In the heart of the Ghost Zone there was an enormous palace. It was surround by villages and lush nature. The palace was made up of the most valuable material around. Inside there was no one that was not busy. Children where laughing and playing. Knights were jousting and fighting. Falconers were training their falcons. In the tallest tower in the highest room over looking the courtyard was the bedroom of Princess Danielle Fantana.

Her room was pretty much that of a medieval time meets today teen. She had a queen-sized bed. A chestnut wardrobe with gold handles. A crystal chandler. A vanity. Her walls were covered with poster of ghost bands and different types of horses. On one wall she had a gold mirror that was incrusted with jewels. Her CD player was playing her favorite song by the ghost band The Scream Girls. Her laptop was lying open to a chat room.

Lying on the bed was Danielle. Her waist length snow-white hair cascaded down her silk sheets. She was sitting crossed legged on her bed. She wore a long silk white dress with a silver brooch pin to the collar and her waist. On a thin string held a silver stone in the center of her forehead.

Her electric green eyes surveyed the room. Like most teenagers it was a total mess. Clothes, magazines, CD & DVDs were spewed everywhere among other things. Normal things. She gave a quite sigh and closed her eyes and concentrated. Her eyes opened and glowed a light green tint. All of sudden everything in the room began to move and put its self away. In a matter of minutes the room was clean. She smiled a satisfied smile. She then went to look at herself in the mirror that she didn't notice that her door opened and a red head lady came in.

"Danielle? Danielle?" she said over the blaring stereo that didn't get her attention so she touches her shoulder.

"Ahh!" screamed a startled Danielle as the emerald glass vase with the wild flowers exploded.

"Lady Gwendolyn! Don't do that! Now look at the mess you made me make! And I just cleaned it too!" pouted Danielle

The young women crossed her arms and said very sternly. "Now don't go blaming me for that. You should have more control over your powers. And you where supposed to clean with your two hands not let you telekinesis do it for you."

"Two things Gwen. 1. What point of having telekinesis if I can't use it? 2. I can't control my ability to spontaneous combust things! That why its called spontaneous combustion." Snipped Danielle

"Watch your tongue, Princess! You are the heir to the throne of Phantom Palace which kingdom includes one third of the Ghost Zone! You know as a princess you must mas...." Lectured Gwendolyn before Danielle cut her off

"Must be master several arts and possessed many qualities and attributes to be a good ruler. I know I know! I been groomed my whole life for this! But I really wish I could be a regular teenager!! I mean I'm 14! Not 28! I don't have to act like an adult yet! A Lady yes but not Queen!" she rubbed her temples and let out an excreted sigh.

"Come lets go join the others downstairs." Said the Lady in waiting to her young charge.

"Ok just let me fix my lipstick." She said as she went to her vanity and picked up a gold tube with a heart engraved on it. With the initials DF. This was a special lipstick. She called her Possession Lipstick. If she kissed you, you have to do what she asked for 12 hours.

The two ladies left and went down the long stone spiral staircase and then went down a long hallway past the portrait map of all of Ghost Zone. As the rounded a corridor two dogs and two cats came bounding right at them. There was one white cat and dog and the other two were black.

"Demon, Angel! Why are you not with your master Kal?" asked Gwendolyn to the dog

"Because your husband sent them to you so he could polish his sword and armor." Respond Danielle as she play with her cats Light and Dark.

"How do you know that?" question Gwendolyn

"Easy I read their minds! I know it not always polite to easy drop in someone's mind. But it might prove useful some day!"

"Honestly Princess. You have all the regular powers of a ghost plus these extras. Telekinesis's, Spontaneous Combustion, Telepathy (she can read people's mind by looking them in the eye). Not to mention your lipstick. Now come along we must check on your sister."

They descended the grand staircase and they could hear what sound like Mozart's the magic flute being played by a whole sympathy. But it really was her sister Gabriella using her psychokinetic powers to play a piano, cello, violin, harp, clarinet, flute, and a trumpet all at the same time. She was just finished and was trying to decided weather or not to play her own piece or go and play Beethoven's Fifth's Sympathy.

"Brava!! Gabby! We most appreciate the sounds of music. Come here and give you sister a hug!" said Danielle in a velvet voice with her eyes opened wide.

Her 12-year-old sister ran to laughing. "Danielle! Was I really that good?" asked the raven-haired loveliness.

"You were fantastic! But what's with the Goth girl look? Black and purple don't mix well on you. You should try dark greens." Questioned her older sister

She was shocked at her sister appearances. Her sister normal long loose black hair was in pigtails. She still wore her gold ring around her forehead with a dark green stone. In her ears were dangling bat earrings. She wore a leather chocker with a large black stone. She also wore a black leather tube top. Mid drift showing. And a very very short mini skirt. There were spider webs tights and sleeves. And ankle boots. She wore purple gloves as well as heavy purple make up!

"Princess Gabriella! You look like a slut. You look so degrading! Were is your lady in waiting, my sister?" asked a deeply concerned Lady Gwendolyn to the little princess.

"Relax Gwenie! Lady Ella just went to the kitchen to get you and me guys some hot chocolate. Geeze Louise! Don't throw a hissy fit!" said an extremely annoyed Gabby.

"Gabby watches the tongue! You know mom would not approve of the way you just spoke." Said Danielle as she stroke Light, her kitten.

"Sorry sis, I will change my clothes right away and I'm sorry Gwen." Said Gabby in a very apologizing voice. She picks up Dark and pictured in her mind her normal dress. And instantly changed to a charming long silk green gown with gold wings.

