I Should Have...

Random fic idea popped into my head at three twenty in the morning.
Took me twenty minutes to write.
Evidently my muse got kicked out of all the bars again and came blundering back to me with inspiration.
If anyone is wondering about the update Date for FO... it should be Sunday... /grumbles/stupid writers block...
Oh yeah... I don't own HP.

I should have suspected something was wrong when I saw the famous Harry Potter, so small and skinny on the train our first year. He was smaller than my nine-year-old cousin who trained day in and out to be a gymnist. I should have wondered why Harry's appetite was always so small in the beginning of the year but gradually became larger until the beginning of October.

I should have thought of it when he was injured all of those times in Quidditch and didn't do anything more than wince. How could he have stood all of the pain? Breaking your arm and still being able to fly to catch a Snitch shouldn't be that possible, let alone for a twelve-year-old boy. Falling from a broomstick and hardly even wincing at your wounds shouldn't be something shrugged off easily.

I should have questioned exactly why Harry arrived at Ron's house early in the morning. It wasn't normal to blow up your Aunt for no reason at all. I should have questioned that but I was blinded by the fact that Harry had broken the rules again. I should have wondered why the Order had the Dursleys clear out of their house to collect Harry. I should have wondered why Harry never wanted to go back to Four Privet Drive during any holidays. He asked a couple of times to go directly to Ron's house in the summer.

I should have realized that he reacted badly whenever Snape snapped at him in Potions. Ron's temper didn't get the better of him the ammount of times that Harry reacted when Snape egged them both on. Snape's tongue was sharp, but it shouldn't have caused Harry to be so fearful.

I should have figured it out then, he was way too calm about Umbridge inflicting harm upon him. It was as if he were used to it. As if he were used to authority figures giving him pain.

I should have known when Harry said that in order to work with his uncle, one wouldn't need a sense of humor but a sense of when to duck.

I should have saved him from his family. I am the top student of our year. Why didn't I connect the pieces together until after Snape, SNAPE of all people, collected him from the Dursleys four days after the end of our fifth year. Vernon Dursley didn't like being ordered around by 'freaks.' He thought his nephew had squealed.

I should have done something. I should have known.

But I didn't.

And now he won't wake up.

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