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Based on what I know of the Resident Evil Timeline this would be somewhere between 2 and Code Veronica and is my own idea of what happened to Leon Kennedy even though I doubt you'll ever see idea's this strange in a RE game and it really wouldn't make a good game. I should also point out this borrows from the Comic books and the Novel by SD Perry.

Resident Evil: Viral Evolution

Chapter 1: Project Redemption

Leon Kennedy awoke with a gag in his mouth strapped to a upright table on wheels. He shook his head trying to remember how he got here the last thing he remembered was heading to where he was to meet Claire after dropping Sherry off at a safe place. He looked around and suddenly found himself staring at a strikingly beautiful blonde in a very short skirt and lab coat. His eyes still a bit cloudy finally focused on her ice blue eyes and he immediately felt his skin crawl the look she was giving him was frightening and given all the things he had seen in his life that was truly disturbing.

"Ah Mr. Kennedy or can I call you Leon now that your awake I can show you what will happen to your fellow lab rats before beginning on you." the woman said as she made a motion and Leon felt himself be propelled forward he managed to twist his neck enough to see himself being pushed along by a rather grim faced guard dressed in solid black with a familiar red and white logo over the left breast. "You see Mr. Kennedy thanks to you and that Redfield bitch the G-virus research has been set back tremendously." She said with a snarl "Ah here we are the CT-virus lab."

As they entered the lab the first thing Leon noticed was all the workers dressed in lab coats walking about checking instruments. "This unfortunate gentleman and his lover who you will meet next were out sailing when they came up on us collecting DNA samples from various marine life and I thought since he was so well built why not make him into a tyrant." she said laughing a cackle more befitting a medieval witch. Leon looked threw a glass divide to see a rather large black man who was well muscelled strapped to a table with various complex looking machines covering parts of his body parts that are deformed on Tyrants. Leon realized with a sick feeling in his gut. "Okay folks now that the guest of honor is here inject the CT-virus." she glanced back at Leon "My own special version I cooked up not as strong but curable in the all stages not just the early ones like the T. After all don't want any accidents in my lab I look to damn good to be a zombie." she said patting his face.

"Okay Lets continue our tour next stop CMR-Virus research where you and the rest of my little projects will take place." she smiled evilly "Oh I forgot to give you my name sweetie it's Dr. Lindsay buy you can call me mama cause your gonna be one of my babies soon." she said as she leaned up and kissed him on the cheek. Leon still disturbed about seeing the man condemned to be a Tyrant had come to the conclusion this lady was nuts pure and simple. "Oh goody were nearly there you see the CMR-virus is my own creation it stands for Controllable Mutagenic Revisable Virus." she looked back and smiled "Since I know you good looking men are always to dumb to understand I'll fill you in." Leon began to wonder what Umbrella was thinking giving this woman access to their viruses. "You see deary my virus can be changed to create what ever we want unlike that fool Birkin's." she smiled "True my virus takes longer and can't produce a large army in a matter of days like his two can but my creation will revolutionize bioengineering ,of course, I have to convince Umbrella of it's usefulness that's were you and the other three come in." suddenly she smiled "We are here welcome Mr. Kennedy to your new home CMR main lab." she said as they reached a huge set of doors similar to the other lab only larger. She keyed in a command sequence and he was wheeled in. Leon gasped audibly as he saw that there were three chambers in the lab one of which was filled nearly to the top with water.

"Ah yes that tank is meant for our first subject the love of our new tyrant inject her with the Marine Variant and dumb her." Leon heard a door open followed by a splash the young well defined black woman managed to surface and gasped in air from the then area at the top. "Don't worry moving on give number 2 the bast variant and dump her." Leon was turned to face a chamber full of trees into it was dumped a tall Brunette who looked wore glasses and looked straight out of a woman who lives with cats magazine. "We found her feeding stray cats since she loves them so much why not make her one, get the name Leon dear Bast was the Egyptian cat goddess." she twirled around and smiled and said "Now my favorite." "This fellow here was a PI investigating Umbrella so we fetched him so to speak give him Lycanthrapy and send him into our other forest." she looked at Leon and smiled as she noticed he needed no explanation of what Lycanthrapy would do to the man. A rather typical looking PI with black hair slicked back and a rather non descript suit fell to the ground.

