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Author's note: This is my first Gundam Seed story. Sorry if it isn't good but I am trying to branch out from DBZ fics. This is going to be a Miriallia Dereaka. Well I hope everyone enjoys. I know that this chapter is beyond short and I promise to work on making the next chapters longer.


It was finally over. No more fighting and killing, and no more blood was to be shed. The peace talks had been completed. Treaties had been signed and dated. Both sides let their councils make all the important decisions regarding the future of Naturals and Coordinators alike. In am act to try to heal wounds and stop further conflict, they blended the two nation's councils and leader into one super council. People were tired of fighting so they had no problem with the forming of the new council, so long as both nation's best interest is at heart.

It seemed that everyone was finally letting all their old hatred go and were willing to accept each others differences. It helped that the genocidal leader on each side died during the climax of the war. Without a manical leader telling people that one side was inferior to the other, made it easier to forgive and forget. At least that was each councils hope. Having younger members, who were directly involved in the fighting of the war, on the council led to more support of the new council's laws and ideas. The younger council members worked hard to fight for what they wanted in the peace talks and how reconstruction would be handled.

The process of blending the two races was going smoother than most people expected. There were still some fanatics on each side that made the blending of the two hard, but the nation of Orb stepped up the help show people how the two races could cohabitate together without violence. Only time or death would stop the fanatics, and then everyone could truly live in peace. The only thing standing in the was of a peaceful happiness would be the lingering memories of battles and death in the minds of those who fought.