Chapter 13

"It's so unfair!" said Kaolla out loud as she was standing outside of Motoko's room. 'I can't sleep with Motoko or Keitaro because they are sleeping together, Naru is gone, I don't like sleeping with Kitsune she always smells funny, and sleeping with Shinobu just isn't the same.' It had been a long time since she had left home, ever since she was little she had always slept with someone to keep her company at night. While she was at home, she always slept with her older sister or brother. It was always a comfort knowing someone older and stronger was there to protect her. Her dreams were always nice while she was in the company of somebody. Her dreams the last night was really scary. She had spent the night with Shinobu, and instead of being saved by someone in her dreams, she was protecting Shinobu. It had been her first nightmare in years. The second night that Keitaro had been hurt, she had climbed out of bed with Shinobu and tried to snuggle up to Motoko and Keitaro in the middle of the night, but they were clutching each other so hard that she couldn't get her arms between them. Giving up she went back to bed with Shinobu. The night of the party wasn't much better, but thankfully there weren't any nightmares that night.

Kaolla started to wander the halls to see if she could find Tsuruko, 'Maybe she would let me spend the night with her.,' she thought to herself. Just then she heard a noise in Keitaro's room. She opened the door a crack and peaked inside. Then flung the door open and ran inside to tackle the person inside. "Kanako!!!" she screamed as she ran.

Kanako was startled, but her reactions were quick and caught the ball of blond haired energy before she could give her one of her famous death grip hugs. Then Kanako set the excited Su down on the ground.

"I am so glad your back! I don't have anyone to sleep with; will you let me spend the night with you?" said Su.

"I just got here just now, how come you want to spend the night with me? Where's Keitaro? And why aren't you going to sleep with Motoko?"

"I can't sleep with Shinobu any more, she doesn't help me keep the bad dreams away!"

"Why are you sleeping with Shinobu? Is Motoko gone on one of her training missions?"

"No she is upstairs with Keitaro in her room."

"Didn't you ask if you could spend the night with her?"

"No I can't ask because Motoko isn't feeling well, I over heard Haruka say she was sick. That's why they made her take a bath with Keitaro."

"She what?" Kanako exclaimed!

"She got sick from staying up with Keitaro after he got a bump on his head, It was in the bath where Motoko found him"

"What happened to him??" asked Kanako

"I dunno, but Motoko took him to his room so they could get into bed, that's why I had to sleep with Shinobu. They must have not slept very well that night because he wouldn't wake up the next day. He woke up yesterday though"

"That's probably when Motoko must have gotten sick, because she didn't feel well yesterday, and Keitaro had to wash her in the bath. Tonight she feinted while she was undressing for bed, that's when they made her take another bath with Keitaro. I guess somehow some glue fell in the bath with Motoko and Keitaro because now they are stuck together, that's why they can't put on any clothes. I heard Haruka tell Tsuruko they are probably going to be stuck like that for at least a few weeks. I think tomorrow I will help them by inventing some solvent to get rid of the glue."

While Su was telling her story Kanako mouth would open wider and wider with disbelief with each part of the story as they walked to from Keitaro's room to Kanako's room. She couldn't believe it, she had only been with Granny Hina for less than a month and all hell broke loose while she was away.

"Anyway, that's why I want to sleep with you tonight, is that ok?"

Kanako could only nod her head.

"Yippee!" Su said, "I will be right back!" With that she dashed out of the room. Before Kanako could even put any thoughts together, a big yellow banana walked into the room. It slumped down on the floor, and the girl behind the banana grabbed Kanako's futon and set it up.

"Su will you wait right here? I have to go talk to aunt Haruka."

"You cant, she is already asleep, I checked a few minutes ago."

"Is Tsuruko around?" asked Kanako.

"She is sleeping in Naru's room. I would have slept with her, but she said that I couldn't with her tonight. She said she might have to do something early in the morning."

"Where did Naru go?"

"I dunno, I think she told Kitsune where she was going."

