Stuff that makes modern Wiccan look like child's play. It's supposed to have real magic in it. Real bona fide, magic. Now whether it's good magic or bad is debatable. It's supposed to be strong stuff whatever it is, so if you find that book Tara Joan Strong, you had better hand that over to me. I'll lock it up good, safe, and sound. Better that way then you running off, reading it, and getting yourself in trouble."

Tim had seen the possibility for future trouble right there when Tara had recalled the incident but she had waved it off with a little laugh. Nothing bad would happen. She was sure of it. Positive.

Why did Tim all ready feel like he was regretting this?

But at the same token, since the nightmare, he hadn't slept in three days. He just kept thinking of that laugh. Of that burned man…Freddy…

He shuddered and dug his hands deep into his black hoodie, watching with vague interest as Tara pulled a dark bottle out of one of her bags. She ran her fingertips over some lines in the book and slowly annunciated what she saw, tossing the contents of the bottle about.

A dark liquid burst forth and Tim didn't even want to think about what it might be. Instead he looked at Emily who was watching with wide, cerulean eyes. He edged closer to her, whispering in her ear, "So what does this spell do exactly?"

"We're not too sure. But from what little we did manage to translate, and from the pictures, we're pretty sure it's a three-fold spell. First, it'll cause the spirits of all those Freddy has killed to arise. Second, it will draw Freddy out of what is called the 'Dreamscape' and into the real world. And finally, third, the spirits that arise will turn on Freddy, binding him."

"Binding him where?"

"Oh you know," Emily waved a hand, "To death or whatever."

"So they'll attack him? Or - or send him to hell? Something like that?"

"Yeah," Emily bit her bottom lip, "In theory. We think."

"Uh huh. You know, you really need to work at the reassuring thing 'cause right now, I kinda want to jet."

Emily rested a hand on Tim's arm, "Don't worry. This will work."

"I guess I'll have to take your words for it though...um…didn't they do something like this in one of the Harry Potter books?"

"I heard that." Tara scowled, as she began to draw out even more weird objects from her bags. Broken bone fragments, tiny feathers, and twigs held together by pieces of twine. She took in a loud breath, her eyes dancing over the lit candlewicks, "Trust me, Tim. No one has more power than Freddy's past victims."

She tossed in under her breath, "Especially seeing as he has so many," then said more loudly, "They'll have all the powers of the underworld…its gonna be killer."

"See? Again. Balking at your last word. No sort of reassurance from you guys. I got nothing."

Tara let out a puff of breath and ran her hands over the soft black material of her pants, "Well how about this, if this spell works, Freddy will be bound forever. It won't be like those last times, where those teens thought they had killed him. This is ancient magic, old magic, it doesn't break. It will hold and it will bind him to death or hell or whatever forever. No coming back."

"Now, see, that's a bit more on the comforting side." Tim said, though his tone was still dry as he shook his head, "I still don't believe this will work though. And hey, how many teens did you hear killed him only for him to come back?"

Emily rubbed at her bare arms, shivering,"It was hard to dig up info on him…most of Springwood's library database had him erased, completely scrubbed out. However, in Sasport-"

"What port?"

"Sasport. It's a town even smaller than Springwood, about fifteen minutes away from here going south. Well, Sasport's library had a few notes. Mostly bias local papers. Sasport and Springwood have always had something of a rivalry. Anyway, most of the papers wrote about how the neighboring town couldn't 'keep track of its youth', how we're 'running wild' and that's why most of us wind up dead.

"But interestingly enough; there was an old local interest piece all about Krueger. What it was like when he was alive, a look at his bio and the kids he killed, his eventual capture and the following trial, all about how those parents burned him alive and the 'rumors' of his returning from the dead in kids dreams to kill him…it was all there."

Tim scoffed, "That was awfully helpful."

Emily couldn't help but giggle a little, "What was really weird about it, was that it had actually been intended for the Springwood papers."

Tim frowned, eyebrows knitting together, "You've lost me."

"Well at the top of the article, there was this little blurb in Italics about how this whole story was supposed to be in the Springwood papers but it was rejected. The author of the piece was furious, brought it over to Sasport, hoping it might do some good some day and, well, what do you know."

"Oh…well, who wrote the article?"

"Some girl, her name was like…Yves or Yvonne or something. She even remarked that she'd been involved with someone who had dealt with Freddy."


Tara let out a loud, frustrated noise, "Yeah, involved, some chick named Alice. They were probably part of our club too, or legitimately gay, look, can you two keep it down? This isn't easy work."

