For Gil-Celeb who wanted to read about Harry's second birthday at Windy Corner and how Ginny and Draco got together. For Elkebaby who wanted to see what happened after the boys went back to school. And for Banka who wanted to see Cassius babysit and Remus be a godfather.

This will be a sprawling story of the last year at Hogwarts for Harry and Draco, including the birth of Clara and Stevens's baby and various other events. No real overarching plot. :-)

JK Rowling owns everything related to Harry Potter and his universe. I only claim Cassius Malfoy, Tabby Sprout Moody, Corbin Hill, Jack Bartleby, Liam Tessen, Aloysius, Clara and Rowen Stevens and Windy Corner.

Chapter 1 – The Birthdays

"Everyone should be arriving soon!" Harry started to jump up and down with excitement. It was only his 3rd birthday party ever and he didn't remember the first one, since he'd only been one. He and Remus were having another joint party.

"Seventeen year olds don't jump up and down." Draco said calmly, with over a month of experience as a seventeen year old. He was making sandwiches.

"Sod off." Harry stuck his tongue out. "Grams, can I help?"

"No, we have it all under control." Tabby answered as she swatted Cassius's hand away from the bowl of frosting.

"Harry, why don't you take the drinks outside?" Remus suggested as he finished making the pasta salad. Just then Ron and Hermione arrived via the floo. The three friends raced outside together, forgetting about the drinks.

The other guests arrived soon after and everyone mingled outside, laughing and talking while having sandwiches and lemonade. Cake was served and presents were opened. Harry got books, clothes, candy and some muggle music cds.

Draco gave Harry a painting of Cassius, Remus and Harry. It wasn't a magical painting but it was so lifelike that Harry gazed down at it with amazement.

"Thanks, Draco. You're a brilliant artist."

Draco shrugged coolly, but Harry knew he was pleased. Remus got a smaller version of the painting.

"For your desk at work." Draco explained. Remus was going to start working at the Ministry again once Draco and Harry returned to Hogwarts.

"It's wonderful." Remus said. "Thank you. And for Christmas, I expect another one that has you in it."

"All right." Draco said quietly. "I was thinking of doing one of the whole family, with Grams and Gramps as well."

"That would be lovely, we'll put it in the dining room." Tabby said, patting Draco's arm fondly. Draco smiled, he and Tabby had become especially close.

Harry looked around the yard as he walked from the swimming hole to find his parents. In the shade of the apple tree, Mrs. Weasley was at a table talking with Tabby, Professor Sprout and McGonagall. Mr. Weasley, Dumbledore, Moody and Hagrid were talking at another table. Jack, Corbin, Stevens, Clara, Remus, Bill, Fleur, and Cassius were at a third table.

Harry had left Draco, Ron, Neville, Seamus, Dean, Hermione, Tonks, Ginny, Fred, George and Charlie splashing around the swimming hole. It was a hot, sunny day but there was a nice cool breeze occasionally.

"Papa, can I get out the Quidditch set?" Harry asked as he stood next to Remus.

"Are there enough people to play a game?" Remus looked up at Harry, gazing critically at Harry's shoulders. "You need more sun block."

"I'm fine, I'm going to put my shirt back on in a minute. And we need a few more people for teams. Jack, do you want to play?" Harry asked his godfather.

"Sure. I haven't played in a while though." Jack smiled, his hand tucked into Corbin's elbow.

"We still need one more person." Harry said, after counting on his fingers.

"Corbin's on my team." Stevens said quickly. "You're so losing, Malfoy."

"Did you play in school?" Remus asked Corbin as Cassius and Stevens made faces at each other.

"After Stevens graduated, I became chaser. We did all right."

"Damn Charlie Weasley, we would have won the bloody cup except he always won for Gryffindor." Cassius said loudly enough for Charlie, who had just walked over, to hear.

"Don't listen to the swearing, baby." Clara put her hands over her belly.

"What's that?" Charlie asked cheerfully. "Still bitter?"

"Draco says he'll play beater so you can play seeker, Charlie." Harry said.

"That's nice of you, Draco." Remus said as his nephew walked over.

"The twins don't think I can play beater." Draco said calmly. "They'll be fucking surprised."

Remus just laughed as Cassius stood up to help Harry get out the Quidditch set.

Bill looked at Remus and Cassius with wide admiring eyes. "You are cool parents."

"Why?" Remus asked as Draco reached over and took a chip off his plate.

"You just ignore the swearing, it's bloody terrific."

"Bill Weasley, watch your language!" Molly called from across the lawn.

"How does she do that?" Bill asked, shaking his head.

"Must be a parental thing." Remus laughed. "You definitely need more sun block." He said to his pale nephew.

"Ginny just put more on." Draco murmured, his cheeks tinting pick.