Kanako was extremely frustrated, because Granny Hina had sent her home without explaining anything. 'Now I see why I was sent home, but what the hell is going on!' she thought. Her mind was racing trying to figure out Su's story, and what was factual, and what was embellishment as she ritualistically unpacked and got ready for bed. 'The answers will come in the morning once I have a talk with someone who knows what's going on." However sleep was hard to come by that night for Kanako, it didn't help to have a ball of yellow haired energy squeezing her, and a bizarre story that had more questions than answers.

The ropes binding her were extremely tight, but they weren't cutting the flesh; however it seemed the more she struggled against the ropes the more tired she became.

A tall dark beautiful samurai came and stood over her with an evil look in her eyes. "I am tired of this little game" said Motoko, "So I will take him from you as you don't seem to want him anyway. You will sit here and listen and you will see what a beautiful thing you have thrown away so many times." Nodding to the ropes she said "You will be powerless to untie yourself."

Naru struggled again against the ropes and cried out "Untie me you bitch, Keitaro, Keitaro, Help!"

Motoko started speaking once again "Those are tied in such a way, that the more you struggle the more energy they pull from you until you faint from exhaustion. She then placed a large piece of tape over her mouth. You won't be able to make any sound at all with this; I have enchanted it so you cannot." Naru tried to cry out, but found that Motoko was right; she couldn't even make a muffled peep.

Motoko easily picked her up like she was a paper doll, and placed her in the corner behind a changing screen. Because of the lighting in the room, the screen almost acted as a one way mirror. "You will have an excellent view from here of the beautiful thing you won't ever have, because I am going to take it."

Motoko then walked over to the door way opened it and cried out in to the hall, "Keitaro, could you come help me with some algebra?"

Naru heard him cry, "sure anything for you Motoko." A few moments later he entered the room. He walked into the room, and Motoko closed the door behind her. He looked around, for her study table but couldn't find it, so he moved to the futon to push it out of the way to set the table up.

"Keitaro, leave the futon, I just wanted to talk to you. You see, I love you Keitaro! I always have." Motoko spoke softly.

Motoko carefully untied her gi, and let the clothing fall to the floor. Keitaro just stood there like a deer in the headlights. He sat down roughly on the corner of her Futon when his knees suddenly given out. Motoko sauntered over to him seductively, and grasped the collar of his shirt, and then slowly painfully unbuttoned his shirt. She pulled the shirt down around his arms and onto the floor.

"These past few days since you have been helping me, have made my decision painfully obvious. My sister has shown me the true way, and I am no longer afraid." She grasped his belt buckle and undid it with the button of his pants. She then roughly pushed him down on her futon, and unceremoniously pulled his pants off. He was just sitting there in his boxers, still flabbergasted. "Do what you will with me, my love."

Naru began to struggle more and more against the ropes, "No!" she cried, but no voice was to be found.

Motoko then pulled at her chest bindings and then handed Keitaro the end of the wrap. "Please help me."

Keitaro began to unwind. At first he did it slowly, like he was worried that he was going to die, but he soon gathered momentum like a child unwrapping a present. Free from their confines Motoko's breasts seemed to heave with a life of their own. Motoko was breathing hard, and Keitaro's eyes were drawn like arrows at a bulls-eye to the concentric circles of her breasts.

The hypnotic spell of what he was looking at was broken for a brief second, and he looked away ashamed. "Motoko, this isn't right." He shook his head and began to get up.

"Please, don't. Don't leave." He opened his mouth to say something and she cried "No, stop talking, and just hold me...Touch me, please..."

She grabbed both his hands and placed them above her breasts. She slowly carefully guided his hands towards the peak of the mountains of her womanhood. She didn't need to guide him very far; as his fingerers moved of their own will, slowly brushing her breasts with his fingers as he zeroed in on the bulls-eye of her most sensuous spot. She bit down on her knuckles as waves of ecstasy flowed over her. She closed her eyes and looked skyward only to feel his fingers move their way down her stomach.

