All the Courage and Strength You'll Need

Summery: (This is a slash HD) the world was built from the hard work and communication of many tribes. The Serpents to the east, The Lions to the north, The Badgers to the south, and the Ravens to the west were the most respected. The leaders of each knew the power in which they were entrusted. But a new darkness was coming intent to consume all the magic of the tribes and create a new order. Only the heirs of light and darkness can stop it, but at what cost to themselves.

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter or some of the Loin King Songs and characters used in this story, though I truly wish I did.


The sun came over the horizon slowly to bring light over the grass and trees. The world looked as if was reborn every morning. This was the world in which both muggles and wizards lived in as part of the same big plan. To the north lay the land belonging to the Griffindor's a land of light and life, grass lands, small pride lands and the tower called Pride Rock. Below it laid the small village of Hogsmeade. To the east was the land of the serpents other wise known as Slytherins they lived in the darkened land of swamps desert and waste lands. The capital was Knokturn a large valley holding the smaller villages and exiled prides of lions and hyenas. To the south was a misted forest land that was barely seen through the fog, it belongs to the tribes of Ravenclaws and was know for its hidden forests, waterfalls, and temples. Last was the land to the west which was lovely with its open fields, hills and mountains in which the tribes under the rule of Hufflepuff live and work.

But where story starts is deep with in the heart of the land to the north. Today was the birth of the prince, a lovely young cub from the ruling pride. High Lord James Potter and his mate High Lady Lilly Potter had finally been blessed with a son. A great roar was sounded as the sun was just reaching over the horizon, the call was for all animals, tribes, and muggles to meet at Pride Rock were the prince would be presented to them as the one and only heir. The wind carried the fruits of the land through smells and small seeds to bless the day. Animals could be seen walking in lines of their kind with heads held high. Birds flying in designing flocks of all over where singing their blessings as the ground animals called out their through their calls , roars, and shouts. No noise was greater then the pride of lions standing on the edge of pride rock and along the walk way leading up.

The pride was the biggest in the land formed from more then one family of wizards who all held the spirit of the lion with in them, all could transform into the symbol on their land. The ruling family of Potter held James, Lily and Harry. The Weasley family holding the family members of Arthur, Molly, Bill, Charlie, Fred, George, Ron and Ginny were the royal guardians. The third in line were the Grangers with Mark, Cassia, Hermione, and Zack were royal advisors. Others who live with in the pride lands were the Finnegan, Thomas family, Longbottoms, Browns and Patiles.

The day was July 31 and soon the shade was flowing over came in the middle of Pride Rock where the royals waited to be announce. "James is you sure it isn't too soon. I mean he was just born earlier dismounting." Lilly said as she cradled a soft blanket holding the small prince. "Yes dear he is as strong as any other cub a few days old. He will be fine in the ceremony. "James spoke as he hugged his mate closely and looked down at his son. Harry was smaller then any normal cub but he held a regal appearance with his soft black brown hair falling over his emerald green eyes. His skin was a soft gold tan which would darken with age. Soon the two royal were brought from their thought which an elder walked in. "Ah Dumbledore is it time already. Well come on Lily it is time to show our lands their prince.

As Lily, James and Dumbledore walk along the slanted ledge they saw for at least 2 miles a large crowd of animals from elephants to monkeys some with wizard kin upon their backs and other wizards standing of roofs or rocks looking up. Dumbledore took Harry and placed him in his arms as he brought him closer to the edge. He dipped his finger into a bowl of dye a traced the family crests upon his chest above his heart, a lion's paw with claw marks through it. "I am here my friends to bless not only are lovely lord and lady with a son but this great land with its long awaited prince. Here for all to see is Crown Lord Prince Harry James Potter!" Dumbledore held up the prince from his under arms as the blanket flew off into the wind. His small frame glowing in the sun light as he giggles and tries to catch it. All the land gave up their loudest calls at once and that my friends was years ago and this is where we begin again