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What's going on?

Can't feel my leg...

I feel dizzy...

No, not just that...

Pain all over my body too...

Voices...are they from my head?

No, they sound familiar...

Something happened...

I can't think...

Wait---I remember now...


"Whoa, security is tight in here," Kaitou Kid murmured with a gleeful grin.

He was spread out on the ceiling, hands and feet against beams for support. Directly below him was a golden ring in a case, gleaming under the lights. Around it was officers, and Inspector Nakamori Ginzou was at one end of the room, talking to the museum director.

"Unfortunately, not tight enough," Kid droned as he pulled out a piece of cloth from his sleeve and tossed it down. The cloth fell onto the case, and continued to slip towards the floor. The ring had disappeared in the process.

"The ring is gone, Nakamori-keibu!" a police officer cried, noticing it.

"NANI?!" Nakamori pushed past the officers wildly to the empty spot. He took one look at the cloth, and then up at the ceiling. Kid was grinning down at him with the ring in his hand. "KIDDO! Get down here now!" he roared.

"Sure." Kid let go, but as he landed in the middle of them, his cloak fell over Inspector Nakamori and a few other officers. He laughed as Nakamori screamed bad words, trying to untangle himself. "Watch your language, Nakamori-keibu. Ja ne!" With a wave of his cloak, he disappeared.

"He couldn't have gone far, find him!" Nakamori ordered furiously.

His men started to spread out. None of them noticed one of the officers had sneaked away and disappeared through the front door.

Kid pulled away his disguise with a grin, already dressed in casual clothes. Kuroba Kaito hopped onto a motorcycle that was waiting readily at the pavement. "Idiots, as usual," he snickered, gazing at the ring. "This is really getting too easy."

He revved the engine for a moment before taking off down the street. He glanced at his watch. Whew, it's getting late. I better get home quickly and get some rest before school tomorrow.

He stopped when he reached the traffic lights, and took this moment to stretch his stiff muscles. It had been a tiring day. He couldn't wait to get home. He noticed the cars were starting to lessen on the other side. He prepared himself to start up again.

Just then, he heard children's screams not far from him. "NO, AYUMI!"

Kaito's eyes widened when he saw a little girl standing in the middle of the road, frozen in shock. A truck was heading for her.


He treaded the accelerator without thinking. He and his motorcycle sped forward and right into the truck's path in front of the girl. He heard a deafening beep of the truck's horn before the impact.


"Darn it!" Inspector Nakamori cursed, punching the dashboard. He was riding in the front passenger seat of the cop car. "I had him in front of me! I almost had him!"

"Looks like you just have to try again, keibu," the officer behind the wheel suggested with a sweat drop.

"Bah, try again! I've been trying all my life! We need a perfect plan---AIK!" He was almost thrown off his seat when the car came to a very sudden halt. "What's the matter?!" he snapped angrily as he set himself right again.

"Gomen nasai, keibu, but there's a traffic jam here," the officer said in confusion.

"Traffic jam at this time?! You've got to be kidding me! Turn on the siren!"

"Hai!" The officer obeyed, turning on the siren. Soon, they were easily getting through the traffics.


It had all happened in one second, but it seemed like an hour to him.

The truck slammed against Kaito. He could feel its bumper crashing his leg bit by bit. He let go of the bike and went flying off onto the road. His helmet knocked against the ground, but he could still feel the pain exploding in his head. His body scraped the rough road until he came to a halt, pain showering him. He cringed, recoiling in the middle of the road. Horns deafened him from all directions.

"Niichan!" the girl shrieked, rushing to him. "Niichan, daijoubu ka?!"

Kaito was definitely not doing well. He couldn't feel his right leg. He was mostly covered in blood. He could even feel some trickling down from under his helmet. His vision slipped in and out of focus, and he thought he was hearing voices in his head. But he managed a weak smile as he looked up at the girl.

"I-I'm fine...w-what about you...? Are you---are you okay...?"

The girl nodded, already in tears. "The truck stopped when it hit niichan...arigatou gozaimasu..."

"N-no problem...glad you're...okay..." Kaito flinched. He let go of the jewel in his hand. Blinking, the girl picked it up and gazed at it. Kaito smiled weakly at her. "T-take it...I have no use with it...just---don't tell anyone---"

"AYUMI-CHAN, DAIJOUBU?!" a familiar voice suddenly cried, footsteps running up to them.

Kaito lifted his head a little. Even though his vision was still blurry, he could make out the familiar face of his nemesis. It's him...that scary little detective boy...what's his name? Oh, right...Edogawa...

Ayumi wiped her tears and pocketed the ring. She turned. "Conan-kun! I'm fine, but niichan---"

"Mitsushiko, call the ambulance!" the bespectacled boy ordered before bending down in front of the injured teenager. "Hang in there, the ambulance is on its way!"

Just then, Kaito heard a police siren. His eyes shifted up as Nakamori-keibu ran towards him. "Hang on there!" he said as he undid Kaito's helmet. He took it off slowly---and his jaws fell open. "K-Kaito-kun! Is that you?" he exclaimed.

"N-Nakamori-keibu..." Kaito whispered with a small laugh. "W-what do---you know..."

"Keibu, get your men to clear the roads now!" the boy shouted, startling the inspector. "We need the roads cleared for the ambulance! Hurry!"

Nakamori blinked, and then he nodded nervously in reply. He never thought he would take orders from a little boy---but there was no time to think now. He turned to his officer behind him. "You heard him, contact the unit!"

Kaito's breath was getting raspy, and he was starting to feel somewhat dizzy. The girl burst into tears. "It's my fault!"

"I-Iie..." Kaito gasped, reaching out forcefully to touch her. "It's---not your fault...d-don't cry...I'm---I'm fine..." He smiled, and flinched again. His vision had gotten so blurry that he could not even recognize the two faces anymore. "I---can't---see..."

"Don't talk anymore, you're injured really badly!" the boy told him firmly. "Keep awake!"

Kaito smiled again. "Y-you're---very in---insistent, boy...very...b-but I'm afraid---I can't---"

Yes, I remember...

This was what happened...

But I can't think anymore...

Getting tired...

Must---stay awake...

I---I can't...

The last thing Kaito heard was the boy bellowing at him before he lost consciousness.