Title: Beautiful

Author: Vix


Rating: pg (kissing)

Category: Seamus/Dean slash

Disclaimers: I own NOTHING!...grumble grumble

Author's Note: First S/D fic ever- please review.

Spoilers: None really- but this is set at S/D flat way later after Hoggie Warts :)

Seamus sat engrossed at the man next to him. No matter how many times he saw it he couldn't tear his eyes away, and he couldn't stop the way his heart caught.

Strewn gracefully across the rumbled white sheets was his lover, his best friend- his everything.

Reaching out Seamus allowed for his pale fingers to trail over his lover's dark, broad torso. He was quite enamored. So enamored that when the bright, chestnut eyes rested questioningly on his he didn't notice. The voice that rattled from deep within, still husky with sleep, did however catch his attention, "Morning Luv."

"Morning," Seamus's voice was husky as well, but still barely a whisper.

"Everything alright?" The dark head cocked to the side, embedded a little deeper in the bright white pillow. His lover was never so sated as this in the mornings, never so quite or thoughtful.

"You're dark." Seamus said stroking over the flat, toned stomach in a daze.

Those dark eyes narrowed, what was he thinking, "Have been from some time now. Is that a problem?"

Seamus looked up instantly at his best friend and quickly corrected himself, "You're beautiful. The contrast in the sheets, in the moonlight, the way you blend so perfectly in the shadows. It's like you're not even mortal, but something.... More."

Dean kept quiet through Seamus's explanation, reaching forward he stilled those roaming hands and wrapped his own fingers around Seamus's hand, "Look."

Seamus stared down at their joined hands, the way the tones played off each other, such compliments really.

"Beautiful." Dean murmured pulling Seamus down towards him.

Dean's lips were soft on his and his other hand was splayed across Seamus's back urging him even closer, "We're beautiful Seamus."

The words that were whispered into his mouth made his heart stop altogether before he spoke his agreement in the same hushed tone, "Beautiful."

The End.