Without warning she felt a new sensation of his lips on her chest. She gasped and then cooed "oh Keitaro."

Naru felt Tears coming to her eyes, and she began to struggle more and more against the ropes.

His lips stopped their exploration of this newfound forbidden territory. "I... I ... Always wanted to do this Motoko" he said. "You always meant more to me than anyone else. Why do you think I was always ready to help you all the time? Your soul and my soul were meant to be together."

After a few minutes letting the sensory pleasure continue Motoko suddenly stood up, and Keitaro without coaching grasped her panties and slid them down off of her hips... and let go. They slid to the floor with only the friction of silk on skin impeding their progress. His lips brushed her thighs and his fingers began a slow torturing caress their way up Motoko's legs to the forbidden garden of her woman hood. Motoko's knees wobbled and she collapsed with pleasure before his fingers had even found her forbidden zone. She wrapped her arms around his neck, and kissed him full on the lips.

Naru now violently struggled against the ropes, Tears streaming down her face, and darkness ebbing in her vision, she tried to cry one last time "NOOOooooo!" before blackness over took her vision. The last thing she saw had stamped a mental image in her brain, it was of Keitaro and Motoko naked in a passionate embrace.

She awoke a while later, and looked out through the screen. Keitaro and Motoko were lying under the covers of her futon; however they weren't drawn much higher than their waste line. A very nude Motoko and Keitaro were holding each other in their arms. Keitaro then passionately kissed Motoko one more time, and said "Motoko, I have always loved you; I only distracted myself with that other girl waiting till you were ready." He then stared right at Naru through the screen as if it wasn't even there at all.

Naru sat straight up in bed. She had tossed and turned so violently all night that her sheets were wrapped around her like a vine. She was breathing hard. It was dark, and she untangled herself to lie back down on her bed. Her pillow was soaked with tears, so she turned it over. Her eyes began to water again, and she tried to force herself to stop. 'Did he finally make up his mind what he wanted? Didn't he love me? Didn't he want me?' She tried to form a mental picture of Keitaro and herself holding hands, walking down the courtyard of Tokyo-U, but it just wouldn't come. Pictures of Keitaro and Motoko in each others arms naked were the only thing that would come. She tried to push them away, but the tears and mental images were winning.

She sat up and turned on the light, in order to push the images away. Without her glasses on, it almost looked like the corner of the room was filled with fog. She reached for her glasses and confirmed that it was just her imagination. She went into the bathroom of the hotel she was staying in, and turned on the water. She disrobed and climbed into the shower trying to wash away her grief. As the water tickled her skin her fingers started to caress her breasts the way she had seen Keitaro do in the dream. She stopped, and her hands dropped to her side.

'If only I hadn't been a coward and told him how I felt. That could have been me!' She thought. The waterworks of her eyes started again, and she just stood there under the warm embrace of the water running against her skin. The waters warm comfort was the only embrace she was going to find for now as she stood there sobbing silently.

Keitaro's senses were slowly returning to him, He had slept great, he hadn't felt this rested for years it seemed. He opened his eyes and stared straight at Motoko's face. She was only centimeters away, and her warm breath tickled his cheek. He smiled, gave her a little squeeze to which she returned, and then closed his eyes again to try and continue the beautiful dream he had been having.

Reality had hit him quickly. His eyes opened so fast that you could almost imagine them with a snapping sound effect.

There lay Motoko right in front of him, she was clutching him as tight as she was last night but somehow she was no longer on his back, but rather they were arm in arm chest to chest. Her soft skin was stimulating his chest, and he began to panic.

'How did I get myself into this mess!' he thought. He tried to wriggle loose from Motoko or even spin around so he wasn't so embarrassed; however the results only succeeded in her squeezing him more forcibly to keep him from moving. He looked around to make sure no one was here.

'I am so Dead!' he thought. 'If she sees me like this, or anyone else for that matter, I probably will be launched so far that I will have to take a plane ride to get back.'

He sighed "what am I going to tell Naru."

