Well, people this will be something different, basically it will be set in Mabase about 10 years after the incidents with haruko. All of the major original characters will be included, Naota Nandaba, Haruko Haruhara, Kamon Nanadaba, Lieutenant Kitsurubami. Our new main character is Kamui Toriyama, a fifteen year old boy.

FLCL/Furi Kuri

Story: Kamui Toriyama

Chapter 1: She Returns

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3:00 PM Friday

Outskirts of Mabase, Immigration Dept. CP

A woman not fully visible in the dim lighted room walked up to a fairly sized man not over six feet, his full figure showed his obviously built body, as he stood by a desk watching a soldier performing his duty on a black laptop, perhaps a new soldier since he looked nervous under the watch of the superior officer.

"General Nandaba", said the woman as she stood near him.

"Yes lieutenant, what is it" the older Naota said with a softness in his voice and a warm smile on his familiar face.

Of course Kitsurubami had been attracted to the Nandaba since she was assigned with him two years ago at her young age of twenty six.

His mature face still kept his recognizable features that distinguished him, his calm blue eyes, and his untamed hair. But the innocent look he once had disappeared, maybe it was haruko, and maybe it was just the time that had passed, but nonetheless it had vanished.

She stared him with a hint of lust in her eyes, almost becoming lost in his eyes.

"Kitsurubami?" he asked maybe with a hint of worry.

"We have lost one of our defense satellites", she said slightly blushing.

He walked to an immense monitor on the wall, activating a panel, a mangled mess of metal and scrap floated in the abyss of space.

"Do we have any hypothesis to what could have caused this", Naota asked inspecting the monitor's view. Kitsurubami walked up to him once again.

"Well, we haven't collected enough evidence, but my squadron is working on the case", she said and sighed.

"Well, keep working on it", he said starting to walk away.

"Excuse me general; we have picked up a craft of some kind flying through the atmosphere", the soldier said".

"What kind of craft", Naota said starting to walk back to the man.

"Well, this might say crazy, but it looks like a motor bike perhaps a Vespa", he said.

"What! Move out of the way", Naota said pushing the soldier out of the way.

"Kitsurubami, come here", he said.

"Yes, General", she said walking up to him.

"Remind you of anyone", he asked.

"Ra...Raharu!", she stuttered fearfully.

"We've got a problem", Naota said.

6:00 PM Friday

Jengin High School

Kamui and his friend Naska walk out of Mabase's leading high school, Jengin High.

Kamui being a freshman in his new school is five foot six, his dark forest green eyes gave a subtle look to him and his blonde hair always hidden by his dark blue hoody and his dark pants gave a sense of mystery to the young student.

"So, Kamui you wanna come hang at Kazya's house for a while", asked Naska.

"Nah, I think I'll go home and relax for a while", he said with a uncaring look.

"You and me both know you have the hot's for Kazya", he said in a teasing voice walking in front of Kamui.

"I do not", he said shoving Naska out of the way.

"Well, you don't have to get defensive if your so sure", he said in the teasing voice again.

"Whatever", he said rolling his eyes.

"See ya Kamui".

"See ya Naska".

6:15 PM

"I don't know what he's talking about", Kamui thought to himself as he walked down a quiet street.

The sound of a motor is heard advancing toward Kamui.

"What's that", he says trying to look in the distance.

As he looks into the distance he sees a yellow speck.

"What the hell?" the speck gets bigger and he realizes it's a motor bike.

"Who drives like that, what a psycho", he moves to the sidewalk.

"Lunchtime!", she yells as she whips out her guitar twirling it around and suddenly speeds towards him.

"Holy crap!", he says as her guitar comes smashing into his head.

"Direct shot!", she yells looking towards him. She looks forward.

"Oh Shit!", she screams as she slams into a lamppost. A few minutes later and the dazed Kamui rises.

"Oww, my head", he says as he touches a bump and turns his attention towards the unconscious haruko.

"Who the hell is she?", he says as he nears her. Her body turns.

"Oh crap, I better get out of her before she comes too", he says as he runs off

6:30 PM

Haruko stands up sore in her body. "That lamppost almost killed me", she said. She looked where the unconscious Kamui should have been.

"Oh crap, where'd he go?"