Both Tim and Emily nodded, looking a bit chagrined. Emily shivered again and Tim removed his hoodie, offering it to her. She gave him a warm smile and slipped it on. He wanted to question why she would come out wearing a tank top when it was freezing but chose to honor Tara's request for silence.

He didn't know how complicated it was setting up for a spell but it certainly looked to be tricky business as Tara kept arranging things and mumbling words under her breath. The words sounded like nonsense but for some reason each one made him tremble. Or maybe that was because he didn't have his hoodie now.

He rubbed at his own arms, thankful that he at least had long sleeves when Tara rose to her feet, looking at both of them. Her eyes looked glossy white, dark makeup smudged all around her eyes to the point where they looked hollowed out. Her red lipstick looked slightly smeared and Tim wasn't going to ask why as she raised her arms, her hands outstretched to them, "Come on. It's time."

Tim swallowed and trembled again, knowing that this time it really had nothing to do with the cold. He didn't know why he was so nervous. This was silly. Their little spell probably wouldn't work anyway. Still he felt as if his heart was trying to descend into his stomach and then that both were going to try and make a break for it through his mouth.

He moved warily forward behind Emily, who seemed more sure of herself. The three of them joined around the candle-arranged pentagram, holding hands in the shape of a triangle. Tara had set the book in front of her feet and she closed her eyes, her head tipping back.

"Estra nos trus, ekbreckta nos trus." She whispered, her fingers tightening their hold, "Nos trus henzenta, henzenta, blecktool es fententia."

Tim licked his lips and Emily was wide eyed as they looked at their friend. Tara chanted the same litany again and Tim felt his skin crawl. He wanted to let go. This wasn't right. It didn't…feel right.

But he knew if he let go both Emily and Tara would kill him. And he couldn't bear the thought of losing his new friends, especially not since he now finally had friends. Besides, Tara and Emily had both drilled into him again and again how important it was that he was there and he participated. Stating that even if he had no magical training or inclinations what so ever, the power of three was important.

Tara's head weaved from side to side lazily and then she shot up right, her back so straight Tim thought it must have been hurting her when her eyes opened. They looked more white than ever before and he could almost swear…no…she still had her iris? Right?

He couldn't be sure. He didn't see any green in her eyes at all…they looked all white and when she spoke again her voice sounded deeper, each word booming out, "Detra es fententia. Tantir-man eargrets gutt canda amantos canda."

Suddenly the air felt charge and Adam felt like each one of the hairs on the back of his neck was standing up at end…like static. And the candle flames seemed to go completely wonky. He wanted to blame the wind but no, they were blossoming, the flames growing brighter and higher.

He edged back a little as they rose up, flaring up between them all and, okay, we're they growing? The shape of the pentagram became more pronounced and Tim felt as if his left hand was being crushed in Tara's grip. His right hand was held onto not as tightly, Emily's palm damp and she herself looked a little freaked but also…excited.

Tim could almost swear a beam of light was connecting him and Tara and Emily, as if pronouncing the fact that they were in a triangle around the pentagram. Tara spoke again, her voice growing feverish, "Cunda astratta montose! Gurainik nos trodomus yagtraten! Canda!"

Tim swore as the ground beneath his feet began to shake, Tara kept repeating the last word and Tim was aware that his left hand was rising up and that's because Tara's was rising up. Her toe tips were scrapping the ground and her head kept bouncing about her neck in a way that looked painful.

Her eyes looked like they were on fire, her voice vicious and angry as she spoke, "Comlatra verinishka teltorba! Es canda dreamtra demonoius! Beyekta es una tes toltroas tara! Dreamtra demonoius es explotrada seedya ona tara! Fareta es una es enimonious pureotious! Canda!"

Tara's head snapped back and Tim heard a far distant rumbling. He looked up and lightening flashed above his head. It flashed again, darting between two clouds and then lightening seemed to shoot up from Tara, right up through the center of her and into the sky. The dark, thick cumulous clouds broke and something formed right in the center of them…it looked like…a portal.

Dark fuchsia and purple. It was beautiful and frightening and Tim thought Tara would break the bones in his hand when Emily let out a whining yelp, her hand managing to worm away from Tara's. Tara's scream was sharp and shrill as she crashed back down to the ground. The portal was not closed though and instead electrical energy seemed to zoom around it, crackling.

"Jesus" Tim breathed, looking at the opening they'd left in the sky, "What have we done?"

Emily rushed over to Tara, crying and hysterical. Tara rose to sit up, she looked dizzy and confused, "Was'-was' happened? Was' goin' on?"

"I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to let go it's just…I - I thought I saw something," Emily cuddled Tara close to her, still crying her voice coming in gasping sobs, "In the portal…falling out of it and…It was coming right towards us I thought and it was so stupid! It was probably nothing."