"No don't tell her, she is already mad at me"

He blinked in surprise especially since Motoko still looked like she was sleeping.

"Motoko?" he probed.

"Yes my darling?" she softly responded.

Keitaro's face went flush. She was clearly dreaming about someone special to her. He couldn't fathom who though, Motoko really wasn't the type to fancy boys at school.

Then he remembered she had confessed her love to him just earlier this month. His heart began to throb and his pulse quickened. 'This is too soon, not like this,' he thought.

"Not like what?" she whispered.

A little shaken because he was sure he didn't speak his inner monologue.

He then had an idea. "Motoko, I need to get ready, will you let me go? I am going to be late for school."

"Please just stay with me a little longer; you still have time before school starts." She softly sighed.

He thought furiously, and then replied. "Ok five more minutes, then I have to go."

She sighed, and then held him tighter and replied "Thank you Love, You won't regret staying here with me"

She then leaned forward and passionately kissed him on the lips. Her soft lips were driving Keitaro into new heights of ecstasy. He couldn't believe what was happening. His lips seemed to have a mind of their own as soon he was passionately kissing back. Tightness started in his chest and worked its way up till he realized he needed air. He struggled and pulled back gasping for air. She softly giggled, and said "that was wonderful my Love"

Now was his chance so he softly said "It's time for me to go."

She responded "No... not yet." She seemed to latch on with even more vigor than before.

"You promised only five minutes, don't worry I will be back soon, I promise."

She seemed to relax, and said "Ok darling, since you promised" and her arms then went slack. Keitaro quickly crawled out from her arms before she changed her mind.

"Hurry back" she said softly.

As he sat there recovering from what just happened, He couldn't help notice that Motoko was really beautiful in the morning light. Her face was smiling and her slow calm breathing was reassuring. Her body was remarkable to behold, she was sculpted in all the right places, and her breasts were catching the morning light emphasizing the gentle slopes and curves. Shock set in when he realizing his situation, so he crept forward to cover Motoko up with the blanket.

As he crept over to Motoko, he crawled carefully trying to stay out of her arms length, just incase she reached out and latched onto him again. Just as he was leaning forward, and grabbed hold of the blanket, the door slid open quickly revealing Tsuruko and Haruka. He was frozen like a kid with his hand in the cookie jar.

"Isn't my sister beautiful, No wonder you pulled her covers down so you could examine her. Give her a few more years and she will be full like me!"

Haruka stared at the woman standing next to her and rolled her eyes. 'Some people' she thought.

Keitaro quickly responded "No I wasn't doing anything. Honest! She just barely let me go, and I was trying to cover her up so she was modest!", and grabbed the blanket. He quickly flung it up over Motoko, and then backed away like he had just opened a basket of snakes.

Tsuruko quickly entered the room and walked over and placed her hand palm down on Motoko's forehead. She looked at Haruka and said "She is more affected than I realized." Haruka frowned.

Keitaro said "what is wrong with her? What is going on? What aren't you telling me?"

Tsuruko looked at Haruka, and Haruka nodded. Tsuruko took a deep breath, and began, "Well, it's kind of difficult to explain but...."

Kanako woke early and slipped away from Su. She made her way up the stairs to Motoko's room and slid the door open a crack. She peeked inside and saw the occupants of the room in the same position she had wished so many times for herself to be in. Keitaro and Motoko were holding each other arm in arm and skin on skin, in a lover's embrace. They looked very peaceful, but she was going to enter to go put a stop to this. She wanted to stop it because of what her older brother meant to her.

"Shocking isn't it" said a voice that nearly made her jump out of her skin. She hadn't even noticed the person approach her. Normally she was acutely aware of her surroundings; perhaps it was just the distraction of the young pair in the room.

She wheeled around and there stood Tsuruko like she had seen her so many times before.

"So you're the re-enforcements Granny Hina sent hu? Well, no time to stand there gawking Haruka is waiting for you down at the tea house." She turned around and casually walked away.

