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FLCL/Furi Kuri

Kamui Toriyama

Chapter 2: Meeting Raska

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6:30 PM

"Guess he ran off", Haruko said stating the obvious. She moves to her vespa checking for damage.

"Hey…Haruko", says all well too familiar voice. Haruko turns her head smiling.

"Hey, Takkun", she says walking up Naota who was now taller than her.

"Don't call me that Haruko", he said. Haruko ignored him traveling a finger from his face down to his chest, Naota backs away.

"What are you doing on Earth, Haruko", he said.

"Why you being such a stiff, Takkun", she said moving towards him.

"I know you want me", she said in the sexy voice of hers.

"Stay away from that kid, Haruko I'm warning you", he said.

"I see how it is Takkun, you're just like him", she said looking towards the ground.

"I should have listened to him, I won't let you hurt that kid", he said.

"Whatever, Takkun", she said jumping on her vespa and speeding off.

"Damn her"

7:00 PM

Kamui Residence

"Hey Kamui", said Raska Kamui's brother. Kamui walked in further into his house.

"What the hells that on your head", Raska said walking up to him and looking at the odd shaped bulge.

"Hey, Kamui I think I know…" Raska said pausing.

He walked up to a fist clenching Kamui. He inspected the bump with concentration.

"Yep, see I told you, jack off to much and an erection will come out your head", Raska said laughing at his own wise ass remark.

"Shut the fuck up Raska it's not an erection", Kamui said blushing furiously.

"I told you I hit my head", he said defending himself further.

Kamui walked around the still laughing Raska and entered the washroom

Kamui looked at the odd bump. "What'd she do to me?"

"Maybe I can put a band-aid on it or something", he said looking in the medicine cabinet. Finding a band-aid Kamui started to carefully put it on.

"Come on Kamui, what the hell are you doing in there", Raska said banging on the door.

"Damn Raska can you wait a minute", Kamui said irritated.

"Yea, yea"

"Now maybe I can get this thing on", he said pushing it on over the bump

Kamui walked out the bathroom satisfied with it, Kamui walked right into Raska as soon as he walked out.

"What in the hell were you doing standing by the door", Kamui said. "So what happened to your head really", Raska asked poking the band-aid.

"Oww, that hurt, back off", he said.

"So Kamui, did you go out with that one girl", Raska said smiling sinisterly as he walked away.

"Any Furi? Any Kuri?" Raska said turning around.

"Don't start with that crap, I am so warning you", Kamui said starting to walk towards his room.

"Fooly Cooly?" Raska said.

"Shut up Raska you are such a perv!"

Raska ran up blocking the way.

"Oh yea that's right, no furi for you because you won't ask her out, and that's why you have that damn erection from your head", Raska finished and poked Kamui head yet again.

"Shut up Raska, I don't see you with a girl!" Kamui said in Raska's face.

"I can get a girl anytime I want Kamui!" Raska said with an embarrassed look on his face.

Kamui pushed Raska out of his way.

"Whatever you say, Raska", Kamui said before shutting the door.

7:30 PM

Outskirts of Mabase, Immigration Dept. CP

Naota stormed through the door. "Kitsurubami!" he yelled towards her.

"Yes, sir"

"Haruko's stalking a potential victim, Kitsurubami do whatever you can to stop him", he said walking over to one of the soldiers working.

"Soldier, find any information on the kid seen with Haruko", Naota said walking back up to Kitsurubami.

"I won't let it happen again"

8:00 PM

Outside of the Kamui Residence

Haruko pulled up to the two-story residence, stepping off her vespa and paused for a moment looking at the house.

"Looks like this is the place"


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