"Okay boys take Mr. Kennedy here into my private lab." Leon was wheeled threw another door and then removed from the strange cart he had been on he tried to struggle but several other guards came and forced him to the wall were he was restrained by molded bars that clamped over his arms and legs. "Remove his shirt gentlemen then leave." Leon watched helplessly as his shirt was cut off and the guards left. "Let me tell you a story Mr. Kennedy you see when I first joined Umbrella I was head of two projects codenamed I and A unfortunately once Birken had a break threw with the T-virus the company pulled funding from my projects to Birken's and reduced me to an assistant." she said anger clearly on her face. "Once I created the CT-virus I was given this facility and transferred from the Raccoon mansion lab fortunately for me it was a few months before the accident there."

"Then created the CMR virus and had a wonderful Idea I would take my left over samples from A and I and combine them with my virus." she said proudly holding up a large syringe filled to capacity with a blue liquid. "I give you Redemption, of course I have no idea what it will do but then that's what your here for Mr. Kennedy." she said as she walked over. "Your such a hansom specimen maybe I should have some fun first." she said licking his chest then going up to his face when he turned away she smiled coldly. "Naw as fun as Sex is I get off on my work even more." she said as she found the vein his arm and injected the liquid once it was all gone she stepped back and hit a button the floor under him opened and the bar released. He fell threw a tunnel and then was dropped out into enclosure that was partially out site with a fenced grating over the top letting him see the sun. He pulled himself over until he collapsed face down in the sun shine.

Some time later he awoke feeling incredibly ill. He managed to pull his gag out of his mouth just in time to throw up violently. He managed to drag himself over to a tree witch he leaned up against and closed his eyes hoping to stop the way the world was spinning round and round in front of his face. "I'm fucking screwed I'm going to end up a damn zombie" he muttered to himself as he once again felt his stomach contract violently fortunately now it was empty so he had nothing left to throw up. "I should just find a way to end it all before it happens." he started to stand to try to find a way to do just that when his back muscelles violently spasm and he fell face first to the ground pain lancing along his spine.

"Zoom in on his back" Dr. Lindsay said to one of the technicians monitoring the camera. She smiled as she saw two lines forming under his skin "Looks like he has inherited part of project A." she noticed the look some of her underlings were giving her. "Project Angel early in my research I considered a way to get free lab rats I was going to design a bio weapon that looked like an Angel and have it convince cults that working for us was a Divine calling but unfortunately when funding fell threw I couldn't finish the project." she smiled "Looks like I finally get my man with wings of course hopefully they will be functional the only test subject of A had deformed half grown wings."

Leon woke up with the pain in his back gone the only thing wrong was he was incredibly hungry he looked up to see a large tray of food slide in. Not caring what it was he drug himself over and began to shovel food into his mouth. As soon as he finished that try another one slid in and he began to devour that as well. "Looks like our boy is hungry today but then sleeping for three days will do that to you." Dr. Lindsay said looking down at the screen "I'm surprised they have all finished mutating so quickly the CMR must be more powerful than I thought." she said with a smile "Contact the big bosses they need to come see what we've cooked up down here."

After Leon finished half his fourth tray he got up and headed to the small stream that fed his enclosure and began to drink feeling his very dry and parched throat begin to heal. "Atleast I didn't turn into a zombie I guess I got off pretty lucky I didn't change at ..." he trailed off as he noticed his reflection in the water he was no sporting a rather large pair of white wings. "How the hell I have to be dreaming." he said as he reached back and pulled on a small feather and felt a small jab of pain. "I'm not dreaming." he said and set down suddenly on the ground ignoring small bit of pain as his wings were bent at an uncomfortable angle.

