Hedgehogs, Echidnas, and Foxes, Oh my!

An Exciting Tale By

Noma the Fox

Here. A Sonic the Hedgehog story by yours truly. xD I'm very bored, and need a fun way to cure that boredom. I'm just gonna put a bunch of random stuff, and yeah. Sonic will be curious, Knuckles will punch things (Like always),Tails will lick things under the sink, and Shadow will have cookies. Note; I don't own Sonic. ;-; Nor do I own Donkey Kong. Or Disneyland. Or... any Disney characters. Whoo.

Forward, march!


This was quite the scene. Somehow, Shadow managed to get his own house, and everybody was there. Sonic, Shadow, and Knuckles were all playing video games. Not being typical and playing one of their own, but playing Donkey Kong.

"Go up! Go up! Go up! Go up! Go up! Go up!" Knuckles screamed over and over.

Shadow threw the controller at Knuckles, "How am I supposed to do a single damned thing when you keep screaming at me to do things?!?!" He stomped off to the kitchen.

He found Tails under the sink, licking at things. "Sonic... Why is that fox boy licking things under the sink..?"

They both heard Sonic scream, "Tails! Stop licking things under the sink!"

Tails screamed back, "But it tastes so good!" He continued licking.

Sonic walked in, "Tails, if you don't stop licking, you're going to die. 'Cause that stuff is really bad for you."

The little fox gasped, "I don't want to die!! I don't want to die!!!!!"

"Haha, too bad, kid! You're gonna die anyways!!" Knuckles laughed his head off.

Suddenly, Tails flew back and died.

Everyone blinked.

"S-so... What now?" Sonic asked.

Shadow grinned, "Wanna go terrorize the children down at the park?"

"I do I do!!!" Knuckles laughed more as he punched his fists.

Sonic jumped in the air, "Yeah! Let's go terrorize children!"

Soo, they went off to terrorize children down at the park. They had a grand time, too. Knuckles pounded a kid's head into the sand, Sonic made a few dizzy by running around them really fast, and Shadow pushed a bunch off the jungle gym. But after the last child pushed, they were pushed out themselves. The parents weren't too pleased with jacked-up children.

Knuckles complained as they walked down the sidewalk, "I'm bored! Let's find something to do! Are you guys hungry? Wanna get something to eat? How 'bout we get tacos! I love tacos! Did you know tacos come from Mexico? I've never been to Mexico! I heard it's really dirty. Dirty places aren't fun. Did you know I protect the Master Emerald? I don't know where it came from. I don't know why I have to be the one to protect it, either. Where did I come from? Aside from Angel Island? Did my parents die or something? How can I be the last living echidna when there's a whole little clan? And what about..."

Shadow picked up a rather large rock and threw it at Knuckles' head, causing him to pass out. "That'll teach him for taking my cookies."

Sonic glanced over to the knocked-out echidna, then to the black hedgehog. But then he looked back at the echidna, because he looked so pretty lying there. "Er... what?"

Shadow sighed, "He took my cookies."

"He did?"

"....Yes, he did."

"Well where did he put the box?"

"Uhh.. I dunno."

"Can I have some cookies?"

"Once I find where the box is."

"What kind are they?"

"Chocolate chip."

"Okay! Let's go find the cookies!"

They then went to Angel Island, leaving Knuckles behind. Only to find those precious cookies.

Sonic and Shadow ripped around through Knuckles' house to find zee cookies, but didn't succeed.

Shadow stood up, "How much do you want to bet they're next to the Master Emerald?"

Sonic, "I'll bet you 10 dollars!!"

"You're on!" Shadow screamed, with the dollar sign in his eyes.

The hedgehogs went off to shrine of the Master Emerald. "Damned lazy echidna, not doing his job." Shadow said. But sure enough, the cookies were right under the Emerald.

Shadow jumped and pointed at Sonic grinning his head off, "Ha! You owe me ten dollars!"

Sonic looked left and right, "Are you sure it was me who promised that?"

Shadow put his arm down and frowned, "What're you saying?"

Sonic threw his arm around Shadow and smirked, "What if someone tricked you into thinking it was me, just to steal your cookies?"

Shadow gasped, "They wouldn't!" He huggled his cookies.

"Oh, they would. They would, Shadow."

"Well... Then what should I do?"

"Go beat the living hell out of Robotnik."


"'Cause he's the one who wants your cookies."

"Hey! Shouldn't you try to trick Knuckles? He's the gullible one!"

"Er... But they're your cookies, correct?"

"Gasp! You are SO right!"

"So what're you gonna do now..?"

"Beat the living hell out of Robotnik!"


Right then and there, Shadow managed to use Chaos Control to get to Robotnik. Even though he didn't have any Chaos Emeralds. I guess he was just that magical. Anywho, once he got there, he automatically beat Robotnik half to death.

