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Note this chapter will seem to rush along that's intentional this is a transitional chapter from the Island prestory to the main storyline of Viral Evolution.

Resident Evil: Viral Evolution

Chapter 4: Angel's Fall

Leon Kennedy sighed to himself as he finished reviewing the reports from the other security officers all of which seemed to avoid him. "Their afraid of catching the virus that made me what I am." he mused depressingly to himself as he stood up and stretched feeling the kinks pop out of his back.

Looking at the clock he say he only had about an hour till he was to meet Angela. Sitting back down at the desk he called up the blue prints for the facility and other documents they would need and let the CD-R drive go to work. "What ever happens I'm going to get her and Sherry out of this if I can't have a normal life they will." he vowed slightly.

Angela paced her room she had walked past the still unmade bed several times yet she just couldn't shake the nagging feeling that something was wrong. "I suppose I should get ready to meet Leon." she grabbed the disk containing her research since she hated leaving it alone unwatched she also grabbed the box of letters her brother has sent her over the years which was her best evidence of his change from the kind caring older brother into the monster he was now.

Angela headed down the hall and out the gate that led to the beach ignoring the snickering guards and the snide "There goes the freaks girl off for another late night stroll." she considered telling them off but decided better of it. 'Whatever they think only serves to keep them from getting suspicious about what we are really doing.' she thought silently it still bothered her that folks would write Leon off so quickly and treating him like he was less than they were.

"Well Well Well so they are off Come along Baby it's time to go finish them before moving ahead with our plans." she said as she hit a button causing the tank to drain and the huge behemoth inside to stir and shatter the glass. "Oh my Darling don't worry soon you'll really get to flex your muscles as you rip poor Leon to shreds" the huge bulk followed her threw a door that led out into the woods. "Isn't it nice having our own back door those idiots don't know about." she said lightly not noticing the shape crouched in the woods an unmoving form that waited until she was gone to slip threw the still open door before it closed.

The man stood up he was dressed in a long brown trench coat which covered a rather plain looking black shirt and blue jeans. His hair was a faint blondish gray despite his seemingly youthful appearance he looked no older than 30 aside from the hair and the disturbingly old looking green eyes that conveyed a great deal of knowledge and sadness.

"Well now to get to work." he said lightly to himself he had no clue how long Lindsay it would take her to deal with them and he had to finish in time to save them. Pulling on a gas mask he hit a button previously scattered threw out the compound tanks erupted sending out a powerful knockout gas. "Ya know this was far to easy to set up." the thought to himself but worrying about that was pointless he had work to do.

Roxy swam up to the glass in her tank she saw the technicians fainting and wondered what was up. Looking over she saw the other two victims of the nightmare she found herself in were also at their window. She has never spoken to them and didn't even know their name but she felt a kinship with them after all they had all been robbed of their humanity. 'Girl you are getting way to philosophical being trapped in this tank all the time." she told her self her self admonishment stopped as the water in the tank began to lower as she stood there dripping wet she noticed a man in a brown trench coat motioning her and the others back from the glass she complied as he threw small disk onto each sheet of glass then ducked as they exploded and shattered the glass causing it to fall tot he ground in a huge pile.

Adam sighed as he walked forward spreading some extra lab coats over the shattered glass raising his voice so the three mutants could hear him. "Come on I'm getting you out of here but there isn't much time." he said turning to look at them the marine mutant still looked vaguely human except for the green scaly skin and the gills prominently showcased on her neck. The Feline mutant looked right out of a Science fiction story as she moved along gracefully like a humanoid cat ditto for the Werewolf looks just like you would expect he thought. "Well come on what are you waiting for.

He noticed the marine mutant pulling on one of the extra lab coats he hadn't noticed that she had been nude unlike the other two who still sported the tattered remains of their former clothes. "Wait we have to save Darien." He frowned he had hoped to avoid doing this.

"I'm sorry but he was killed early on we have to go now you can morn later." he said with as much conviction as he could to the fish woman who began to cry. "Listen if you die here than he will never be avenged and you'll die for nothing now come on." he said grimly reluctantly stealing herself she stood and began to follow him the other two shrugged and reluctantly followed. "Hurry there are still two people we have to save from that witch who did this two people who have been forced to work here against their will." he said figuring it would be better to keep them from freaking at the Umbrella logo on Kennedy's uniform.

Leon set on a fallen tree trunk looking out to sea he turned as Angela walked up. "Listen about what happened today I just want to say I'm sorry" he said as he watched her approach him on the beach.

Angela sighed and turned the gentle sea breeze stirring her long hair "I already told you it's allergist and that I forgive you." she turned toward him and smiled watching as he nervously smiled back. "Leon we have to go soon Lindsay is up to something I can feel it."

"What do you mean?" Leon asked the nervous smile being replaced by a dark scowl that seemed even more ominous in the moonlight. Angela turned toward him the look in her eyes was one of fear.

"It's just the way she's been these last few weeks she seems more out of it than ever." she set down on the long next to him and Leon awkwardly wrapped his arm around her. "Leon I think she knows somehow about our plans."