"I don't mind you changing your look. Gabby dear but you should look presentable. You are trying to represent the whole kingdom, the entire Ghost Zone!" spoke a sweet bell like voice. In a stunning blue dress with long chocolate hair and periwinkle eyes was Lady Eleanor. She was Gabby's lady in waiting and Gwen's sister.

Gwen and Ella looked almost exactly alike. Both had waist length hair pulled back in a ponytail held in place by three gold ties. They both had blue almond shape eyes that tilt. Rosy cheeks and natural rose red lips and thin arched eyebrows. The only different were that Gwen was a red head about 5'7 and wore lilac and Ella was 5'4 with brown hair who wore blue. The even married brothers, Kal, and Hector Canmore. Kal was Captain of the guard and Hector was Royal Huntsman and second in command.

As they snacked on cinnamon buns and coco they heard the familiar fanfare of the band. The King and the Queen had returned!

"MOM! DADDY!" Squealed Gabby as she drops her cup on the floor. She raced to the window. Danielle hurried over too. Their parents had been gone a long time. Owning all of the Ghost Zone was one thing, controlling it was something else in entirely!

"Their home! Race you to the courtyard! Loser does the other homework for a week!" betted Danielle

"DEAL READY, SET, GO!" screamed Gabby as they raced down to their parents.

They both made outside at the same time. And they hurried toward their parents with Gwen and Ella close behind. Finally after searching a long time they spotted them. King Othello and Queen Desdemona. They were riding two white stallions. On the Queen's right was a tall man of about 6'2 with short black hair and a goatee. He had a long blue cape a red and gold tunic with leather gloves and boots. He had his left hold the rein of the horse while he carried his sword in the other. He was Kal. The man with the long blonde hair who was 6'1 was dress in green who sword was also drawn was his brother Hector.

"All Hail King Othello! And his wife Queen Desdemona! For the quest to the Real World has been a success!" Proclaimed the brothers in unison.

Everyone bowed after they hailed their king. He held his out and said "Rise, my people I only right now wish to see my daughters faces. Where are they?" commanded Othello

"Here they are my Lord. They impatiently awaited your return." Said the Ladies. They hurried off to their husbands.

King Othello dismounts and hugged his precious daughter.

He was just as they remembered him. 7 feet tall with long black hair in two braid pigtails a gold ring on his head with jewels. He wore a long white cape with a white suit with a blue swirls on it with his crest.

Their mother Queen Desdemona got down from her horse and kissed her daughters. "Gabriella! Daniellela! It's so good to see you again my dears."

The Queen didn't look any different either. Her waist length curly white hair off set her sky blue eyes. Her petite frame was hidden by her long dark purple dress and lavender cape. She wore the same crown as her husband and had the same crest on her ring. It was known only to the immediate family and the Ladies plus their husbands that the queen was human!

The King had found his Queen in a small town in Illinois and brought her here to live. He had made her immortal and gave her the power to heal herself and other ghost.

At dinner that night the family discussed things that had been happening. How her family had been trying unsuccessfully to control the renegade ghost problem.

"And now Walker is causing more problems at his jail that usual." King Othello said disgusted

"Something has to be done about these rebellious ghost. I think it's high time they are reminded they have to obey the royal family." Queen Desdemona said finishing her food.

"How are you going to do that Mother?" Gabby questioned. She secretly hoped that it meant she could leave the ghost zone for the first time.

"We've decided its time for your sister to go on her Quest. By the way were is Daniellela?" asked her mother.

Currently the Princess was with her favorite unicorn Acornia. The unicorn was scheduled to give birth in a few weeks and Danielle wanted to be there for her.

"There now girl. It will be all right. Soon you'll give birth to a healthy stallion." Danielle calmly told her.

"Yo Sis Dad and Mom want to see you. Hurry up already. You're going to want hear what they have to say." Gabby told her.

A little while later she was with her parents protesting the whole thing. "Me on the Quest? But it's to soon. Besides who would go with me and were would I live?"

"Don't be such a halfa. Your Lady Gwendolyn will go with you along with Sir Kal. They will be your how do you say it? Oh yeah "guardians." Besides its not like you don't have a goal for your Quest like I did." Her father told her.

Desdemona showed her eldest daughter a picture of Danny Phantom. "He's the ghost boy that we've been keeping an eye on. It will be your mission to find out everything about him. I know you have a full section of your web page dedicated to him." She said

"Mother! My web sight isn't any of your concern. Alright I'll go to Amity Park but that doesn't mean I'll like it!"

Stomping into her room she slammed the door closed and began to pack. Turning to her full-length mirror she chanted. "Elaine, Elaine, Elaine, I need you now." Immediately a ghost who had dragonfly wings on her back and short blue hair with gray eyes appeared. "Hi Princess what are you packing for?"

"I begin my Quest tomorrow. You know when a member of the royal family leaves and explores the Mortal World for a year. I was hoping you would come with me." Danielle said.

"Not this way I can't. But tell you what your highness I'll go with you in your compact mirror. Good luck in the real world. Hope you get a boyfriend." Elaine told her before disappearing.

The next day after a tearful good-bye she left the palace and moved with Lady Gwendolyn and Sir Kal to an empty house three blocks from Danny's. She showed them a new trick she learned. Concentrating she could change her looks to that of a raven haired blue eyed girl in a magenta t-shirt with two inches of her mid drift showing, a matching mini skirt, knee high white boots and earring and a necklace that had her family crest on it. "See when I want to look human this is my disguise. If I want to go ghost all I have to say is Going Phantsma!" A purple ring went over changing her into a matching outfit of Danny's except hers had a skirt and pants. "Call me Danielle Phantasma! Although my human last name is Fantana. Come on lets go to school."