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Recap of Fallen Petals of the Rose (for the convenience of new-comers!):

It started out as a normal day, more boring than usual, but normal none the less, when a bounty came in that had Faye a little on edge.

He was a blast from the past, like an ice-cold punch in the face. His name was Drake Sekart. Or was it? You can't be too sure about these things as soon became apparent. There was far more to this mad man than met the eye.

Faye kept her cool and decided to go on the bounty, hoping that everything would work out and no one would have to know her secret. Of course, things hardly ever work out as planed. She wasn't prepared to face him, when he cornered her alone she chocked. With her life hanging in the balance, it was up to Spike to save the day.

One problem: How do you con a conman?

Sekart was a murderer of a thousand names, an entourage of countless men with eyes and ears everywhere… Except for the janitor's closet.

It was there he met his most unlikely ally, James (or 'Becky' as he sometimes preferred), and learned a bit more about Sekart than he cared to. With this unlikely friend (and the promised 10 share of the bounty) he was able to con Sekart, the master conman.

However, when everything was said and done and the cash had come, James was nowhere to be found… that is, until one day, while watching Big Shots, a familiar face came on.

Well, they had wanted to find James… Now they had a clue where to look

Title: In Wake of the Petals

Chapter 1: The Plan; Play It By Ear

Drake Sekart does not, has not, and will not exist. He knew this perfectly well. He wasn't insane, even though some would argue differently. No, he was just a man with a plan. Unfortunately, a few men had to lose their lives in the process of said "plan". But in his defense, they were all creeps.

Ok, so he was a little crazy, but he most certainly was not "insane". Not like the old Sekart, anyhow. That guy was off his rocker and lying on the floor. He was paying for what he did; he wasn't prepared for the consequences.

James was more than prepared. He would do anything for his cause.

Besides, it was fun screwing with those guys... in both senses of the word. The killing he had gotten used to faster than he thought he would. Alright, he was more than a little crazy.

Every once in a while he wondered how it happened. Do all crazy people know they are crazy, or is it just a select few? But then, he didn't have long to ponder. He had "the plan" to attend to after all.

Ok, step one to The Plan: Start Small; a couple small jobs here and there to get into the rhythm.

Step two: Get on 'Big Shots' with a big enough bounty head.

Step three: Pull in the man who got him caught up in this in the first place. The one man who would make this whole job worth doing: Spike Spiegel.

Step four? Well, he'd get around to that later, when the time came.

Steps one and two were taken care of. Spike, being a bounty hunter, must have seen the show that had featured him. He was sure of it. He made sure Spike knew about him, he made sure the bounty on his head was worth while. If that didn't draw the man out, he would have to revert to plan B. And plan B wouldn't be easy, maybe even a little messy.

Mean while, a ship floated listlessly through space.

"Spike, I know the guy helped you out," Jet said, rubbing the back of his head. "But he's got a bounty on his head. Doesn't that mean something?"

"Jet," Spike sighed as he took a drag from his cigarette, "something else will come along- don't worry."

"Oh, Spike's just afraid of getting butt-raped," Faye laughed.

"Heh," Spike scoffed, "If you're so high and mighty, why don't you go and get him? It's not like he's the same guy. But if you can't handle it..."

Faye held up her hand to silence him and snubbed her cigarette. As she stood up and crossed her arms she said, "Maybe I will."

She stomped off to her room defiantly and slammed the door behind her.

"Oh come on, Faye!" Spike called, "No one expects you to go after him, I was only joking."

Faye burst from her room in response, adorned in only a robe with a towel draped over her arm.

"Too late Spike," she smirked, "I've already got my heart set on it. Ed, sweetie, mind looking James up for me while I'm in the shower?"

Ed saluted from her place on the floor, "Sure thing, Faye-Faye."

Faye leaned out of the bathroom and winked, "Awesome."

She slammed the door and the whistling sound of the shower could soon be heard.

"You're not going to let her do it by herself, are you?" Jet asked.

"I don't see why not, she's a big girl."

"Look, I don't know the whole story behind her and that Sekart guy," Jet said, "But from what I gathered it wasn't good."

