A couple of hours later…….

"Lucy! I'm home!" Ricky called into the apartment from outside the door.

"I'm in the kitchen!" Lucy called back.

About a minute of silence followed, and Lucy looked out from the kitchen with no one in the living room.

"Ricky!" Lucy called.

"Yeah?" Ricky replied, still outside the apartment door, afraid to come in as to what might happen if he walked through the door.

"Well what are you doing outside dear?" asked Lucy.

"Are you crazy? I'm not coming in there." replied Ricky.

"Why not?" asked Lucy.

"You cant be serious!" exclaimed Ricky.

Lucy marched toward the door, opened it, and returned back to the kitchen.

Ricky quickly jumped through the door and sat in the same spot on the couch all afternoon, not stirring a muscle. He watched TV, ate on the couch, read on the couch, slept on the same spot on the couch.

Suddenly they heard a huge fit of coughing from the Mertz's apartment. Ricky jolted out from the couch, and they hurried up to see what was wrong.

"Ethel! Fred, are you guys alright?" Ricky ran into the apartment yelling.

Lucy stood at the doorway watching the whole thing with a grin on her face.

Fred was standing over the sink in the bathroom, coughing tremendously and trying to rinse his mouth at the same time.

"What happened?" asked Ricky as he tried to help Fred stop cough……was brushing my teeth after lunch, and suddenly I tasted something odd in my mouth," sputtered out Fred, "somebody switched my toothpaste with a mixture of my shaving cream and mint flavored food coloring!!!!!!"

He glared at Lucy, still standing in the doorway.

Lucy just smiled back.

"Well Lucy," Fred started as he walked towards her at the door, "guess you got me. I'm no sorry loser, but all I can say is, Ricky my boy, watch out."