"That's impossible." he said even if he didn't sound entirely convinced. He noticed the reproachful way she was looking at him and sighed "Okay I know I haven't really been keeping tabs on her or the base security like I should I'm just miserable knowing I'll spend the rest of my life as a freak."

"Leon your not a freak we will find some way to cure you once we get off this island." she said wondering if he was slipping into another of his moods. She really hoped not she felt they were running out of time and she didn't need him wallowing in self pity.

"I wish I could believe that." he said with a wistful tone. "But I can't lets just work on getting off this island." he said hoping she would drop the matter. She twisted around to face him and much to his surprise kissed him.

"Leon I will find a way to cure you I promise you that." she said as she pulled away from him. Leon recovering from his shock could only nod his head in agreement. Leaning in she kissed him again this time he reluctantly at first kissed back.

"Hurry up you three take cover while I blow us an exit from this place." he said as he fixed the charge to the wall and then hurried to take cover beside them. "15 min that should give time for the writers to finish writing the files I need." he said looking over toward the bank of computers that were hard at work burning the CD-R's with the files he had selected. "So just sit back and relax for a bit" he said looking over at the three mutants with shocked expressions on their faces.

"I've learned from experience that patience is a virtue even in a situation. I'm sure the two were are going after are resourceful enough to hold out another Fifteen minutes." he said coolly. The others looked like they were about to ask a question when they heard a roar followed by a shrill scream. "Or maybe not." he said silently wishing the disk would write faster.

Leon pulled back. "We can't what if I infect you." he said grimly.

Angela tried to thank of something to say but she couldn't finally decided to just tell him the truth. "Leon I don't care." walking over and hugging him. Before he could anything they were interrupted by a cackling laugh.

"How sweet you shouldn't have worried Leon dear the CMV is non transmissible." Dr. Lindsay Said as she stepped out of the shadows. "Now the two of you die without ever tasting the pleasure you could have offered each other." she said smiling. "Baby come play with the nice bird boy."

A Hulking brute that resembled Birken in his final only with two huge claw handed arms and a tiny tyrant like head. It roared and Swiped at them Leon shoved Angela out of the way and the Creature caught him on the chest sending him backwards with a huge chunk removed from his vest and deep cuts in the flesh underneath.

Leon Screamed in pain as he landed hard on his wings. Before he could do anything the Creature gripped his left leg and hurled him into the air as he crashed down face first he realized he was going to die.

"Leon.." Angela never finished as Lindsay hit her on the back of the head sending her into unconsciousness.

"Quiet your ruining the show." she said smiling happily as her Leon attempted to rise only to fall back down since his left leg was useless with those gashes from the claws in. "Oh come now Leon why not use those pretty wings I gave you and fly." she said laughing.

Leon heard her but threw the pain confusion he thought it was Angela and thinking of her convinced him he could fly them to safety he may still die but she wouldn't. Leon spread his wings and attempted to fly. His world then exploded into pain before sinking into blackness.

The Creature produced a sound of pleasure as it darted forward and shoved it's clawed hands into Leon's wings as he spread them to try to fly. Leon fell limp at the creatures feet as an explosion rang out from the facility.

"Baby that's enough let him bleed to death we have more company." she said turning to face the approaching individuals. "Hello Adam let me show you my game." She said pulling a remote with three buttons out of her pocket. She hit the first button and an explosion rang out in the water. "Bye Bye Little Boat we shall miss thee." she hit the second and smiled. "Now all my coworkers are poisoned and I'll blame it on you dear Adam."

"You set me up didn't you Lindsay." he said not noticing the shocked looks his three companions were giving him. "Yes before you ask I know her she and I are old enemies."

"Enemies Adam is that is hardly how I would define our relationship." She said coolly as her behemoth approached them making a sound of desire. "Now Now Baby you can eat them in a minute Mommy is having a talk with her old Friend Adam."

"Well Lindsay your not the only one who likes to plan ahead." he said as a missile impacted her baby and the blast spread it over the beach.

"Baby!!" Lindsay yelled as she turned to see a second boat much larger with someone standing on it holding a bazooka. "Avalon! I should have known you'd be working with them." she said angrily pressing the third button.

Explosions rocked the island. "You crazy bitch you've activated the sweep system to destroy the evidence this whole island is going to sink into the ocean. " Adam said to her.

"Of course if I can't survive none of you will." She said running off into the burnign forest.

"Help Me." Adam said as he picked up the limp and battered form of Leon Kennedy. "Grab the girl and come on we have to go looks like Lindsay is going up with the island." he said they hurried to the boat.

Some time later on the boat Adam and the ships captain are talking. "Are you sure they are worth the resources we expended." The captain said as he scowled at the thought of the lost boat. "Avalon doesn't have the resources of our enemy you know."

"Yes but they were worth it especially Mr. Kennedy once I get him back to the lab that is." Adam said grimly. "I hate to say it but one mans life in exchange for stopping this enemy is a price I'll gladly pay."

To Be continued..

Yes Yes more original characters don't fret mes amis of course the original Favorite will show back up. I do believe the above line is a perfect ending place for this chapter. Avalon will be explained next time and we will get to see the fall out from Lindsay's actions.