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Title: In Wake of the Petals

Chapter 4: The Captive and the Cake

Now that the duo had finally awoken, it was time for Sekart to reveal himself to them in voice. He had been practicing what he'd say to them for a long time. He cleared his throat.

"Ah," he said in a sinister tone. "I see that you have awoken."

"No shit, Sherlock," Spike yelled, rubbing his ears. He wasn't happy with the not so gentle wake up call.

He sighed, it really would have been better had they woken up naturally. It was a shame he was becoming so impatient. He chose to ignore Spike's outburst for posterity's sake. "I suppose it is only fair that I tell you where you are," he cleared his throat again. It was difficult to make his ship sound diabolical. He really should have thought harder when picking a name. "You are on my ship, the Mister Sister. And if you haven't yet guessed, I am Sekart."

"No you're not," Spike argued. "You're just some poor, confused man."

"Who is clearly insane," Faye added, having taken a while to recover from the blast of noise. She noticed that her bracelets had been confiscated… along with anything else that might have helped them escape.

He tried hard not to lose his temper, but you'd honestly think they'd be a little more grateful to him! Oh well, that wasn't the point at the moment. "Silence," he ordered. "You two owe me and I'm not letting you leave here until I get what I want." He smirked. "But here's the fun part, I'm not going to tell you what it is."

Oh Spike and Faye were just reeling with anger. This psycho was basically going to hold them there until they had a psychic epiphany and gave him what he wanted. "How the hell are we supposed to know what to give you then?" Faye asked.

"Oh, don't worry," he said. "I'll let you know when I see it. Until then… I'll be watching you…"

"Come on, who are you now, Big Brother?" Spike barked.

-CLICK- The intercom turned off.

Faye sat at the edge of the bed and looked around. The room was nicely furnished and the bed was comfortable, hell she even saw Spike's chocolate cake sitting on the stylish, yet unnecessary dresser. In fact, the only thing separating this room from something found in a resort was the lack of windows… and apparently a secretly located intercom and a collection of spy cameras. Still, it didn't make a whole lot of sense.

And another thing puzzled her. They supposedly had what Sekart, or James… whoever he was wanted, right? Then he could have easily taken it from them while they were unconscious. She voiced her feelings, "This doesn't make any sense."

"I know," Spike nodded. "They left us the chocolate cake but they didn't leave us any plates or utensils to eat it with."

Faye stared at Spike. Spike stared at Faye.

This was going to be a very long day.

Meanwhile, back in the observation room, the thugs who had left the chocolate cake in the room for their own amusement watched… with amusement.

"See," one said to the other, "I told you this would be funny!"

"Shh!" the other replied. "I want to see how they eat it!"

James buried his head in his hands. "When did this kidnapping operation turn into an idiot's convention?"

Back at the Bebop, Jet was becoming a little worried. He hadn't been able to contact Spike or Faye for hours. It was unlikely they would so blatantly ignore him unless something was wrong. If anything they would have contacted him to tell him to leave them alone.

It was just unsettling.

And his apprehension was only assisted by the fact that Ed was acting weirder than usual. She was bouncing off the walls and she hadn't even gotten that chocolate cake of hers yet! I mean, the kid was generally easy going to begin with, but her mood was just… beyond that; far, far beyond. She was bounding around the Bebop dancing around with Ein and singing an incoherent song.

Frankly, it was beginning to grate on his nerves. All he knew was that Spike and Faye had better return soon, there was no way he could get a straight-jacket on that kid without their help.

Faye, whom had been sprawled out on the bed, suddenly shot up. "I've got it!" She exclaimed. "I know what he's trying to do!"

"Oh, and what's that?" Spike asked with a semi-interested glance in the girl's direction. He had made himself comfortable in an armchair he found in one corner of the room. He had taken to studying the ceiling.

Faye fell back into her previous position. "He's trying to bore us to death." She had a point to her assumption. They'd been left alone with nothing to do whatsoever, the cake aside (Spike decided he might still try and save it for Ed, but they'd see), for hours. At least it felt like hours. They didn't even have a clock to stare blankly at.

The intercom crackled to life. "Excellent deduction my dear Valentine."

"Thank God!" Faye cried. "Do you know how torturous it is to be left alone in a room with him!" She pointed menacingly at Spike.

"Thanks for the sweet sentiment," Spike spat. "Stupid, little shrew, it hasn't been a vacation for me either!"

Sekart chuckled. "How touching, a lover's quarrel!"

"Right," Faye said. "Oh yeah, I can just feel the love in this room!"

All humor left his voice. "You are staying in this room until I get what I want. I suggest you get comfortable."

"What makes you think we'd want to give you… whatever it is anyway?" Faye asked. "I mean, we'll get out of here. We always do!"

"Do you honestly think I didn't know that?" he sneered. "I've worked with you before; I know the ins and outs

"Do you honestly think we'd share all our information with a near perfect stranger?" Faye retaliated. "We aren't that stupid you know!" Spike nodded in agreement.

"I think you two underestimate the power that is Sekart!" He cried with pride.

Faye looked at Spike helplessly. She was about ready to smother herself to death with a pillow. With an annoyed grunt, she flung herself on them face first.

"I think you've forgotten something pretty important," Spike commented. "There is no Sekart, you helped us capture the last psycho pretending to be him, remember?"

"I… err. I swear you two are the densest, most infuriating people I have ever met!" Sekart growled.

"We're infuriating?" Faye cried indignantly, glaring at a location she hoped held a hidden camera. "You tailed us for God knows how long, locked us up, drugged us, locked up again, make us go insane with boredom, and refuse to tell us what it is you want from us!"

"Don't you get it!" He yelled.

"NO!" they replied.

He sighed and rubbed his temples. Why were they being so difficult? He hadn't taken this into account in The Plan. Oh well. He really didn't want to do this… but if it wasn't happening naturally, he'd have to impose upon them. "Boris, take Miss Valentine to the back room. She and I are going to have a bit of alone time."

He gauged the shift in the demeanor of his two conquests. Yes, this was more like it. He taped his fingers together in a diabolical sort of way. Sure, Faye would get a little mussed up in the process, but it was for a greater good!

Those two wouldn't know what hit them…

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