"Ah, good." Remus said briskly, glad that Harry was out of earshot so he couldn't tease Draco. Remus had noticed Ginny's interest in Draco since Tabby and Moody's wedding. Draco was very shy around her, but Ginny was slowly getting him to warm up to her.

The game was a lot of fun. Corbin and Cassius got into several fights over the quaffle. Draco was a very good beater and made the twins speechless. Harry caught the snitch, barely before Charlie did, but the other team won thanks to goals from Stevens and Corbin.

While Grams and Gramps had been on their honeymoon, Windy Corner had been remodeled. A floor was magically added in between the 2nd and 3rd floor. It had two bedrooms: a master suite for Grams and Gramps and a bedroom for Draco. There was an empty room next to Draco's room with a bathroom in between. The old house-elf's room and Tabby's old room in the attic were made into a study room for Harry and Draco.

After dinner on Remus's birthday, the family went upstairs to the room next to Draco's.

"Now, there's one thing in here that Remus has always wanted, so it's his birthday present, but I think he'll let us use it too if we behave." Cassius said, pausing with his hand on the doorknob. "Remus, close your eyes."

Remus did and Cassius guided him into the room.

The empty room had been transformed into a game room, with a pool table and a dart board in it, as well as a small table by a sunny window flanked by two comfy chairs with a chess set on it. Against one wall there was a bar and several stools, and nearby a round table with six chairs.

"Ok, you can open them."

"A pool table!" Remus said staring. "Oh, that is brilliant!"

"What is it?" Draco asked as he gazed at the pool table with wonder.

"It's a muggle game, I don't know the rules, but Remus can tell you." Cassius answered.

"James, Sirius, Peter and I used to go to pubs and play pool after we graduated from Hogwarts. I loved it." Remus said, sliding his hand over one of the rails.

"I've seen it played in movies." Harry said. "Can we play now?"

"Sure." Remus explained the rudimentary rules and he and Harry started a game. The rest of the family watched curiously.

"I like the idea of a game room." Remus smiled over at Cassius while Harry pondered his next shot.

"It was Stevens' idea, actually." Cassius said, "He wants to be able to come over, he's played pool too, when he dating that muggleborn….Elspeth, I think."

"He dated several…" Remus said, trying to remember all of Stevens' various girlfriends. Remus had never met any of them except Clara, but he was certain she was the best of them all.

"Damn!" Harry yelled as he narrowly missed getting the ball in the pocket. "Your turn, Papa."

"So…you just try to get the balls into the holes?" Draco asked. "That doesn't seem hard."

"Well, it is." Harry grumbled.

"What's this?" Draco noticed a lever and spout on the counter against the far wall.

"That is really brilliant. Butterbeer on tap." Cassius said. "Again…Stevens' idea, but it's brilliant."

"That is wicked!" Harry laughed. "Can we have some now?"

"Do you think it will go well with the cake?" Tabby asked, her eyes twinkling.

"Yes!" Draco and Harry shouted.

Tabby accio'ed the cake from the kitchen and put it on the table. Harry found a cupboard full of pint glasses near the tap and started pouring butterbeer into them.

"I want to do mine." Draco said, poking Harry's ribs.

"Fine, fine." Harry let his cousin have a turn as he put two glasses on the table.

"Thank you for my birthday present." Remus leaned over and kissed Cassius's cheek.

"You're welcome." Cassius grinned.

"We could start family game night." Remus said, rubbing Harry's back affectionately.

"Mmph bth kul." Harry said around a mouthful of cake.

"What's that game?" Draco pointed at the dart board.

"Darts. You want to hit the center of the bullseye, and there are points and everything. Corbin's really good at it, I don't remember all the rules." Cassius said. "And this table can be used for poker games…Liam's wife doesn't want to always host poker night so I told Liam maybe we could rotate between Liam's, Corbin's and here."

"Sounds like a plan." Remus nodded.

Moody sat back from the table as he finished his piece of cake.

"So, Draco, Corbin's not the only one who knows the rules to darts, want a game?" He asked gruffly.

"Yeah." Draco shoveled the last bites of cake into his mouth and stood up. He and Moody walked over to the dart board and started to play.

"We're going to finish our game, right, Papa?" Harry asked.

"You bet." Remus nodded. "Don't rush, I'm not in a hurry."

"Can I have another piece of cake, then, Grams?"

"Certainly, Harry." Tabby smiled and served Harry another piece.

"When's Stevens coming over?" Remus asked Cassius, brushing a hand through his mate's hair.

"Tomorrow. Clara's coming too."

"That'll be fun."

"Can Ron and Hermione come over tomorrow too?" Harry asked.

"Sure. We'll just extend the birthday festivities." Remus smiled.

"This is so cool." Harry grinned, looking around the room. "You're the best parents ever."