Harry drifted awake, but he did not open his eyes, something was amiss, but he wasn't sure what. He had the feeling that he should be afraid but couldn't remember why. He couldn't remember going to bed the previous night. The last thing he remembered was leaving the Dursley house to go for a walk.

Harry's eyes snapped open. He felt as though he had come out worse in a fight. The sterile smell suggested to Harry that he was in a hospital of some kind. Looking around him he saw several magical machines, giving off strange chirping or beeping noises every few seconds.

Why was he here? Feeling as though he was trying to see through thick fog harry tried to remember, head pounding. There was a crash outside of the room. Harry tried to sit up. He got halfway up before he realised that something was restraining him. He was tied to the bed by his wrists and ankles. Laying back down, now close to panic, he examined himself as best he could. He was dressed in a white hospital robe, a blanket pulled up to around his waist.

The machines were attached to him. One seemed to be pumping something strange and green into a vein on his arm. There were more crashes outside. Harry struggled fruitlessly against the bonds. He called for help, shouting as loud as he could. His throat was sore, and his voice cracked.

The door opened with a bang and Dumbledore entered, his wand in one hand, the same furious expression on his face as he had worn in Moody's office that day. As he caught sight of Harry his expression softened. Several order members entered behind him.

"Harry!" He came over and began examining Harry as well as the machines that he was attached to.

"Professor, where am I? Is this a hospital?"

"how much do you remember?"

"I was at the Dursleys..."

Dumbledore nodded slowly and disconnected the machine pumping the green stuff into Harry. "You don't remember anything?"


Dumbledore looked over at the other order members for a moment. "I can't say I'm surprised. You've been seriously ill. You collapsed outside the Dursley house and taken here."

Harry closed his eyes for a second as his headache began to build. Dumbledore continued to disconnect the machines from Harry. When he untied the bonds securing Harry to the bed he nearly sobbed with relief.

"Why was I tied down?"

"You're illness caused hallucinations and memory loss. They had to secure you so that you didn't become confused and harm yourself."

"Oh. How long have I been here?" Harry asked, slightly horrified. No wonder he had such a bad headache.

"Since the 10th of July. It's the 15th of August now." Harry raised his eyebrows. That meant that he had over a month of memories missing. Then again if he'd been so critically ill maybe it was good that he didn't remember.

"What was all the noise outside?" Harry asked. Eyeing the wands that the order members were holding.

"Deatheaters." Dumbledore said simply. "They found out where you were and attacked. We need you to come back and finish recovering at headquarters. Its not safe for you here."

"Why did you send me here in the first place?" Harry asked. His headache was now blurring his vision and he began to feel vaguely sick.

"We didn't. An emergency medi-wizard team sent you here. We had no idea where you were for weeks – as we're not related to you they didn't tell us that they had you."

Harry sat up slightly, now that he was free of all the machines. He was shaking badly, and almost fell backwards to laying down. Dumbledore supported him by wrapping an arm around his shoulders. "Are you alright?"

"No." Harry replied, through the haze "I don't feel well."

Dumbledore gestured for Arthur Weasley to approach.

Arthur lifted Harry gently and whispered, "It'll be okay now, just relax." And the two of them portkeyed away.

Harry and Arthur reappeared in the cavernous kitchen of Grimmauld Place. The entire Weasley family, along with several Hogwarts staff members were waiting anxiously.

"Harry!" Molly exclaimed and rushed over to where he lay in Arthurs arms – face pressed against Authur, eyes shut trying to block out the headache and nausea.

"Not now Molly." Her husband said gently.

Pomfrey and McGonnagall approached "Lets take him upstairs." Pomfrey said authoritatively. "Sirius old room would be best, it's the biggest available room."

Arthur laid Harry on the large bed and stood back, muttering something Harry couldn't hear to the two women. Harry feeling his stomach lurch, muttered 'sick' wishing he could pass out. Poppy held out a bowl and Arthur held Harry into a sitting position, while Harry threw up, tears streaming down his face with the effort.

When Harry was finished he curled up into a little ball on the bed while Pomfrey examined him with Minerva's assistance.

"Harry I'm going to sedate you now, just drink this potion. I'll keep you asleep until I know you will feel better."

Harry took the goblet in a shaking hand and drank the sleeping draught. Laying his head on the pillow he immediately drifted off to sleep.