Torn between wanting to break up the 'happy couple' and wanting to know 'what the hell is going on', she decided, and followed the tall graceful warrior out of the inn and down the long steps.

When they entered the tea house, Kanako noticed a table that had 2 tea cups, a coffee mug, and cream and sugar cups placed on it. Haruka walked over with a tea pot in one hand and a coffee pot in the other. Tsuruko and Haruka sat down and waited. Kanako walked over and cautiously joined them.

"What is going on?" she asked. "Granny Hina never mentioned any of this." 'Typical of granny, she always liked leaving everyone in the dark for kicks,' she thought.

Haruka cleared her throat, and began "Do you remember all of the legend of the Hina blade?"

Kanako nodded.

Haruka said "Give me your understanding of it so I know how much I need to tell"

Kanako thought a moment, and replied "The blade is one that our ancestors had; the owner of the blade went crazy and started a rampage. The blade was sealed at the cost of our ancestor's life. Also that it has happened more than once, and the blade cannot be destroyed." She paused, and then added "that is about it."

Haruka thought a moment, and then said "The curse of our family is that every few generations one of the male members of our clan begins to manifest itself." She took a sip from her coffee pot, and began again "The powers of that male member are beyond our understanding; however the male who has this power soon begins to go out of control, and occasionally has lead to destruction unparalleled on any scale. Many have become legendary earthquakes of the past, or blamed on destructive tilde waves or storms. Each time many brave families lost their lives trying to seal the rage of our clan member."

"The blade is like the other half of the puzzle piece. Once our clan member begins to manifest signs of awakening the blade seems to find its way into his hands. Each time great samurai families have struggled to separate the blade from the owner in an effort to stop the rampage. Many lives were lost each time this happened, especially the wielders life. Each time one of our family members dies this way, the blade seems to become more and more evil."

"Years ago, when Keitaro was young, we were able to separate him from the blade before it had bonded fully. The blade is almost a collection of all the previous owners personalities. That is why it behaved upon its own accord when Naru drew it before"

"There is another legend of our family, one that is not quite so negative. It is why we are still all here instead of being destroyed long ago. That is, that one day, a great warrior would be able to wield the tainted blade and cleanse it of its impurities. One with that kind of power will be able to step to the next level of human existence. They will become something that is beyond our understanding. It will change the history of our family and possibly may even save all mankind. That is why we exist, to fulfill that legend."

Haruka took another long gulp from her cooling mug, and began again "Keitaro is one of the men of our clan destined to wield the sword; however I also believe he is probably going to be the one to cleanse it. Unlike many of his ancestors Keitaro is vastly different."

Haruka reached for the pot of coffee to warm up her mug. Kanako spoke out, "What does this have to do with Motoko, and what is going on right now?"

Tsuruko spoke next "Motoko happens to be a bystander, or perhaps fate intervened, but right now, Keitaro is on the verge of wakening. Motoko has been exposed to him while he was growing in power, she has become.... Well I guess you could explain it as Tainted. Her soul has become addicted to the powers that are leaking out of Keitaro. She will probably fail to exist if we try to separate them now, yet if they progress, they might progress together"

Haruka cleared her throat "I think that it is a good thing, this is the first time in the history of our clan that a male destined to hold the blade has not had to go through their transformation alone. Unfortunately, we are treading on thin ice, if he suspects that he has 'Tainted' her, he may become emotionally unstable and begin the rampage. Because of whom he is, this time he may end up destroying half of Japan before he is stopped. If he suspects what is going to happen to him, he may also rampage."

"Motoko is unconsciously following Keitaro like a moth to the flame. It started when she pulled him out of the hot springs the first night he started to wake up. She had watched over him that night, but being in close proximity had caused her to unconsciously make constant physical contact with Keitaro that night. She may get hurt, but without the influence of Keitaro's spiritual energy, she will perish. We cannot let him leave in pursuit of Naru, for it will destroy Motoko. Motoko's and Keitaro's feelings for each other may be the very balance that he needs to cleanse the blade. With her discipline and training she may be able to bring him into focus"

"Keitaro cannot know what is happening to him, but we cannot separate him from Motoko either. Both their lives depend on what will happen next. We also need to make sure that Keitaro doesn't affect more residence of the inn like he did to Motoko. All the girls will need to give him space and avoid long physical contact."

