Happily ever after?

"Ok here up everyone! We don't want get caught in traffic. We have to make it to the outer rim by nine tonight! Hurry up Foley! Quit the loll galling or I'll send the hounds after you!" order Othello as he heaves a titanic oak chest in trunk of his stretch limo.

"I just want one more of your supreme bubble bath! Ahh! Melissa I don't stretch that way! No let me at least keep bathrobe!" he begged as Melissa dragged her boyfriend out of the bathtub and threw garments in his face.

"You got two minutes to get dressed and we should left half an hour ago!" she said growling in friction and rubbing her temples she thought "I'm the techno mystic life form of the ghost zone and of all the boys in the universe I've go and fall for him. I hope destiny has a good reason for tying the unbreakable red thread between us."

"After everything that happen this week. It will be nice to get thing back to normal." Sighed Sam as she applied more onyx eye shadow.

"Normal! Since when has are lives been normal!" said Danny as ran up to the vehicle dragging on old rickety wheels his luggage. "I've just been made second in the kingdom as well as an heir to throne. To rule by my destined bride when she turns 21! We been in a phantom place for a week and done all the most amazing things. We defeat a guy with an 1100-year-old grip! And look a three head cow just jump over the moon with a flying pig! Normal? Please! Our lives are just plain weird!"

"You think everything here as been unbelievable? While for you three learning how to master the realm of high school and the living world is going to be a piece of cake compared to telling the world worst ghost hunters that there little boy is now a prince and much more! Honestly Danny! Your father is loony as the come! He would be the perfect court jester!" giggled Gabby

"Gabby! That enough I know I raised you better than that. I'm sorry Danny. She knows better." Said Desdemona as she finished buttoning her lilac DKNY Mini –Dress suit.

"It all rights your Majesty! We heard worse over the years. And we have both thought at one time or another changing our names and moving to another state because we felt we expire of the mortification!" blushed Jazz who face went as scarlet as her hair!

"I think this the toughest thing I ever done is go tell someone the truth. Danny what if your parents tried and harm my family? The Canmores are staying to help restore the castle and will be back at the mansion tomorrow so we don't have their protection. With all my great power I feel as helpless as a newborn. Is that not ironic? We defeat the Renegades and stop a war from happing but I'm scared to go and tell your parents the truth! I thought I was the brave one! Guess I'm not so fearless." She chuckled nerveless.

"If it makes you feel any better am so scared I could die and come back as a ghost twice! But no matter what happens we will still be together. I feel affection for you, and I stand by you no matter what. Now come on! I want to get in to this scorching ride and watch a special sneak peek of Star Wars 3 Revenge of the Sith! Are you sure its not piracy? He asked in an insecure.

"No you peon! One of the ways we make some money is viewings movies before they are released and being one of the critics. We have a lot of stocks and other things to make the green! Cash is a must even in the Zone!" retorted Zekk as he did an Ollie on his hover board.

"We have stocks in everything from Wal-Mart to Microsoft! Though why human and ghost think we need money is beyond me. It's pointless! I mean no one really owns the Earth or the Sky or even the Ocean! We have to share it! No is more important than anyone else we are all equal and power, greed, lust and selfness combined with hate, angry vengeances and violence it is all going to be humanity undoing! Because humanity great threat is it self! And when you fail to learn to this lesson in life you will carry it with you to your death!" screamed a hyper vaulted Gabby

"Sweet heart calm down. You do have wisdom beyond your years but please now is not the time for ranting and raving! So say good-bye to Mark and get in the limo. We still have to figure out what to say to Mr. and Mrs. Fenton about all this! So hop to it my little fledgling!" order Othello in annoyed voice as he ran over a list in his hand.

"Good Bye Mark! I love to see you some time soon again!" she said as he hugged her and kiss her gently

"Catch you on the flip side!" he shouted as he disappeared into the crowed.

Soon they we all on their way. The ride was a lot more entertaining than the carriage was. They reach their home a whole hour early. Everyone was nerve but Danny was acting like a long tailed cat in room with a hundred rockin' chairs. Danielle handed him a barf bag and he let out a huge one.

"Feeling better? Because we will be at you house in about twenty minutes that 1200 seconds! We can't keep dodging the bullet here; I mean you knew we have to tell them the truth eventually! No matter we' ll do it together!"

"I glad I don't have to do this alone. Thanks." He said as his gaze meet with embarrassing UFO sign attached to his home. "Well here goes everything!"

Inside the house Jack was playing with his action figure and Maddie was doing inventory on all the ghost gadgets. The clock chimed eight and Maddie sighed.

"Jack, honey it's been whole week since the kids went to visit Danielle's home and no word at all I think something smells funny about this!"

Jack who was sniffing him self and straight up and said "We should have put the Fenton Tracking collars on them. That or get better cell phone range."

"I just have this funny felling that… hold did you hear a car outside? OMG! Jack gets over here quickly there a limo outside!"

