The Manner of the Crazy

By: Sinead

Part Three

"You two were awful silent last night."

Dinobot leapt over the table, and plastered his brother, Grimlock, up against the wall. "Not. Now."

Rattrap walked in, blinked at his elder twin brothers, and said, "Coffee ready?"

I pointed to the mainly-empty pot, shaking my head, and then said,"Dinobot, will you knock it off, please?"

He did and sat back down, letting his head rest upon the table. For some reason he didn't sleep all that well last night. I guess that he really was shocked about what I said to him. Yeek, that wouldn't be good. I hope it doesn't last.

Blackarachnia walked in and snagged a mug, before waiting in line for the coffee to stop brewing. She looked over to me, and asked, "You get any action last night?"

I glared at her. "No, and it was my choice."

"Oh. Why?"

I walked over to her and leaned against the counter. "Do females of your type go through a monthly reproduction cycle?"

She grinned. "Tsh, ya. Not as messy as humans . . . oh. Oh. That sucks, Sinead!"

"Yeah, Dinobot didn't know, and he's still freaked about how messy we human females are."

"Ah, well, whatever. He'll have to get used to it. You guys are married after all." She turned the mug over in her hands, then looked at me. "Did you hear that they're going to be doing a follow- up series after Beast Wars?"

I nodded. "Yeah. You guys are finishing Nemesis, Part One, right now, and you get a year or so off after Part Two before Beast Machines filming starts up."

"Can we expect little Sineads and Dinobots running around by the time we're into filming?" Rattrap teased as I was trying to warn him to shut up as quietly as possible.

Dinobot turned in his chair to glare at Rattrap. "Sinead, let me kill him."

I shook my head. "No, that's murder, even if it isRattrap. And if you want your coffee, even though I don't know how you can abide the smell of the stuff, you're going to be quiet and wait nicely."

His eyes narrowed slightly, and he turned back around to lean his elbows upon the table. Grimlock was glaring at me. I sighed, and Dinobot hit Grimlock's elbow. "Stop glaring at her, Grim. I don't care that you don't like her."


Dinobot just turned and glared at his brother. Rattrap crowed out in a victorious note, and snagged the coffee pot, pouring his mug nearly to the rim before handing it off to Blackarachnia. She handed me the pot afterwards, and I looked at Grimlock. "You want your coffee while I'm at it?"

"Why would you care?" Grimlock asked, his right optic narrowing slightly.

"Well, I amholding the pot, and there is an extra mug in the cabinet beside me . . ."

"Two sugars."

I shrugged, and poured him a mug. This was a start. Last time I offered, he snatched his mug from me, and proceeded to ignore me until I had finished making Dinobot's coffee. Once I was out of the way, he had made his mug then walked off to the back porch. I don't know why he doesn't like me.

Once both mugs were finished, I brought them over, and sat next to Dinobot with my tea. Grimlock took a sip, and then blinked, and sipped at it again. Dinobot looked at me, as his brother gulped half of his mug down. Once he put the mug back onto the table, he leaned towards Grimlock and asked with a smirk, "What, no comments?"

Grimlock looked a little sheepish. "No."


"So now I know why you like her to make your coffee in the morning, okay?! Slag off."

I smiled, and took a sip of my tea, then said, "You're welcome."

Rattrap laughed, and said, "So how much do I hafta pay you t' make mycoffee in th' mornin'?"

I blinked at him, then said, "You can't. If I want to make your coffee, I will. Otherwise, you'll have to deal with what you make. And since you were first at the pot today, you wait until the sludge at the bottom tomorrow."

Rattrap's shoulders fell. "Forgot about dat rule."

Cheetor walked into the room, looked at the pot, then grimaced. "Yeah, well, I didn't. I gotta wait until two more people make their coffee to get mine!"

I gave him a dull look. "So make Tigatron and Rhinox each a mug. You know that they won't complain."

"Rhinox doesn't like coffee, remember?" Grimlock snorted.

I blinked. "Oh. Yeah. So make Megs a mug instead."

Cheetor set about to do that, while Rattrap sighed. "Great. I'm gonna be makin' people coffee all mornin', before I can get my own mug. Dat's da deal?"

I nodded. "This has been going on for months, Rattrap. Where were you?"

"Sleepin' in until ten."

"Lazy brat," Dinobot and Grimlock growled in unison at their young brother.

Rattrap grinned, and brought his mug out to the living room. I looked up at Dinobot, who sighed, and nodded. "Right. What's our schedule today?"