Tim frowned, looking around. He felt edgy, scared and completely vulnerable, "What did you think you saw?"

"I - I can't. It's - so stupid." Emily gasped.

The ground beneath Tim's feet had shook. He remembered that starkly. It had shaken hard, once, like some hand had grabbed it and tugged it viciously about. Like the way a cat does when a mouse is in its mouth. As if trying to scramble brains about.

Tim looked around and thought he heard something snap. Then there was this wheezing sound. Like some old man on his last breath and then a groan. Tim didn't know why, but he began to blow out all the candles. Snuffing the light out. Emily kept trying to ask why but she only managed to get out these questionable noises.

Tim gathered up the book and held it close to him, then fished about for the flashlight from earlier. He managed to find it, even in the dark, and fingered the button tentatively, not yet clicking it on.

His eyes rose up to the portal in the sky and he noted that shafts of light had begun to pour of it. Almost as if shooting the light out to certain locations. The shots came quickly and a few of them struck the ground in the church graveyard.

One was close enough that Tim could see it strike. It appeared to be nothing but the air seemed to sizzle, as if acid rain had fell or maybe a star and it had struck the bed of a grave…

Tim looked at the grave for several seconds, as if waiting…for something. He didn't even know what and Emily was grabbing at his shirt collar now, still crying and begging that they all just go home. Tara was too dizzy and confused to argue and let Emily lead her about.

Tim, however, refused to budge, his eyes still on the grave. Nothing moved and he shook his head, turning to follow Emily and Tara out when he noticed both girl's had froze. He looked past them and saw what they saw.

His head tilted to one side and he felt as if all the life was sucked out of him, "Oh shit."

About a dozen different graves ahead of them had broken open. Loose dirt lay everywhere and hands were rising up to the sky. People were pulling themselves up and out of their graves.

They were coated in dirt and were deathly pale. Their clothes were torn and their hair disheveled from…crawling up out of their coffins and out of the ground. Some of them were groaning and others hissing, a few sporting injuries that even the make-up people in a funeral home couldn't fix. Tim stepped in front of the girls.

He looked back at both of them and shoved the book at Tara and the flashlight at Emily. He took both of their free hands and shook his head, "Well ladies, great job. We've got zombies."

"But - but the spell…it was supposed to…resurrect the dead sprits of Freddy's victims…"

"Oh it resurrected all right!" Tim hissed, "Follow me!"

Tim began to yank them thorough the graveyard. His night vision wasn't any better than theirs but neither of them was in any condition to lead the way. He didn't know where this internal strength was coming from but he hoped it continued as they rushed past the newly arisen corpses.

The zombies themselves didn't put up too much of a chase. Still a bit dazed from rising up. It wasn't until Tim reached the fence and began pushing Tara up that they seemed to get their bearings.

And then they were moving fast.

"FUCK! SHIT! SHIT!" Tim hissed as he practically booted Emily up and over. The zombies were…Jesus, were they running? They were only dead five minutes ago! They shouldn't be able to move so fast! They didn't move that fast in the movies!

Tim kept cursing as he began to work his way up the fence. Some random male zombie almost caught his sneaker by inches and then he was falling again, this time on the other side of the fence.

The zombies swarmed at the gate noisily. Beating their fists on the metal and making these loud, obnoxious noises with their dead throats. Tim looked at them, still cursing and rose to his feet to see Emily and Tara staring at the zombies dumb founded.

He took both of their hands again and began to lead them away, "Come along, ladies. Think we've done enough for one night!"

The trio dashed away, completely unaware that not but five feet behind them, crumpled up in the bushes, was the very monster they had set out to attack.

They were also unaware that several miles away, a tombstone reading Nancy Thompson rested peacefully. A split second of light seemed to touch the grave bed and then, several minutes later, the dirt began to shift and a pale white hand rose into the air.


Extra Author's Notes :Just for the record, almost all of the chant words/magic spell I made up, so if, by some chance, some of them are real words in some language, I apologize - as I did not intend it that way - it's supposed to just be gibberish.

However, if you are really sharp or just a big horror fan, you probably caught that some of the chant words were from 'Evil Dead' but rearranged…hmm…let's think about that and what that could mean…

Also, for those who may be in fear, I assure you I know what I am doing. There will be a lot of Freddy in here and a lot of Nancy…and I know you're thinking, well, wouldn't Nancy's body be long since rotted and gone the way of worm food by now? All I ask is that you trust me, all shall be explained if you just keep reading…I mean, if you like this and I am given the green light to continue.