Robotnik pushed Shadow aside, "What in God's name is going on?! Why are you attacking me?!?!?"

Shadow simply said, "You took my cookies."

Robotnik yelled, "Why would I take your damned cookies?? And how? They're right there in your hands!"

Shadow looked at his left hand. Robotnik was right, the cookies were in his hand.

"Well... You still took them."

Robotnik blinked, "...No, I didn't."

Shadow got all angry, "Well then who did?"

"....No one took them, Shadow."

"Well... What am I supposed to do now?"

"Go beat the living hell out of Sonic."


"Urk... 'cause I said so."

"Wait! Deja vu! Or whatever the hell that thing is."

Robotnik stared at him, "What?"

Shadow clenched his fists and jumped, "Yes! I've done this before! Oop, now if you'll excuse me, I have to go pick up Knuckles off the sidewalk. He's been there for quite the amount of time." He then used Chaos Control again, without the Chaos Emerald.

"How did he do that? He doesn't have any Chaos Emeralds!"

Aaaanywho, Shadow went off to get Knuckles off the sidewalk. When he actually got there, Knuckles was being kicked at by little kids.

"Hey you dopey kids! What're you doing to my friend?"

The children looked at him, one spoke up, "We're kicking this red guy, 'cause he looks kickable."

Shadow thought about this, and then started kicking at Knuckles. A few minutes later and after much kicking, Knuckles finally woke up.

"Err.. Wha? What happened?"

Shadow smiled, "I knocked you out, and now a bunch of kids and I are kicking at you!"

Knuckles got all pissed, then punched the children away.

Shadow started crying, "But they were such lovely children!"

Knuckles punched Shadow in the face, "Oh well."

Shadow rubbed his cheek, "Where's Sonic?"

Knuckles glared, "Er.. How am I supposed to know? I've been knocked out."

"Oh. Should we go find him?" Shadow questioned.

"I guess. But where would we look?" Knuckles asked.

"How 'bout that one place that he really really likes?"

"You mean Disneyland?"

"Yeah! Yeah! That place. Let's go see if he's there."

Knuckles wondered, "Why is it we've spent most of this story just finding things and stuff?"

Shadow answered, "'Cause we're just that magical."

Knuckles stared, "What the hell?!"

"I can read minds." Shadow giggled.

"Urk.. O-kay..."

Knuckles kicked Shadow in the shin, then they went off to Disneyland to find Sonic. But, they didn't search for Sonic, they went on as many rides as possible. Theeen, they went off to find their happy blue friend.

"Do you think Sonic is even here?" Knuckles asked as he shoved some cotton candy down his throat.

Shadow put his hands behind his head, "Doubt it. I just wanted to come here because it makes me happy. Ooh, look! There's Goofy!" He ran over to Goofy and tackled him, "Oh Goofy! You rock!"

Knuckles walked up to them, "You know he's just a guy in a costume, right, Shadow?"

Shadow glared, "Nu uh! This is the real deal, man!" He snuggled as the helpless character groaned.

Knuckles put one hand on his shoulder, then ripped the head off, "See?" The man looked frightened.

Shadow stopped what he was doing. What he saw was indeed a man in a costume. So, both Shadow and the children around them started crying. The parents and workers glared at the echidna. "What?!" They threw him out, 'cause it's bad to rip off the head of cartoon characters. It made the children, and Shadow, oh so very sad.

Shadow sniffled, "Why did you do that?"

Knuckles crossed his arms, "To show that it wasn't the real thing."

Suddenly!!!! Sonic popped up. "Hey guys!"

Knuckles smacked Sonic, "Where have you been??"

Sonic smiled, "Disneyland."

Both Shadow and Knuckles fell, all anime style. "Why didn't you tell us?!"

Sonic grinned and laughed, "I didn't want to 'cause I had to go see Mickey!"

They fell over again. Shadow stood up and smacked Sonic, "You should know it's just a stupid guy in a costume!"

Sonic gasped, "Nu-uh! He's real!"

Out of the blue, Mickey Mouse appeared. "Ho ho! Hello!"

Knuckles blinked, "It's fake. Watch." He tugged on Mickey's ear, it didn't move. "What the hell?" He pulled at it over and over.

"Ow! You son of a bitch!" Mickey tackled Knuckles and starting beating him senseless. Knuckles fought back, so Mickey lost.

"Sayonara!" Knuckles yelled as he threw Mickey.


Shadow hugged Sonic, "It'll be okay, blue hedgehog. It'll be okay."

Sonic sniffed, "It will?"

"I don't know, I just felt like saying that."




"I think the story's over. Noma can't think of anything else to write."

Shadow started crying, "But it can't end! I love it so much!"

Knuckles smiled and waved, "That's all, folks!"


Okay. I totally ran out of ideas for this story, so that's good enough.