"Today?" I asked. "Today we're in the backyard with action poses. Fighting and crap like that. But I have a roll to develop first thing after breakfast."

"So when the shoot?" Cheetor asked from his coffee-making.

"Eleven until noon. Anyone see Transmutate?" I asked, draining my tea, and standing.

Grimlock shrugged, and snagged my mug, as well as his brother's, then walked over to the sink. "Get food, then get developing. I'll take the dishes today."

I shrugged, and put two slices of bread in the toaster. "Okay."

"What, would you prefer to be stuck with dishes?" he asked, as he began scrubbing at the mugs.

I grinned at him. "Usually I force it upon Terrorsaur, Tarantulus, Scorpinok or Inferno. And you know how much Inferno likes water."

Grimlock turned back to the sink, but I saw his reflection in the window over the sink. He was grinning as well. "Ah, yes. Forgot about that. Henh. 'Eek! I'm drowning! Save me!' It was a slaggin' blasted puddletwo feet deep!"

Cheetor laughed, then freed up more space in the kitchen by taking the mugs on a tray around to where Tigatron was sprawled out on a couch, still half-asleep with his head upon his wife's lap. I smiled at the happy surprise from Tigatron, then looked back to the toaster. Dinobot was watching my and his brother's exchange with a smile, and he rose to toss me the tub of margarine from the fridge. "Hurry up. You still have to get changed."

"Kiss my butt."

"Not today, but remind me later about that."

"Gee, aren't youthe loving husband," I snapped over my shoulder.

He kissed my cheek, and growled in return, "You wait until you're free at night."

"That so? Whaddya gonna do, bite me?"

"Maybe I will, now that you mention it. Can I choose where?"

"Primus, you two!" Grimlock snapped, turning to glare at us. By now, I was leaning backwards against Dinobot, waiting for an inevitable kiss. His arm was around my waist, about to turn me around. The younger twin blinked at us. "Get to your room before you start the slagging lovemaking!"

I blinked at him. "That's not even our ususal foreplay, so slag off."

He blinked back. "You're catching onto our terminology, too?! This can't be good."

I grinned, and Dinobot turned me to land a proper kiss upon my lips. "There. Now, no more whining until you say it's safe to play again."

Grimlock left the room with a groan. I looked up at Dinobot. "I think that you over-did it."

"With him? Nah. He never could stand me when I was around a girlfriend."

"So I'm not your first?" I asked.

". . . first? First kiss, no, sorry . . . but everything else, yes. You were, and are, my first." He blinked at me, suddenly wary.

I wrapped my arms around his chest, then said, "If you're forgetting our conversation on the first night, you're reallylosing your mind. You know that I've never been with anyone else."

"Slag, I know. I'm sorry I forgot."

I smiled up at him. "Nah, don't worry about it. Would you go set up downstairs while I get changed?"

He nodded, and I walked off to our room with my toast.

"Rattrap, you knew you were going to end up like that if you continued to annoy Grimlock like you were. Will you knock it off?" I asked, glaring at him from one side of the camera. Grimlock was sitting upon Rattrap, twisting his foot slightly.

"But you should know how fun it is ta annoy 'ya siblin's!"

"Yes, but not in a photo shoot!" I sighed, and shook my head. "Oh, nevermind. Depth Charge! Rampage! Get over here!"

The two best friends grinned to each other, cracked their knuckles, then attacked each other. I snapped a few frames, then yelled over the din of screeching metal, and severely protesting servo motors, "You're good! Gimme a 'best pals' pose!"

They stood, one arm hooked around each other's neck, and grinned at the camera. I gave them a thumb's-up, and then looked over at Silverbolt, who was talking to Transmutate. "There you are! Transmutate, you and Rampage pose for me, please?"

She nodded, then asked, "You actually told me where you were shooting this time."

I grinned. "You ignored the memo last time!"

She grinned in return, and then smiled normally. "Sorry about that."

"Whatever. C'mon, make a cute scene?"

Rampage took upon a wary stance, while one hand rested upon Transmutate's shoulder, keeping her close while glaring at the camera the entire time. Meanwhile, she was looking up at him as if he was the world to her. I took a few different shots from a few angles, then said, "Right. You're done."

Dinobot rested his chin upon the top of my head, and asked, "Are you done?"

"Nearly." I looked around at the rest of the crew. "Alright! Everyone but Grimlock and Dinobot are done! And I need a few things done around the house! Sheets, blankets, and towels have to be washed, as well as the windows! Tiles and linoleum have to be mopped, and the carpets vacuumed! I don't care who does it, but it has to be done, 'cause I'm not gonna live in a dump!"

