Standard disclaimer: No, none of the characters are mine, I don't own the copyright, (although I wish I did) this takes place in book 13, just a few days after Motoko confessed her love. This story is almost 1 year old, I have been writing and re-writing it several times.

A few things about my writing, first of all, I HATE the standard anime innuendo's of "face faults" of chin's hitting floors, also, Sweat drops, and finally the whole nosebleed thing. (is that even physically possible) I think it's rather silly, although I understand why and how come it is so often used in Japanese anime. So you wont find any of those, in my story... although there were several times I have been tempted to use them, I resisted and used other descriptive words instead. However if I were actually animating, or drawing manga, I would be using them.

Also, I am very bad at my grammmammaer and sphelling so please don't flame me, I have been using a word processor to help me. Downside of using a word processor to write with is they have a tendency to correct spelling miss steaks to the wrong word. (bad grammer and spelling international in this parragram)

And Now ..... the story.

Chapter 1

The Gods of Hinata smiled to themselves, they hadn't had this munch fun in two millennia. They quite enjoyed watching the daily antics of the latest caretaker of the Hinata estate.

They never really had a name for each other, sometimes they wondered even if they were three separate entities or one. They had been together so long that they could understand perfectly what the other one was thinking, yet they still liked to speak amongst themselves like old men on a porch idling the time away.

"He is the strongest one yet" said one. "He is on the verge of awakening. Things have been going smoothly for his progression to our last test, once we take care of a few things"

"I knew we made the right choice between his mothers suitors," another grumbled "we even helped that clumsy oaf because we thought he might seed us a suitable candidate. That other one was could have a much better choice, but our intuition helped us choose the right one after all. Just one thing is frustrating, why did that one also have to lend his clumsiness to our latest candidate"

"True it was a shame, but he has been quite entertaining" he mused.

"It was truly convenient that his clumsiness is exactly what annoys that girl."

"She continually brings him closer and closer to the verge of awakening his true power, up until now we have only seen glimpses of it."

"Yes too bad he has found a large part of his heart for this girl; it will be very hard for him to understand, but we have already put in motion things to force him on a path away from her. Putting the pieces in just the right place has been like a well thought out game of Shougi." (Shougi – Japanese chess)

"His suffering will be nothing compared to the difficulty of getting them two together, besides once they are together one of the girls will be only a memory" he said thinking about the two very different girls in his life.

"Yes once his true power awakens, it will be up to her to help him hone his abilities and train him to focus his mind."

"Her emotions will be a difficult battle for us to overcome, we may have to initiate a few more drastic measures for her to overcome, yet we wish to make her family part of his after the service they rendered so long ago"

"He will also awaken her potential power. That will give them strength to get through the trials ahead. The past is unchangeable, but now it has become that time again."

"Don't forget why we have manipulated her family lines too; we need her family to watch over him, we don't want another repeat of what happened last time"

"Absolute power corrupts absolutely we believe what these humans like to say in a situation like this."

"Their union will be fun, since we already have a few ideas that will make things very entertaining and get them to open up to each other"

"We know it will work. Besides, if he or she resists there is always That, although I believe she is ready, he is the one to worry about."

"Yes, there is That"

"Yes; what better way to get them to share one mind like we do?"

If there had been a person looking at the silhouettes in the fog one would have seen three bent old men rubbing their hands together with delight as the morning fog drifted down towards the river.

"AAAChooooooo "

"Bless you sempai. Are you getting a cold? You have been sneezing an awful lot the last few minute"

"Thanks Shinobu, No I don't think so, but I just hope no ones talking about or planning something that involves me," he said jokingly.

"I am sure no one is planning something, but I really should be thanking you for helping me with my homework like this."

"Sure any time" he said as he smiled at her. "Is that all or did you have some more questions?"

His smile made her blush a little, while her brain furiously tried to think of another question to keep him here beside her. She had kept him there for almost two whole hours with her questions, and now, much to her disappointment, she was all out of questions. "No I guess not sempai."

"Whelp I guess I better be going, let me know if you need more help. I am going to my room to prepare for Motoko's lesson, because I am supposed to help her. I already promised would be review math with her later this afternoon."

"I sure will sempai," she gleefully answered.

He got up from Shinobu's table and walked to the door of her room. He slid the door open and began walking towards his room. 'It has been a very strange week since Tsuruko left. Naru is giving me the cold shoulder. I don't get her, week before last we were casually kissing, but suddenly she . . .' he sighs 'to make matters worse Motoko isn't exactly acting like herself either. She normally is calm as tempered steel, now she is jumpy like someone wound all her internal springs way too tight. I haven't been able to talk to either one of them' Keitaro thought to himself.

He approached the door of his room and went inside, "I guess it won't hurt to do a bit of studying myself" and sat down and opened his book that he was working on.