Mokuba glanced around blearily, eyes finally resting on his brother, typing away. Stifling a yawn, he looked down. '…What the hell?' he thought, picking at the collar of Seto's trench coat. "Amazing… it retains its shape at all times!" Mokuba mumbled, eyes widened. He winced. 'No wonder I woke up…' he thought ruefully, fingering one of the buckles on the sleeve. Seto stopped typing, and looked up.

"Did you sleep well, Mokuba?" he asked, and resumed his computer work. Mokuba nodded, and opened his mouth.

"Seto… do you put starch on your trench coat?"

Seto stopped typing again, and looked at his younger brother like he was out of his mind. "No," he answered bluntly, raising an eyebrow at Mokuba's incredulous expression. Sweeping out of his chair, he leaned over, and tapped his younger brother on the nose with a long, slender finger. "It ruins the leather."

"Then why does it stay in the same position all the time? Do you put wires in it or something?" Mokuba blinked.

Seto gently removed the white trench coat from Mokuba's lap, and shrugged it on. "No."

Mokuba furrowed a brow in puzzlement, as he leapt up to trot after his brother. "Then why?"

Sighing, Seto strode over to the balcony, and gazed at a building in the distance. "Mokuba. There is a time for every Kaiba to learn the secrets of the Kaiba before him. As I learned to run a multi-million dollar corporation, you will learn… the secret of the trench coat."

Noting Mokuba's rapt attention, he continued. "Now, this is a very important lesson. You must promise to tell no one, lest our secret be stolen. Do you understand?" Mokuba nodded. "All right, then." Seto lifted up the hem of his trench coat, and began to speak. But suddenly, a helicopter flew over them, in the shape of the Blue Eyes White Dragon. Seto continued his speech, until he realized it was his Blue Eyes White Jet.

Pausing, he looked up in horror. He then frantically ran after it, screaming. "Come back! That's MY jet, you freaks! I will personally have you beheaded and disemboweled if you don't come back RIGHT now!" Glancing at Mokuba, he yelled, "And that was the secret of the trench coat!" before running off again. Mokuba just gaped dumbly, eyes glazed over. 'I'm going to be like him when I'm older…' he thought. 'But.. Minus the trench coat.'


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