They took off, all ready to do the jobs. It was a good day to play with water, so washing the windows was a favorite on everyone but Inferno's list. He'd take the vacuuming I looked at Grimlock and Dinobot then said, "Alright. They asked for a photo that would have the two of you in the same exact pose, and altered in a way that it looks as if you're one person with two halves. It's for that article about you two. You remember, the one with the kid who wouldn't shut up about how cool you were, Grim?"

The younger twin smirked.

"Will this be taken in the basement?" Dinobot asked.

"Yep. Let's go."

I set the lights up just the way that I liked, and then fiddled with the camera a little. Grimlock was watching my movements intently. I looked at Dinobot, then said, "I just need to catch the range. Step in?"

He stood upon a mark, then looked at the camera. I took a picture, then hissed a mild cuss under my breath, and walked over to one of the lights and shifted it slightly so that it wasn't directly upon Dinobot, but more in front of him. I looked through the viewfinder and flashed the lights, not taking a picture, then nodded. "All right. Hands like this, head angled slightly downwards, one foot on each of those marks."

Dinobot did as I asked. "This good?"

I checked through the camera, focusing a few more times, making minute alterations. "Nearly. Head down a slight bit more . . . good. Hold that . . ." I clicked the shudder and then asked, "Grimlock, can you imitate that pose precisely?"

"Of course."

"Thank you. Dinobot?"

He moved off, and I instantly saw something wrong with the idea. "Shoot. Your tail."


"That's okay; we'll take two of every pose, one with your tail to one side, the other with it to the other side. Ready?"

He bowed his head, took up the stance, then sighed and looked back up at the camera. I held my hand up, and said,"Tell me what you want to once this shoot is over and the prints are drying. I can't lose concentration on how I planned the poses."

"Right. Sorry."

"Don't be. Bow your head?"

It went well, and I soon was able to get the film developed. The proofs and prints were all hanging up to dry. I sighed and left the room, locking it after me, and turned to see Grimlock waiting there. I smiled. "Hey. What is it?"

"Why do you not dislike me? You could, and that would work out fine, but instead you just keep doing things for me."

I smiled, and replied, "Because you're my husband's twin. You're his closest sibling, and the one to whom he confides to. I just guess that I was hoping for that kind of friendship with you, too."

He blinked, then sighed and said quietly, "That's why I tried to push you off. You've . . ."

"I've supposedly taken your place. Is that why you hate me?"

"I don't hate you!" he snapped, look up at me fiercely. "I just . . . I just didn't want you to take my brother away."

I reached up to rest my hand upon the top of his head, and was about to speak when my husband's voice came out from the shadows behind Grimlock. "Grim, she's never taken your place. She has her own place that's on a separate level from you, sure, but nobodycan take your place as my brother."

Grimlock turned to face Dinobot, then sighed and looked back at me. I smiled reassuringly, and said,"I never wanted to be at odds with you."

He chuckled, then shook his head. "So I've been blind these past few weeks."

"Horrible so, but I don't have a complaint about it," I said lightly, starting to walked up stairs, where I heard a movie being played. "Besides. Why worry about what's in the past?"

Dinobot caught up to me, tossed me up on his shoulder, and carried me past the movie. I yelled and hung onto a corner."Hey! I wanna watch it! C'mon, please? Dinobot!"

"You're coming to bed," he growled.

Rattrap laughed, while Depth Charge reached over and pushed my fingertips off of the wall. "Go listen to your husband, will you? And keep it down!"

I stared at his grinning face in shock.


"Shut up. I'm still supposed to be angry with you."

"After all that?"


"Ahh, you liked it."

"You only kissed me."

"I know. But you liked it."

". . . yeah . . ."

"You're hard to please, Sinead."

"Only sometimes. Ow!!! Hey! What was that for?!"

"Didn't you tell me to bite you?"

I just stared at him, then shook my head and replied, "You take things waytoo literally."

He chuckled, moving closer for another kiss. "True." (Kiss.) "However," (kiss) "you actually" (kiss) "enjoyed" (kiss) "that little" (kkiiiisssssssssss) "love-nip."

"Ooh, you . . ."

"I'm what, now?"

"Awesome. Kiss me again."

He chuckled, and we curled up together on our bed, in our darkened room with the shades pulled tightly shut, content with each other. He sighed and I relaxed in his arms, completely at peace with who we both were. I ended up falling asleep there.