It was a late Wednesday night, and Ricky, Fred, Lucy, and Ethel were playing bridge in their apartment after a late dinner. They had finished their game, and Lucy and Ethel went to get some coffee. When they returned......


"Say Fred! Do you remember that old quick change artist that used to change out on the stage in the dark, between scenes?"

"Do I? Boy was she ever mad at that electrician!" declared Fred chuckling.

The two burst out laughing.

"What happened?" inquired Ricky.

"Well, she called for her tights and he thought she said lights!" answered Ethel and they all burst out laughing.

"You know, I once had a friend like that here in this apartment building when I first moved in, before Lucy came," started Ricky, "boy was he a comedian! What was his name? Bob Collins, I think."

"Oh....yeah." remembered Fred.

"You mean the fat, short, and bald guy who used to live in 3D?" asked Ethel.

"Yeah, that's the one," replied Ricky.

"Oh, he could always crack me up!" said Ethel.

The three of them burst out in a fit of chuckles.

"Oh, that's very amusing," Lucy sarcastically added to the conversation.

"Oh, I'm sorry Lucy. We shouldn't talk about the old times we had in this apartment building without Lucy, it makes her feel left out." Ethel said to the boys.

"Oh, no it doesn't!"

"Yeah. If you haven't experienced it yourself, and if you were not here to see all the fun and laughter that Bob brought to this apartment building, it might all seem kind of dull." said Ethel.

"Well, if you really feel that way, then maybe we could weigh a little money on that proposition." replied Lucy.

"Are you asking to go up against the finest of record of joke playing that this apartment has ever seen?" asked Ricky.

"I most certainly am." stated Lucy.

"Ok then, we have no other option than to accept," replied Ricky, "Bob's record was playing a joke on everyone in the apartment building within 24 hours, but we'll make it easy on you. You've just got to get the three of us. Ok?" asked Ricky.

"Easy enough." replied Lucy.

"How much do you want to bet?" asked Ricky.

"Make it easy on yourself. Any part of $100.00?"

"I'll take it all!" bellowed Ricky.

"So, when do you want to start?" inquired Ricky.

"Its two hours till 12:00. I'll start at midnight." stated Lucy.

"Ok," said Ricky.

"Ok," said Lucy.

Ethel and Fred just looked at each other and both of them were thinking the same thing. Tomorrow is going to be a long day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And the four of them sat down, drank their coffee, and started another round of bridge.