They sat there for a few min sipping their drinks.

Kanako sat there quietly letting all the information seep in. Her Onii-san through circumstance had become bonded with Motoko in a way she had only dreamed. Although she loved Motoko, she suddenly felt jealousy. Somehow Motoko had become inseparable on a spiritual level, with her older brother. What was her older brother? What was he to become? Couldn't it just go back to what it was before?

Kanako asked "Is it impossible to stop what is happening to Keitaro?"

Haruka peered into her coffee cup, and said, "At this point it is inevitable, it will destroy him if left unchecked. At this point he only has three possibilities. He destroys himself, he destroys half of Japan, or he breaks our family's curse and becomes what he is destined to be."

Kanako took another sip of her tea and stared down at her cup.

Tsuruko then said "At least it was Motoko; she has matured so much these last few months. If it had been Naru, I doubt she wouldn't have had the discipline or inner strength to grow with Keitaro."

Haruka added "She would have just launched him to the next county instead. It would have been perfect to have Keitaro, the ticking time bomb, be subjected to such rough treatment."

Kanako couldn't respond to their simple observation. A thought crossed her mind, "Where is Naru anyway?" she asked.

Haruka responded "When Naru launched Keitaro at the rock and Motoko voluntarily took care of him, she unconsciously couldn't leave his side. She was only wearing a bathrobe and sometime during the night she had climbed into bed with him. She really couldn't help it; she was being drawn to him like a bee to a flower. Although nothing happened physically, spiritually that is when her soul developed its necessity to be with Keitaro. I think Naru felt bad and went to apologize, and found Keitaro and Motoko practically naked and sleeping. That's when she left. It is probably for the best for now, and I hope she doesn't come back before his transformation is complete. It could spoil everything and cause more pain then good, and quite possibly bring destruction to us all"

Haruka thought for a moment and then added "If she calls, we have to keep her away, even if it means hurting her more. I love Naru like a daughter, but if Keitaro is hurt or destroyed by Naru's foolish actions, I don't think I could forgive her."

Kanako then added "What are we going to tell Keitaro, he is going to want some kind of information. He may be a semi clueless blockhead, but he will start to ask some of the wrong kind of questions."

Tsuruko responded, "Well I have an idea for that."

Su woke up and crawled out of Kanako's futon, and quickly darted to her room. She got dressed in her usual attire, and walked over to the wall of her room and pressed the hidden panel. She had found her room contained a hidden room which she converted into a laboratory. It was exactly as if it had been designed for her in the first place. It had all the amenities needed for a secret lab. Here is where she conducted most of her research on new gadgets.

She grinned from ear to ear, and said "Lets Get Started!" She grasped a large flask and wrote on the side of it, "Banana scented Hi-Speed Glue remover"

Keitaro sat there waiting for an explanation as to why Motoko was behaving as she did.

Tsuruko cleared her throat. "You see, when you hit your head on the rock, Motoko used one of the forbidden techniques of our family on you. Considering the circumstances it was probably the only thing that kept you alive. It involves merging your spiritual energy from yourself and binding it with another person. It's all very complicated."

She paused looking at Motoko's sleeping form, and then continued, "Motoko is using some of your energy and you are using most if not all of hers. That is why she keeps latching onto you. Right now, you are both sharing the same energy, it will take time for the energy that she combined to sort it self out and return to the rightful owner. In the mean time, you must understand, she has been drained of more energy than she thought she would be. This is why it is one of the forbidden techniques."

