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It took Kilobyte three days to hunt her down.

She'd been forced to retreat to her natural form, though she appeared to lack her usual composure, half a sleeve torn off and loose hair in a dark cloud around her face. And surrounded.

There were six of them, six of the more powerful minions of the Sixth Dimension.

He waited a while before lashing out with a tentacle, dispersing the minions and leaving nothing but a few metres of space between him and the woman.

She didn't bother to struggle when he wrapped a tentacle around her waist. When he began to drain her energy, her body jerked ungracefully until she finally collapsed. He noticed that she did not cry out.

Later, when she was awake, he stepped into her cell, and noticed her sudden move to stand.

She was frightened of him, he could tell; Lady Illusion had always been sensible in that respect. Though he got the impression that she was trying for defiance in her attitude.

After all, she had nothing to lose.


"You were foolish," he says. "I told you once that I would destroy you if you betrayed me. Do you remember?"

She nods, once.

"Fortunately for you, for now I need your powers. You will help me return to the mortal realm and destroy Ace Lightning. Willingly or not. I need you, and I will have you."

She laughs shakily, reaching out an arm to steady herself. "You speak of need? I wonder, Kilobyte, if you even know what you truly want?"

Her form shifts and flows, and in a few seconds a facsimile of Ace Lightning stands before Kilobyte.

The facsimile takes three paces forward, and kisses him.

The kiss lasts for a long moment, and it is the facsimile who steps back.

He laughs, in a crueller tone than the real Ace would ever use.

"Everything you've done since you entered the mortal world has been focused on me, hasn't it? And yet you never could destroy me. Ironic that it was Lord Fear who came the closest, when he destroyed this copy..."

Kilobyte raises an arm and backhands her across the face. Her form shimmers and she returns to her own, slighter, shape as she hits the wall of the cell.

She raises a hand to her cheek, and backs against the stone wall.

He smiles.

"Never try that again. Now, where were we?"

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