The door open dramatically and out stepped the shadow of a man who appeared to be helping a women out of the limo. Followed by them was a young girl, then Tucker and a girl, Sam and a boy Jazz and guy, and final Danny and Danielle and a colossal black dog! They knocked and the opened it and Maddie asked, "Who are you?"

"Mrs. Fenton it is a pleasure to meet you at last! My name is Othello Gabriel Fantana and this is my lovely wife, Desdemona, and our other daughter Gabriella. May we be welcomed into your home? We have a couple of matters we wish to discuss." Asked the tall man with long black hair.

"Well… I don't I mean Ahh! " Stammer Maddie

"Get ecto grenade you snuffing spooks!" screamed Jack holding what looked like a water balloon.

"Jack Noah Fenton! This are ones who been kind to our children so don't go all berserk on them OK?" shriek Maddie as she assured everyone inside. "Hurry up don't want to caught your death out here. Get settle in the living room I'll get some refreshments!"

Soon everyone was eating chocolate chip cookies and ectoplamice limeade. After about ten minuets of silence Othello broke the ice.

"Jack, Maddie I would first like to say you've done a wonderful job with Danny here. He will be a fine young man when he grows up. I see why my little filly loves him so. But because of their relationship and who I am and my family there are certain details you two should know about. Like what me and my wife do for a living."

"Danielle told us you were involved with politics. And you must be high on ladder to get your own limo. So are you involved in D.C. or is it more locale?" asked Maddie.

"No Maddie we are not affiliated with the U.S. government in fact we are the head of our country government." Explained Desdemona

"Than which country are you part of? And what is your exact position?" question Jack

"My position sir is that of King and me and my Queen rule the Ghost Zone!" he said


"Eat ectoplasm goo! Ahh!" Shouted Jack and Maddie as forced to sit still and their weapons stuck to the ceiling.

"FYI. My dad a ghost, mom a human, Gabby and me are halfas and we are not the only ones in this room. Danny it times to tell the truth." Sighed Danielle

"Tell us the truth about what son?" asked his father

"Daniel Artha Fenton what aren't you telling us?" asked his mother

"There something I should told you a long time ago. Sighing Before I tell you I want you to know that I'm still your son. Going Ghost!" as two blinding lights surround him and when it demised the lights Danny had changed.

"O my God! Son, Danny you're the ghost boy?" asked Maddie in disbelief

He nodded.

"How did this happen?" asked Jack who was so flabbergasted no notice that cookie crumbs were running down his face.

Before he could answer everyone start to sing a song they wrote on way home.

He a phantom, Danny Phantom. Yo Danny Phantom was just 14 when his parents built a really strange machine it was designed to view a world on see. He going to catch them all because he Danny Phantom When it didn't quite work his folks just quit but Danny took a look inside of it there was a great big flash everything just changed his molecules got all rearranged when he first woke up he realized he had snow white hair and glowing green eyes he could walk through walls and disappeared and fly he was much more unique than the other guys it was then he knew what he had to do he had to fight the ghost coming through he going to catch them all he going to catch them all because he Danny Phantom!"

"I have been fighting ghost for a long time. I have many powers." He said as he ticked them off as well as villains.

"Son no matter what you are we are Fentons and no matter what Fentons stick together!" said Jack

"Thanks Dad."

"Who are you three, are you what was word you used Halfa?" asked Maddie

"I'm Lt. Zekk Hacker second in commanded of the G.Z.S.T.P.D. or Ghost Zone Special Taskforce Police Department. The red head is my sister Melissa "Mouse" Hacker she may be 15 but she a techno wiz! The last one is Little John Jr. he come form the enchanted forest and is one of children of the Guardians. We are on special assement to protect this side of the portal from the last of the Renegades ghost that Danny was telling you about. Here this is a judgment scanner disk. Put that program in your entire tech and you'll know install if a ghost is good or bad. "

"COOL" squealed Jack

"What about the dog?" asked Maddie

"Mom, Dad I like you to meet my bodyguard and Spirit Walker, Wulf! He really a werewolf ghost but thanks to this collar he can become a regular dog which I will take full responsibly for." Said Danny

"Ok, Now are their anymore surprise we should know about?" asked Maddie

"Just that Danny and Danielle are part of ancient prophecy that you guys and us share a common ancestor and that the two love birds are going to be the next King and Queen of the Ghost Zone. No nothing really." Smirked Gabby

"Hold on! Your engaged and a prince and going to be a King? This is too much!" said Maddie as she faint into Jack arms

"Well there is the fact Vlad Master is the only other halfa and he is Gabby and mine godfather and that he will marry in two months." Said Danielle

They spent the next two hours going over everything that happen since Danny first become the Phantom to this moment then after it was all done they agreed of plan that suit everyone. Danny and Danielle went out for a little stroll and soon came across the Box Ghost throwing dumpster. Smiling wickedly they changed and went to do their duty for this what all about.

The End!