"Don't worry so much," Spike said, "It's not even the same guy."

"Spike, the man's a psycho-"

"Who only kills men," Spike finished. "And not that I've gone so far as to check, but I'm fairly sure Faye's a woman."

Jet sighed and walked out of the room, "Whatever dude."

Spike shook his head and took another drag on his cigarette. He listlessly listened to the combined sound of Faye's shower and the fast clicking of Ed's fingers on Tomato. He wasn't worried; far from it, actually. Faye would be fine. And if something did happen, well, he'd take care of it.

The rhythmic sounds of the Bebop were shattered by the high-pitched cry of delight from Ed. Apparently she'd found James. Not long after, the shower shut off and the bathroom door opened releasing a cloud of steam, from which stepped the now-clean Faye.

She tromped down the stairs in her robe, her hair tucked up in a turban like towel, wet ringlets hung by her face. She leaned over Ed's shoulder. "So Ed, what's the verdict?"

"Heee!" Ed flashed Faye a huge smile.

"I'll take that as a good sign. I have no idea how you do it." Faye smiled and stood straight. "I guess I'll go get ready now."

"Yes," Spike said from the couch, "Please, for all our sakes, put some clothes on!"

Faye yanked the damp towel from her head and threw it at Spike. "Hey!" he cried, "You put out my cigarette!"

Faye stopped half way up the stairs, "Smoking's bad for you anyway."

"I don't see you quitting!"

"Never said I wasn't a hypocrite!" she yelled as she slammed her door.

Spike grunted and lit another cigarette. He figured Faye would be sorry when she realized there was now a burn mark in her fluffy yellow towel. "Stupid Shrew." He figured she'd probably get all high and mighty and get all bitchy if anyone tried to help, which would make his stepping in later be a bit difficult. He had no intention of letting her go the whole thing alone, but it's hard to get anything done when you're constantly fighting with someone you should be working with. He would have to make her realize the truth before she got them all killed.

Faye was seething up in her room. She hated feeling like she had to prove herself, but she hated the feeling of not proving herself more. She would show that stuck up prick that she wasn't a little daisy who couldn't manage things on her own. Sekart was her weakness, he saw that weakness. He went overboard in assuming that she couldn't handle the new fraud.

Count to think of it, she'd had enough frauds in her life. It's why she was on the Bebop in the first place. There was no danger in staying there; Jet and Spike, though they could be jerks, were not out to get her. They were not trying to seduce her, and she didn't have to seduce them. It was win-win. Of course, she had principals. Which was why she was now going after Sekart. Again.

Of course, this time around things would be different. For one thing, they didn't have a real history this time, and another? Well, this guy only killed men. Faye wasn't a guy; plain and simple.

She'd be damned if she'd let that Lunk-head interfere with this. She wasn't just doing this to prove him wrong; she was doing this for herself. Independence was important. Showing real dependence on someone was just not expectable. She'd already done that a few times. It was time to make up for it.

She finished up her make-up and bounded down the stairs. "Ok Ed, do you have what I need?"

"Yes, sir!" she saluted.

Faye read the screen and jotted down notes. When she stood up she said, "I'll be gone a while, don't try and contact me."

"Faye, you can't do this by yourself."

"Don't think I can handle it?"

"It's not a matter of handling it or not." He explained, "The fact is, one person can't take down an operation like this, it takes team work and time."

Faye faltered; she hated it when he made sense. "Fine, alright, we'll make a deal. I'll do some research and watch they guy for a while, figure out what he's doing here exactly. From there we'll play it by ear."

"And if he should, I don't know, catch you?"

"We'll play it by ear."

"What are you trying to prove anyway?" he asked.

"Nothing," she said, "I don't have anything to prove."

Spike sighed, "Whatever. Get out of here."

"Way ahead of you," Faye walked out of the room.

"Stupid Shrew," he muttered.

He had a sinking feeling that this would be messy. What happened to him not caring? He took a drag from his cigarette as he remembered what Faye said.

"We'll play it by ear."

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