After spending some time sitting there he finally snapped out of it enough to get up and move to sitting on some rocks and began to think about how he got here. "All I remember is dropping Sherry off and then driving off to meet Claire." as he set there thinking he began to remember something else when he was about half way to where he was to meet Claire a blond woman had run out waving her arms asking for help. When he had stopped she had gassed him and the last thing he remembered was seeing her smile. "So Dr. Lindsay must have gassed me and brung me here to use as a fucking lab rat." he said to himself he began to wonder how his life had gone so wrong. "I was on my way to Raccoon City to start a career as a police officer helping people." he shook his head. "Then after living threw that hell hole I vowed to help Claire Take down Umbrella before they could create any more freaks and now I'm one of their freaks." he said shaking his head sadly.

"Is that the unauthorized experiment doctor?" a tall man with slicked back blonde hair and glasses said looking at a monitor showing Leon. He turned and waited while Lindsay nodded somberly. "Is it contagious the viral agent you used to create him?" he asked she shook her head no. "Good have him brought to the boat I wish to have a talk with Mr. Kennedy then I'll decide rather or not to dispose of him but stick to what your supposed to research doctor your not being paid to create your own fantasies." with that he headed out of the room.

"Damn don't those fools see the usefulness of project redemption." she said angrily. "Well you heard him folks begin renovating the lab to begin work on G-virus research since that asshole Birkin is dead we have to take over research here." with that she stormed out of the room to head for her office.

Leon didn't know what to think armed guards had stormed in and forcibly handcuffed him and then they had led him threw the facility and out toward what looked like boat docks. "Get in there." a guard said shoving him into a large yacht.

"Welcome Mr. Kennedy I'm Wilson Farlane, I'm the supervisor in charge of Dr. Lindsay's island research you were an unauthorized experiment so now I have to decide what to do with you." he said with an annoyed expression on his face. "I would normally just have you exterminated but looking at your file I believe I have a better use for you?"

"What?" Leon said his curiosity getting the better of him. The man sitting behind the desk smiled and got up to walk to where he was standing.

"It's really simple I want you to head the security of this facility and insure no accident's happen." he said seeing Leon about to violently refuse. "Listen carefully Mr. Kennedy Umbrella is not heartless we don't like seeing people suffer but the gains our research will offer far outwieghs the cost."

"Now the problem is only mad scientist types will touch the virus and that woman has got to be the craziest one of the lot, and I want someone to keep an eye on her your perfect an outsider." "Another plus is the fact that your immune to most of the viruses we work on thanks to her experiment you can deal with any possible outbreak before it spreads to far." Leon was sitting in shock listening to this guy talk.

"And remember Mr. Kennedy you will never have a normal life but help us and I will garuntee Sherry Birkin is removed from the seek and destroy list?" Leon suddenly set upright he truly didn't care if he lived or died but Sherry was just a child.

Leon sighed and said "Fine I accept you offer." the man smiled coolly and got up to undue the handcuffs.

"You wont regret this Mr. Kennedy come on let's get one of my assistants to measure those wings so we can build a custom bullet proof vest for you." Leon followed the guy out with a sick feeling in his stomach the kind you get when you feel like you sold your soul.

To Be continued....

Okay and that ends the first chapter of Viral Evolution Yes I know some folks will probably scream about Leon taking that deal at the end but face it he's not exactly in his usual frame of mind he just recently found himself with wings and now he's being given the choice he and Sherry die or he lives and works for them. Also this chapter was mainly detail I know future chapters will feature more of the Action/Horror RE is famous for.

Read No Further if you don't want any spoilers of Future chapters

Don't worry about the zombies it wouldn't be a resident evil fic without them I'll try to introduce them in an original way. Also a certain character from the first game will make an appearence in some form. You will also see more dealing with the four creations Leon saw before being used in Project Redemption.