Keitaro suddenly had a concerned look on his face. Tsuruko seeing this walked over and placed her hand on his shoulder. "Do not worry, I believe she is past the worst of it, however for her to recover, you cannot leave her side, and you may have to put up with several more nights like last night. It simply cannot be helped. You should know that the technique can only be accomplished out of pure love. If there is even any other emotion, the technique wouldn't have worked. For her to be able to do this she must care for you very deeply. It would be a shame if you cannot support her on her road to recovery."

Keitaro was shocked; Tsuruko just said that Motoko had to have very deep feelings for him. He didn't know quite what to think. He looked at Motoko, she looked so peaceful and beautiful lying there.

Tsuruko then added "There are benefits to the technique, such as added strength for both of you. While your energies are merged, you may be able to do things you wouldn't normally be able to do. Maybe even some rudimentary telepathy when you're near each other."

"Oh and one more thing I should mention, but it must be done in order for your energies to return to normal. The only possible way can be undone when you are in close physical contact. Nothing can separate you, not even clothing. It must be as much skin contact as possible."

Haruka's forehead throbbed with a vein in it, and she shot Tsuruko an evil look. Keitaro stunned and then felt very flush in the face as his blood pressure was rising.

Tsuruko then added quickly "Don't worry my pet, as you know by now, the Aoyama women have incredibly soft, smooth, and sensitive skin. I am sure you will enjoy the close contact of such a beautiful young woman. Motoko will mature into a very beautiful desirable woman." Keitaro's face flushed red enough to make a stop sign jealous.

Haruka came over and gave Tsuruko a light backhand to the back of her head. Haruka then said, "Keitaro she must not know that you know, because of the side effects you will have to control your thoughts as she might be able to hear them. She risked a lot for you, and you should be grateful. We will cover for you when we can, however the other residents can't get physically close to you for an extended period of time. Their energies may disrupt the balance that you're trying to reset. Once they are reset and separate themselves, you can go look for Naru then."

Tsuruko then suggested "Perhaps it would be good for Motoko to teach you some meditation rituals. That may speed the process up."

Haruka then added "Kanako is here, she also knows, so if you need help ask her." Glancing at her watch she then said, "It would be best to appear like everything is normal. For now at least I suggest you go to your room, and wait for things to get started this morning. It may not look good to have you coming out of Motoko's room in your boxers."

He quickly realized that he was still in his boxers, and grabbed his towel and hurried toward his room.

Haruka watched him go, and turned to Tsuruko and said "Skin contact??"

Tsuruko then said "Well, It's just a lie anyway; why not embellish it a little with what has been happening already. Besides according to Shippu, Motoko is unconsciously disrobing to get just that much closer anyway."

Haruka shook her head; Tsuruko was never one for subtlety the entire time she has known her. "Now what are we going to tell Motoko?" Haruka asked.

Tsuruko thought for a moment, and then said "Well, lets cross that bridge when we come to it, I will take care of Motoko for now."

Keitaro sped down the hall and just outside his room he almost stumbled over Su. She was carrying something that looked like a jet powered titanium super-soaker. Seeing him she ignited the pilot light, and then frowned. "Aww... Keitaro you always spoil my fun I built this just for you to get unstuck from Motoko. Can I still try it anyway?"

Keitaro eyed the super-soaker, now combination flame thrower, and decided against becoming victim to it. He quickly responded "No, but I do have some other things that need unstuck later, we can try it out on them if it's ok with you?"

Her dejected face suddenly smiled, and she cried out with glee, "Horary, I'm gonna go get breakfast now!" and she ran off in the opposite direction.

He was tempted to follower her, he was starving as it was, but decided against it, and did what Haruka had instructed him to do. He laid on his futon and thought about everything he had been told. It was all rather overwhelming and his brain kept drumming up thoughts about what soft skin had been caressing him, and about the kiss that had transpired this morning. As much as he tried to not think about it, he couldn't help but think about the feeling of Motoko's breasts against his skin, or how they looked in the morning light. A final straw was when he remembered the comment that Tsuruko had added, the fact that he was going to have to spend more time with Motoko, and more direct skin contact was inevitable. Soon his blood pressure was to the point that he passed out lying on his bed.