Chapter 8

Harry began to dream.

/Harry lay in the bed in the institution, surrounded by his captors. They were discussing him like he was a piece of meat.

Suddenly they all reached up and put their hands to the faces, that now appeared terribly mask like. One by one they pulled off their masks. Surrounding Harry was now the entire order of the phoenix.

"No!" Harry yelled.

"The weapon will be ready in a few weeks" Lupin said, consulting a clipboard.

Moody handed a dagger to Dumbledore.

"We will collect the blood in this", Dumbledore said, indicating a strange container beside Harry. "I'll make an incision. Molly be ready to collect the blood."

"I'm glad we've finally found a use for the boy" Snape noted coldly.

"The perfect use I'd say" Said McGonnagall "He shows little talent for anything other than getting people killed"

Dumbledore raised the knife/

Harry screamed and thrashed around as he awoke. Harry's door swung open with force and Arthur Weasley came running in. Harry disentagled himself from the blankets and got up shaking.

"Are you alright?" Arthur asked

"nightmare" Harry answered.

"Why were you sleeping on the floor?"

Harry gazed at the bed and shrugged.

"Come on." Arthur said finally catching on. "Breakfast's ready."

With Arthur's arm protectively flung about his shoulders Harry walked downstairs.

Dumbledore was alone at the dining table being served saudages by molly Weasley.

"Where's everyone else?" Harry asked

"Still in bed." Arthur replied.

"Are you more hungry today?2 Molly said

"yeah" Harry replied.

Molly gave harry a plate of full English breakfast before sitting down to eat her own. Pouring himself a sup of coffee Arthur sat down.

"Sounded like a horrible nightmare" The man commented.

"It was." Harry agreed and tucked into a slice of toast. Dumbledore looked up

"Did it relate to your capture?"

"Yes." Harry answered "are you here to question me?"

"Yes Harry. I already know a great deal from the notes they kept on you, but things like names, descriptions, how each treated you…"

"There were loads of people, I don't remember all of their names."

"Can you give me any?"

Harry took a deep breath and stalled for time by eating some egg.

"Parkinson, a relative of pansy." Dumbldore nodded at harry to continue. "She was in charge, and treated me the worst. A woman names Collins, a man who tried to possess me over and over again. There was a young womsn, she was young, blonde. She was told off for talking to me and giving me a painkiller."

Harry took a deep breath trying to think of something else that might be useful.

"fudge was there a lot."

"The minister!" Arthur exclaimed.

"Hetold me that my power was not to be trusted in my on control. The ministry had to take it." Harry started to shake slightly, so balled his hands into fists. Molly sniffed.

"Harry, whatever he said tp you, it wasn't true."

"Isn't it?" Harry asked. "They were right. I am a weapon and until I defeat him I'll never be a real person. Either that or I'll be destroyed in the attempt. I was so lonely there, it gave me time to think."

"You aren't just a weapon Harry. You are a person, with a great destiny." Arthur said in a fatherly tone.

Harry sighed "Kill or be killed, yeah, really great."

"If you think that's all you are, you are as short sighted as Cornelius." Dumbledore stated.

Harry looked down and ate his breakfast with more gusto than before. Eventually he said "I just don't know what I'm supposed to do."

"That's entirely up to you. It will be hard but you will get over this. We are all here for you. When you are ready to begin training your magic let me know. Our aim is not to make you our weapon, but to give you the best chance possible at winning a fight you cant escape." Dumbledore placed a hand on Harry's shoulder.

"I need to go now and inform the wizengamot of your ordeal and present the evidence. I will not allow fudge to get away with this. Molly, thank you for breakfast."

Harry said his goodbye to Dumbledore and took a drink of pumpkin juice, beginning to feel slightly better about himself. The sooner fudge was out of office the better for everyone.